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  • This list sounds a little familiar…

    • Yeah, it is a bit similar. With over 500 lists sometimes I forget I have posted something similar before. Yeesh, one of our own authors (Ryan Thomas) calling me out too. Where’s the loyalty? 😉

      • Ryan Thomas

        Haha. I wouldn’t have said anything if I hadn’t written the former list. Couldn’t help feeling a little deja vu at the sight of Vince his beloved headset….

  • Steve

    2 products by that looser Vance, but none by the great billy Mayes! I’m appalled! Where’s OxyClean!? IT GETS YOUR WHITES WHITER AND YOUR BRIGHTS BRIGHTER!! or Mighty Puddy!

    Gosh! Epic Fail.


    • Steve, I tend to agree with you. No Billy Mays just seems wrong.

  • tim

    I get the idea that this is supposed to be products that are still advertised on TV, but you left out some of the heavyweight successes of the infomercial yesteryear. I was literally very surprised I didn’t see the George Foreman grill at #1 let alone on the entire list!! And what about Ron Popeil’s uber-successful food dehydrator? I guess someone needs to come up with a new list of the ten most successful infomercial products of all time.

  • eskimopie

    Lmao, you forgot the MAGIC BULLET! :DD

  • lose the baby weight

    Carleton Sheets seems to have been airing for decades…now that is staying power!

  • Gavin

    Any one know what is the name of the stone non stick fryingpan I saw not so long ago?