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  • PJ

    Yes, this list should be updated.. There are some languages in the list that are not expected to be in the top10.. The top 1, 2 & 3 can be slightly true, but not the rest.. And so as its ranking.. This might not be based in terms of population & language spoken. This should be entitled “Top 10 Most Spoken Languages IMO”..

  • sastra

    i think if it based by country where the language as a national language
    – Bahasa Indonesia Malaysia will sit at number 6, why?
    Indonesia has 250 million people and counting
    Malayia has more than 28 million people
    neighboring country such as Brunei, Singapore, Timor Leste, Southern Philippine, southern Thailand also used bahasa Indonesia

  • vic

    but wy only mencion south central and north america spanish is also spoken here in africa in equatorial guinea canary island sahara and north marocco as a mother lenguage.

  • Ashok

    If it is the most spoken language we are talking about,English is the most spoken language with I think
    more than 1.5 billion.My native country India probably has around 50 million speakers who can read and
    write and speak English quite accurately. Hindi is probably the third most spoken language .
    According to Wikipedia,
    Spanish has a total of 390 million speakers
    Hindi 410 speakers.Urdu also is spoken by some of the Muslim nations such as Pakistan, with a fair degree of fluency,So I think we should promote Hindi to the 3rd position in the list on the basis of the most spoken language

  • tempe

    The administrator should fix this data, how could Bahasa Indonesia isn’t in list. Its spoken by more than 230 million of people of Indonesia plus million people of Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Timor Leste, and South of Thailand.

  • Giu Syndrome

    Italian is also official in Bolzano, not just German. In fact, in a 2001 study, over 73% spoke Italian in Bolzano, while only 26% spoke German.

  • Rodrix krish

    what happend to tamil then? it’s one of the oldest ancient language in the world…
    still nobody knows the exact founded period.

  • Jeff

    English is way undercounted. Native speakers should be closer to 400 million. Fluent secondary speakers are that many more. Its definitely still the #2 language in the world, especially where business is concerned. Spanish will eventually pass it in native speakers but it will never be the number two language in the world.

  • Edo

    Where is Indonesian Language? it has 230 million native speaker, according to Indonesian population

  • hilda

    Either way, i speak english, spanish, and portuguese. I ended up here because i thought i would find out what my fourth language would be. I’m still undecided. 🙁

    • jayo

      You already know Spanish and Portuguese, so it would be easy for you to learn Italian or French. Or Romanian, which is a beautiful language.
      I’d say, choose an exotic one! There are so many beautiful languages out there…
      You should definitely consider:
      – Irish or Welsh because they sound awesome!
      – Czech or Slovakian are amazing languages. And they are rich in culture and music.
      – Latin if you love grammar and history. (I do and it really helps to understand the structure of any other language)
      – Navaho if you are really really adventurous…
      Well, just pick any language you like.

  • Bengali

    Ektu means little.. Not please in bengali. Please is “doya kore” in bengali

  • Vicky

    my god.. relax. french was the lingua franca who knows how many centuries ago, currently it’s english. but even the number of native english speakers these days are on the decline. English only became the lingua franca because USA spoke english, and it was a major power back then, so it had a huge influence.
    Keep an open mind. What does it matter if your language is or isn’t in the top 10? That bit of pride, is it worth bickering about…? Geesh. Whether it be because of politics or pop culture, language is always changing, and so does its preference.



  • vic

    i speack spanish mother lenguage.but i speak english and german and is very funny to now more lenguages.cause i have more oportunities to meet people and make a partyyyy yiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  • Scott

    German is number 10 phooie

  • Bman

    Thought that English would be 2nd, Spanish 3rd and French 4th?!

  • Juliana

    Just one thing, I live in Argentina and Portuguese is not a mandatory subject in schools. English is.

  • Chook

    It does not matter who ranks better.

    Out of 90 millions German speakers 82 are from Germany 8 from Austria. One can hardly define the German language as being �global�. The right question is do German people speak other languages?

    That the Germans actually speak German does not exactly reveal a cultural supremacy if that was the purpose of this ranking. Same goes with Portuguese (Brazil+Portugal), or Mandarin (China only). No big surprise there.

    Food for thought: In 2011 in USA it is estimated that only 18% of young Americans learn a second language, compared to a staggering 98% in Europe. (Great Britain aside) I do not know the figures in China but I am confident they are even lower than USA.

    One country�s apparent strength could be perceived as a weakness by others. For instance, I have very little doubts that the Chinese government is more worried about the Chinese people discovering a wider access to social welfare, capital and education than how many foreigners speak Mandarin Worldwide.

    • jayo

      My native language is German (Bavarian), I speak nearly fluent English and French and a little bit of Spanish and Czech, but I’m far from fluent there. And I know at least enough Russian to introduce myself, order beer or ask for the direction. (I can read and translate Latin but I don’t know if that counts. It certainly helped me with any language I ever learned or tried to learn!)
      I used to travel a lot and normally the “lingua franca” amongst us bagbackers has always been English (except for Spain, I really had to learn Spanish there to talk to anybody!). But wherever I go, I consider it as kind of respect to the country to learn at least some basic expressions. It’s fun and people like it. Consequently, if I meet Americans or Australians in my country and they try to talk English to me without even the slightest attempt of speaking some German, I only shrug my shoulders and walk by. Like I said, respect.
      Speaking a popular language is no excuse for not learning another one. And you miss out on really great literature too, translations are rarely ever as good as the original.

  • joly

    but spanis is not only spoken in america.also in spain,andorra,equatorial guinea,canary island,westh sahara,north marroco,philippines as a mother lenguage

  • Layla S

    328 Million english native speakers ? I thought it would be bigger then Spanish!!!
    need to think which language i should learn first . best way is make a friend with foreign language, talk with him/her. you will learn that in few day 🙂
    if any one want to talk