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  • Sam

    Baywatch? Australia? Really?….stopped reading after that. Detail is essential to credibility.

    • KB

      Way to take a list that has absolutely no meaning to your well-being a little bit too serious. Being critical of ones’ mis-information is one thing. Pointing out a certain phrase claiming that it had ruined your “experience” of the list is another. You’re just cat-calling. Get over yourself.

    • JTom

      I agree with KB on this, you’re grasping at straws to complain about something. It’s a fact that a large majority of the population of Australia lives along the coastline, at the beach. The author tried to poke a little fun at that, and it wasn’t done in a mean way. I found this to be an informative & well written list.

    • Lee Standberry

      Really? If you took offense to that comment, it was unintended – it is simply a good natured remark about Australia’s wonderful beaches (which are famous) and the attractive folks you typically find there.

      • Lee, don’t sweat it. With over 2 million readers every month, odds are someone is going to be offended, unintentionally or otherwise. Just stay away from religion or your odds go up substantially. 😉

  • 5minutes

    Why is it surprising that the US is good in the Winter Olympics? Not sure if you know this or not, but we have a few places around the country that one could classify as “wintery”… such as, oh, I don’t know… ALASKA.

    • Lee Standberry

      It was surprising (to me anyway) because I had the impression – a wrong one – that a number of other countries would have had a better overall showing than the US. I don’t know if we have had a lot of Alaskan natives as Olympians, however. I wasn’t mad I was wrong – go Team USA!!!

  • dieta

    Pulling away from the pack with every long stride, Bolt surged after his typical lumbering break from the blocks and overwhelmed a star-studded field to win in 9.63 seconds Sunday night, the second-fastest 100 in history and an Olympic record that let him join Carl Lewis as the only men with consecutive gold medals in the Summer Games’ marquee track event.

  • jgood

    would be fairer to see a list of weighted medals by population

  • flabbergasted

    loved this list, which is surprising to many of you since i’m a cranky bast*rd. But one thing amused me. It’s titled top 10 teams of the summer olympics, but for the life of me the pic on the main page leading to the list sure looks like ice hockey… a winter sport. am i wrong?

    • Yup, that was hockey. I’m a herp-derp. Changed.

  • Jadakiss

    Once again the USA dominates at something, no surprise here.

    • Caramel Colt

      ErrrrrrrrrYup. GO USA !!!!!!

  • A.I.B

    Koalas are NOT bears. They are MARSUPIALS, which means that they carry their young in a pouch. So just write Koala !!!!!!!

  • brian

    Australia is an island? I think you look to learn what an island is

    • ed

      i was hoping somebody noticed that.

  • Lil’ Blind Batman Boy

    If any other country had been in No. 1 you just don’t do the list, right? 🙂

    • I was approached by the writer to do the list, I didn’t ask who was number 1. I figured the USA would be, but if we weren’t it wouldn’t have made a difference. I know you were teasing, but just wanted to make sure other readers didn’t think that was the case. Go Team USA!

  • Turk

    Too bad summer only lasts about 17.25 days in Canada or we might have cracked the top ten! As long as we are winning at hockey and making dam good beer I won’t complain 🙂

  • Colin

    The us hasn’t had good showings in lacrosse? Lol only twice was lacrosse ever an olympic event in 1904 and 1908. Only 3 teams even participated being the US Canada and Great Britain. The US is tied for second with 1 of the 5 metals along with great britain.

    The only other times it was even present was in 1928 1932 and 1948 all of which were demonstration events.