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  • Exlibris

    And for all these years I thought Doritos were corn chips, not potato chips. Amazing!

    • brian

      damn, you beat me to it

  • cynthia

    wow, after the first couple of entries I found myself scrolling through the rest. Super boring list AGAIN!! and again this is just my opinion.

    • ajwil3


  • Ronnie

    Dumb list, dumb and boring

  • TopherHym

    Great List, Its nice to have a humorous list thrown in once and awhile

  • Zach Gillette

    Stephen Colbert:
    “We should send Mountain Dew to Africa because their in EXTREME poverty!”

  • Jim Ribs

    Pretty funny and well written, but the author not knowing Doritos don’t come from potatoes kind of scares me.

  • Cenough

    After the first entry I find this poster to be a complete loser. To pale faced? Probubly the dumbest thing ive ever heard on this site. Not sure if they are being racist or not, but quite frankly even if they are not they give that impression quite well and i dont need to read the rest of this list

  • FMH

    Good list, but in my opinion, your ranking is off.

  • ed

    relativly amusing. i enjoyed it

  • Tristan

    I don’t think I spent early 2001 “going out on dates and being social”, I’m pretty sure I spent that time being 6.

  • James

    No Loonatics?

  • Adam

    Don’t forget the Elmer’s “XTreme” glue sticks “for bigger, tougher projects!!”