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  • Little_Sam

    I am glad that you put Sam Phillips on this list. I think Sam Phillips is largely forgotten today. He had a tremendous influence on Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many others in the early days of rock and roll. Many of today’s performancers do not know who Sam Phillips is and I think that is sad.

  • where?

    No Quincy Jones?

    • Tim Thomas

      For real… Quincy should be the #1 producer on the list
      Doesn’t he have like 50 grammy’s
      Didn’t he produce Michael Jackson’s Thriller which outsold Elvis and the Beatles????
      This list should be redone because its a crime not to mention Quincy Jones in a top
      10 producers list… I mean you named the neptunes before Quincy… smh…

      • Stuart

        Quincey Jones HAS to be in here.

  • Tom Dowd

    Where in the heck is Tom Dowd at! I’ll also second the Q being on this list, over Dr. Dre all day. The Neptunes, and Butch Vig should not be on this list. Honestly, T Bone Burnett and Todd Rundgren wouldn’t have careers if it wasn’t for Tom Dowd, George Martin, and Sam Phillips. This is an all together poorly made list. Where’s Rick Rubin!?!?!? C’mon! You’re gonna put Butch Vig on a Best of list, and forget about Rick Rubin, Jimmy Iovine, AND Tom Dowd. What ever……!

  • wombat

    Thanks for telling me about 10 and 5, now I know who to blame.

  • deckard

    rick rubin man

  • Farrah

    Nigel Godrich?

  • Mark

    Brian Eno? how is he not on here, for real. Just wikipedia the dude.

  • Ireground

    Mutt Lange?
    Rick Rubin?
    Steve Lillywhite?
    Brian Eno?
    The Neptunes and Dre. are pop producers. Why not feature them in a list of top 10 pop producers? They don’t have much to do with music AFAIC

  • psychosoma

    The Neptunes but no Timbaland? Seriously…?

    I know its a subjective list but an ounce of pop production history would tell you that timbaland is more successful critically and in sales than the neptunes ever were thats not to mention his influence on pop music AND the neptunes themselves.

    So flawed list for me.

  • Home Slice

    I agree about the errant exclusion of Q, Rick Rubin, Mutt Lange, and Brian Eno. I’d like to mention Teo Macero as well. Hopefully not all of the lists on this site are as lacking as this.

  • oranglewat

    Ahmet Ertegun?

  • Ike

    Kurt Ballou??? or not mainstream enough

  • Lou

    The Neptunes Deserve to be on here. They have produced so many classics in hip-hop and pop, songs you probably love and didn’t even know they produced.

  • Moose

    No Danger Mouse??? He is one of the best producers ever.

  • top10point5

    One of the best producers ever are called the runners. They are up and coming hip hop producers but have been around since like 2006. There story is inspirational since they where just college students and where child hood friends.

  • Vinchase

    Where is Quincy Jones, timbaland, Rick Rubin, and where is MAX MARTIN?? Do you Even Know him? Really Bad list

  • digust!!

    this list is not only appalling, but DISGUSTING!
    Rick Rubin?
    Trent Reznor?
    Were are they????

    Do me a favor and re-write this list, ASAP!

  • wil

    cowboy jack clement? he was one of the big producers of sun records.

  • Michel

    Robert John Mutt Lange???

  • Bruce

    Another list leaving out another important person.

    Ever heard of Jeff Lynn?

  • Thought you might be interested to know I referenced this page in putting together a list of the top producers of all time for my music blog. Check the post here:

  • KK

    No Jim Steinman?

    I mean… Todd Rundgren arguably did better things with Meat Loaf, but Bonnie Tyler anyone???

  • Logan Ruckman

    I would put Steve Albini andJack Endino on this list.

    • Dolf Lungren

      Vig, the poor man’s Albini.

  • nate pinnerd

    LA Reid????



    • NO

      No. Just no. Tim had his sound, The Neptunes had theirs. They were in a band together in High School, they complimented each others sound. Should he be on this list, probably, but to omit The Neptunes is dumb. Billboard named them best producers of the decade. That’s saying something.

  • emma

    No timbaland? No quincy jones? Dis list is nonsense

  • M. Iacuessa

    As a rock guy, Martin Birch was always my favorite growing up but I wouldn’t put him or Butch Vig anywhere near the top 10 as accomplished producers.

  • youngMC

    what about JIMMY JAM & TERRY LEWIS???

  • Donnie Brasco

    this list is fugazi

  • Diego LLaneza

    Brian Eno? Have u heard about him? Really?

  • Kulwa Maijo


  • brians

    robert john mutt lange!
    some good stuff in the late seventies and decent stuff in the 90s and even 2000s! however in the 80s, back in black, foreigner 4, deflep pyromania and hysteria! also bryan adams waking up the neighbours! yes cheesy as but imo the best producer of all time, regardless of the band produced!

  • maria

    I agree that George Martin and Phil Spector are the best Music Producers. They both produced the Greatest band ever, The Beatles. As far as I’m concerned, Phil Spector should be #1, he’s a musical genius. Anyone who doesn’t think Phil Spector should be on this list is only kidding themselves.

  • tony

    Brian Wilson?
    Brett Gurrewitz?

  • Bob Cerminaro

    Glad to see Todd Rundgren is on this list!

  • Stephanie

    I would defiantly add the late Bob Crewe to this list. He produced music for Lesley Gore, Mitch Rider, Oliver, Petula Clark, Pebo Bryson, Bobby Darin, and of course, the massive hit machine Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (he also co-wrote many of their biggest songs).