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  1. Tom
    Tom at |

    Neat list. ‘Apes was a surprise, albeit a pleasant one. I also thought Barney Miller was a neat twist and you made a decent argument.

  2. melissa
    melissa at |

    I loved this article! I LOVE the warriors, and Barney Miller always depressed me! Now I know why!

  3. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    Great list- Barney Miller was surprising but fits perfectly. I felt like the Lost Weekend should be ranked lower, though, or perhaps replaced by Seinfeld.

  4. timmy the dying boy
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  5. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    Technically, New York in the Planet of the Apes was the Forbidden Zone, not the Ape’s City. The Statue of Liberty is discovered after a ride from the cave in the Forbidden Zone down the coast on a horse – a ride of unknown length. The Ape City itself is likely in a place that already features plenty of apes: New Jersey.

  6. Jonathan Michael Reiter
    Jonathan Michael Reiter at |

    This list was fabulous! Great Work!!!!!

  7. nick
    nick at |

    Where does Cloverfield go? 11?

  8. Robin
    Robin at |

    Another 2 nightmarish New York City movies are The Naked City and The Incident. The Incident is particularly nasty. New York City in black and white always have a bad feel to it.

  9. Sbtier
    Sbtier at |

    No Soylent Green?

    1. Batman
      Batman at |

      I agree – the portrayal of New York in Soylent Green is rather ghastly


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