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  • levothread

    Time after Time (jack the ripper steals a time machine)

    The Final Countdown (one of our modern day Carriers goes through a portal that places them in the pacific ocean right before December 7th, 1941)

    and of course “The Time Machine” ( those hated Morlocks!)

    • fdx

      I completely agree with you on “Time Machine”, it’s a big classic in my book.
      Also “Planet of the apes” and most of the sequels are about time travel even if the original book isn’t

    • JimCognito

      You are 100% correct, these three deserve to be on this list. Dump Bill & Ted, Time Bandits and Midnight.

  • Gium

    Great List !
    I would have added Time after Time (1979) with H.G.Wells and Jack the Ripper.

  • ParusMajor

    Nice list. May I add the French comedy from 1993 “Les Visiteurs”:

  • MochaSpock

    You just gotta have Primer. And Timecrimes. Oh! Triangle! Great film.

    • marc

      Yes, Primer. Why isn’t it on this list? Really dude, watch Primer and you’ll laugh Looper out of 1st place.

    • Garrett

      Yes! Time crimes is a wonderful film!

  • aaron

    “The Time Machine” itself is one of the best movies about time travel, his fiancee was killed and he made the time machine and went back to the past to save her from death but it happens again and again so to save the girl he went to the future to find the answer, but he was stuck in the future and so on and so for.

  • 5minutes

    Thank GOD nobody included “Somewhere in Time”, the movie that I rank only below “The Spirit” and “Leonard Part 6” in terms of value. A terrible, terrible film that, after I was forced to watch it by a couple of college girls who fawned over how beautiful and romantic it was, caused me to remark “I want something really, really bad to happen to Christopher Reeve”.

    Yeah. Hmm. Yeah. I wish I was kidding.

    • marc

      And then there’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. While it was adapted from book to movie it skips the pseudo-science and deals with the burden of time travel on one’s relationships. Kind of a metaphor for a partner who refuses to mature or insists on living in the past rather than the present.

  • DyNama

    “Yesteryear”, an episode of _Star Trek: The Animated Series_ revealed that Mr. Spock had to go back in time to save his own life as a teenager. The adult Spock even taught the teenage Spock how to do the Vulcan Neck Pinch. While I really enjoyed that episode, a buddy of mine thought those kinds of loops in time are a plot hole that would turn him off. He thoroughly and totally recommended _Back In Time_ as the best time travel movie he’d ever seen, and when I didn’t immediately go out and rent it, he resolved to never recommend movies to me again…and never has.

  • Garrett

    Although not technically involving traveling through time, I always considered Citizen Kane to be a form of time travel, as Kane’s life is slowly revealed. Also, where are “It’s a Wonderful Life” and any of the variants of “A Christmas Carol”. Other than that, wonderful list! I love time travel films, and I’ve seen most of these; I’ll have to catch the ones I’ve missed.

    • marc

      those seem to be more about alternate realities than time travel. Good in their own right but not time travel proper.

  • I just watched the girl who leapt through time on YouTube. I cannot say it was better than Primer or Time Crimes. But it was interesting to discover another time travel movie.

  • 10. Safety Not Guaranteed

    9. Forever Young

    8. Deja Vu

    7. Happy Accidents

    6. The Time Machine

    5. Groundhog Day

    4. Terminator 1 & 2

    3. Timecrimes

    2. Back to the Future trilogy

    1. Primer

  • TJ

    Groundhog Day and Safety Not Guaranteed.

    Loved The Girl Who Leapt Through Time though. Pleasantly surprised it was on this list.

  • ParusMajor

    One more: Army of Darkness (Sam Raimi, 1992):

  • leader motors maroc

    Looper was just awesome

    • ParusMajor

      Yes, Looper was pretty good. 🙂

  • schuyler

    There’s a short anime series called Now and Then, Here and There. It has time travel, but that’s not the focus at all really. Perhaps one of the most depressing anime’s I’ve seen since Grave of the Fireflies.

  • Banger

    Donnie Darko?

  • the dude


  • Toby

    Why do I bother looking at this site? Badly informed opinion by people with limited knowledge of the topics they are writing about. Where is “The Time Machine”? Where is “Time after Time”? Yet we have garbage like “The Girl who Leapt Through Time”. Weak list.