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  1. Halbert
    Halbert at |

    I lead a team of researchers that document how new discoveries and scientific advances are catching up to the Urantia Book. Primarily, this has to do with catching up to the Urantia Book's version of history, which it says "will stand on the records of the ages to come." Some of the reports have to do with its scientific statements, but the Urantia Book is very specific in saying that its credibility should be tested based on its version of history. It says the science in the book will need to be revised over time because the authors were not allowed to provide us too much of that type of advanced (unearned) information.

    Thank you for listing the Urantia Book on your site. I think your visitors would be interested to know about the UBtheNEWS.com. The reports are written for those unfamiliar with the Urantia Book and who do not have a sophisticated background in science.

    1. Rajan C Mathew
      Rajan C Mathew at |

      Thank you for including the Urantia Book as one of the top ten mysterious books. You are right in one way, the book is a bit mysterious with regard to its origin. But when you start reading the book and understanding what it says, the mystery would ease out as mere realities. Real truths which is a bit difficult for us to believe.
      I am a reader of this book from India and now I am convinced of what it says as true. Though your site has added this book, you seem not have done enough home work or study to write your comments under the ‘explanations’. The Urantia Book is not a secret codex kind of book, nor it has any secrets embedded in it. It gives all explanations including about the authors and the background and everything. The only mystery is that the authors are not human beings-they are spiritual personalities or different orders of angels. Yes, this is something we cannnot digest. But when you read the book, these doubts would melt away and you have to start believing in the existence of spirit personalities and of course in God.
      Impressed by this book, I have begun a website dedicated to those who want to know more about this book. Everything can be accessed through this site: http://www.urantia-india.faithweb.com
      Lastly, there are some errors that you have written about the Urantia Book. The Book tells about the existence of 7 trillion evolutionary planets like earth where mortal life exists, not 1000 planets as you have quoted in your site. The book also tells about the existence of architectural worlds in billions (which are the head quarters worlds of the spiritual personalities of various orders) and the existence of the massive and unique centre of all universes-designated as the paradise. The celestial authors of the various papers of the book also tells us their difficulty of making many things clear to us in English language-the most advanced language of earth- because English in itself is not sufficient to make things clear as we have not yet developed to that level of understanding!

  2. Kay
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    Very very interesting.

  3. ali hayat
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    Awesome list 🙂 Hope to see more 'mystery' lists soon. LUV TopTenz.

  4. Bill Blax
    Bill Blax at |

    XKCD has solved the purpose behind the Voynich Manuscript:


  5. Reyu
    Reyu at |

    XKCD solved the Voynich Manuscript.

    There answer here: http://xkcd.com/593/

  6. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    The Voynich was written by Leonardo Davinci, and it's old italian, according to this scholar who is deciphering it. The info is at edithsherwood.com.

  7. unbound
    unbound at |

    Elizabeth points out the likely truth (old Italian, and written largely in anagrams which is why decoding has been a problem). Actual page starts at http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_decoded/

  8. Tones
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    You could also include the Zodiac killer's last cipher.

    Though not ancient or historical, the puzzle letter has never been solved since it was published 40 years ago. Readers here may be interested in looking it up…

  9. Jim
    Jim at |

    so called Beale cypher was known to be a hoax long ago – it was obviously written long afterwards and you have to have not done your homework to fall for that one.

    a couple of the others are obvious and clearly made to be unsolvable puzzles….why waste time on these things…except to wonder if Voynovich or Rohone are copied from a remnant of the Tiahuanaco civilization

    1. Jon
      Jon at |

      Actually, the Beale cipher was decoded and the vault was found in Bedford County, VA in 2009.

      http://bealesolved.tripod.com .

      Maybe you should do your homework.

  10. Adrienne Jarnagin
    Adrienne Jarnagin at |

    I received the “Top Tenz” from my good friend , Bill Slater who is spending Christmas in Poland.
    Bill knew my husband and I have been interested in the Urantia Book for years and believe it is a
    revelation to the truth seekers of the world. I’ve studied with a group of people who were reading
    this book to find errors in it, but they found one which was a typo, otherwise this Masterful book
    was transcribed into print and published in 1955. Dr. Sadler was finally convienced it was guided
    by Divine Beings to let the world know that The Heaven Father is real and so is Jesus, the Christ.
    which I have believed since I was five years old. The credentials of Dr William Sadler is widely
    known around the world. Dr. Sadler’s wife is also a medical doctor and their knowledge and
    experience are well established in the Chicago community. Both the Doctors were also impressed
    by the manner in which the papers were presented to them.
    You may contact The Urantia Foundation (Chicago) or The Urantia Fellowship P.O.Box 6631
    Broomfield, CO 80021
    Thank you,
    Adrienne Jarnagin
    [email protected]

  11. Jim
    Jim at |

    its good this is a humour site so we know not to take this seriously. had you really done research you would know the Beale ciphers were uncovered years ago to be an elaborate hoax.

    Much like the Urantia thing


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