1. Master Jules on

    I believe you could have a top ten crop circles list if you wanted. Although the Firefox crop circle is cool, I would have rather seen this list without the crop circles.

  2. very awsum list. its so funny how people advertize in the strangest ways. [<<< dont mind my spelling, im not good haha =) ]

  3. Love this Top 10 List. Being in advertising, I really like the promotional pieces. Couple of questions…
    1) Do you know what the Colonel Sanders piece is made out of?
    2) Any verification that the Coca-Cola art is actually made from bottles?

    Thanks for these great posts. You provide some very interesting content here!!!

  4. I think the real purpose behind all of this is to show signs of intelligent life to any extraterrestrials flying over over the earth

  5. I really like the firefox one and what’s great if you look a little down on the other side of the road it looks like a large group of people relaxing in the field. A few cars and a small aircraft make me think their the artists.

  6. There is a face of a man just west of the woman’s in the Alberta one…. is this just a happening of nature or did someone deliberately create this one?