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  1. MARK
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    Peach hasn’t always been the damsel in distress. First of all it was an Italian lady called Rosetta (I think- can’t be bothered to Wiki it) who was kidnapped by DK, then princess toadstall and then Daisy (although that might be Peach’s old name- again wiki, nah). I’m suprised you didn’t mention the Turtles (or whatever their called) or even the baddy before Bowser who I think was Cooper? He was in Mario Land 1 which was one of the biggest Mario games of all.

    Anyways, enjoyable list

  2. Nulmas
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    Actually, the first girl was Pauline, Princess Toadstool is the old name of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy is another character. But you’re right when you say that Peach hasn’t always been the damsel in distress (though she was most of the times)

  3. Nulmas
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    And another thing, Mario was in another DK game. He was the villain in Donkey Kong Jr

  4. Norm
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    Your logic for Mario not being number one is idiotic. After all it is the top ten Mario characters, therefore Mario not being in any donkey king games is irrelevant. How could Mario not be number one in HIS series. Don’t quit your day job.

  5. Landini
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    I actually think it makes total sense to put DK at #1. I mean, the very first mario game was more about him than mario! The game was NAMED AFTER HIM! Heck, Mario himself didn’t even have a name back then, he was just Jump Man.

    Without Donkey Kong, Mario could never have existed.


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