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  • La Belle France

    You messed up the numericals on the owners of the Hope Diamond. Louis XV owned it first, then Louis XVI. After that, I believe Napoleon's wife had it for a time before Mr. Hope acquired it.

  • Elizabeth

    This was very enjoyable and informative! thank you!

  • Armando XRZ.

    can you write the price of each one?
    I would like to know the price of The Star Of Africa. just to know if I can buy it to my girl.
    if not, I would like to buy the Hope to prove that I can break the grudge that haunts it.


    • tom

      Star of Africa is worth over 40 million minum that’s one of the 100

  • Heather Matthews

    Armando, that was extremely funny. Thank you.

    • Armando XRZ.

      Many thanks!

      I notice a little tone of sarcasm, but it's funny too!

      Interesting site!

      I shall visit it more often!




      • Heather Matthews

        I hope you do. You amuse me πŸ˜‰


    Belongs to the american people ? I beg you parten ?!

    The Hope Diamond belongs to the WORLD, my friend !

    • Heather Matthews

      Dear OUTRAGED,

      You are very passionate about diamonds. My sincere apologies for offending you.


  • viny

    Interestingly it seems somewhere or other all the diamonds are some how linked to India.

    It would not be wrong to call India as one of the richest country in the ancient times, which now harbour more than 100 mn poors, what and time twist for india.

    How about the "Patiala Haar" the magnificent dimanod necklace.

  • the # 9 one looks so neat i want it :)))

    • Heather Matthews

      I personally covet the Dresden Green πŸ™‚

  • sari z

    #4 says this diamond 'is an important addition to the Crown Jewels of Iran' but the next sentence states, 'this diamond was discovered in India, and it has remained there, in the ownership of mughal emperors.' Did you mean it's part of the crown jewels of India?

    Interesting article, overall. Would've liked more background story on the 'curse' part of the diamonds' histories, though.

  • Josean

    The #4 is THE ugliest diamond ever!!!! The Regent on the other hand is perfection and it was own by Napoleon.

  • I so love diamonds. Thanks for the info.

  • Top 10 Lists

    The Dresden Green is adorable. Amazing collection of diamonds and information that is grateful.Thanks

  • Clarissa

    # 5 was never given to Kremlin! It has nothing to do with Soviets. It was presented to the czar of Russia as a redemption for the death of the diplomat and a great Russian playwright Alexander Griboyedov, long before the revolution. πŸ™‚

  • Brendan

    The Hope Diamond was not resized by Evelyn Walsh McClean to suit her taste. The diamond was part of the Order of the Gold Fleece (the French Crown Jewels). It was stolen in France and resurfaced years later at an Exposition in London in its reduced size.

  • Angela

    Can you tell us how the Taylor Burton Diamond, The Sancy Diamond and many more killed their masters?