1. There is a face of a man just west of the woman’s in the Alberta one…. is this just a happening of nature or did someone deliberately create this one?

  2. I really like the firefox one and what’s great if you look a little down on the other side of the road it looks like a large group of people relaxing in the field. A few cars and a small aircraft make me think their the artists.

  3. I think the real purpose behind all of this is to show signs of intelligent life to any extraterrestrials flying over over the earth

  4. Love this Top 10 List. Being in advertising, I really like the promotional pieces. Couple of questions…
    1) Do you know what the Colonel Sanders piece is made out of?
    2) Any verification that the Coca-Cola art is actually made from bottles?

    Thanks for these great posts. You provide some very interesting content here!!!

  5. very awsum list. its so funny how people advertize in the strangest ways. [<<< dont mind my spelling, im not good haha =) ]

  6. Master Jules on

    I believe you could have a top ten crop circles list if you wanted. Although the Firefox crop circle is cool, I would have rather seen this list without the crop circles.