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  • RetroGamer

    Nice list. There are a lot of characters that could make the list or honorable mentions.

    Arana/Anya Corazon – Spider-Girl
    Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099
    Renee Montoya – The Question

    Jubilee – X-Men
    Karma – New Mutants
    Psylocke (turned Japanese) – X-men
    Cassandra Cain – Batgirl

    Native American:
    Thunderbird & Warpath – X-men
    Puma – ally of Spider-man
    Echo/Ronin – New Avengers (also deaf)
    Danielle Moonstar/Mirage – New Mutants

    • Good suggestions, RetroG. I never really bought into the Psylocke change to an Asian character, but I feel we might have missed out on not including any Native American characters from the comics.

      Here are few more to add:

      Hector Ayala and Angela Del Toro – both were the White Tiger

      Native American (Canadian)?
      Talisman, Alpha Flight

      And what about Apache Chief on The Super Friends. 😉

    • Kandyland


    • Lee Standberry

      I thought about a few of these, especially Thunderbird because I’ve always liked the concept of the character. However, I decided to stick with characters that would probably be a bit more well known. and i didn’t even think about psylocke. Even though she is indeed asian now, i still kind of think of here as the british chick who’s related to captain britain. 🙂

  • Peter Boucher

    What ? No Fat Albert and Gang ?

  • rajimus123

    Great list! really well thought out and researched. Of the few of these that i have seen el Gato Negro and Icon are my favourites although I think Icon could be compared also to Dr. Manhattan.

    If you wanted to be cheeky you could’ve included Dr. Manhattan since he is blue lol. I’ve always wondered if there were any Indian (not Native American) comic heroes in the DC/Marvel Universe (other than Dhalsim). Any idea?

    • Jedah

      There is, Thunderbird appeared in X-Treme X-Men

      I would also include in this list

      Forge – Native american (X-Men)
      Rictor – Mexican (New Mutants, X-Force)

  • Tom

    Great list! I was unaware of the Milestone/DC relationship until I read this article. I always thought that it had been a mistake to keep it separate from the DCU as it would prevent Milestone characters from benefiting from DC characters interacting with them (i.e. a Batman cameo in Hardware, for example) to help boost sales but I can see why McDuffie and the others would want to keep greater control of their creations.

  • Jay

    I forget her name, but I like Ronin.
    She’s a hispanic (I think) cross dressing deaf female ninja in Japan.

    So………..much…………EQUAL RIGHTS.

  • fdx

    Nice list thanks
    BTW it’s “Todd McFarlane” and not “Todd McFarland”
    Black lightning is correctly spelled in his own chapter but not in luke cage’s chapter (lightening instead of lightning)

    Concerning the list, i always thought that the “Blood Syndicate” was a much more interesting character than “Icon” but i understand your point, also, Static and Harware are still active in the DC universe.
    There are a lot of non-white superheroes now but those you listed were really among the first

  • fdx

    No problemo, don’t want to be a pain in the a$$ but i noticed a couple of other things

    -Luke cage was probably created by John Romita Sr and not John Romita Jr (and probably not John Rameta Jr. who doesn’t exist in the comic-book industry) :-), the son was born in 1966 and started his career in 1977.
    -You also wrote “lender” instead of “leader” (same chapter)
    -Just a detail but it’s Power Man and not Powerman

    I also wanted to add that Shang-Chi was created buy Englehart and Starlin but the best and most famous stories were the work of Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy, Starlin is much more a “space opera” kind of guy (captain Marvel, Warlock etc) than a kung-fu fan.

    Hope it helps

    • Okay, we get an F in editing this document.

      • that’s the problem with having a comic-ignorant editor. Elizabeth fail, not Top Tenz fail.

        • I was blaming myself as well. I am comic literate and I knew all those were mistakes. In fact, I had corrected other misspellings of Black Lightning and missed those other few. We should all whip Lee, the author, with wet spaghetti noodles for these mistakes. 😉

          • Lee Standberry

            I’m reading this soooooo very late. Apparently comments were not being forwarded as I thought they were. I actually thought I just didn’t get any responses to this list. As for the poor editing – completely….the fault of my lovely assistant and signifcant other! (lol) And as long as she doesn’t read this, i’m ok. thanks for correcting my mistakes WebMaster!

  • fdx

    Let’s just it was a test to get the reader’s attention 🙂
    BTW, i’m not sure i’ve said it, but your choice was pretty good, there are a lot of minorities heroes now, but those you chose are probably the most iconic.

    • A tolerant and patient reader. Please comment more often!

      • fdx

        Well i’m french and we have a reputation of being obnoxious so i’m working hard to change that 🙂

  • There is Nelvana of the Northern Lights, too – she was Inuit. I remember reading about her when I was researching Canada’s influence on science fiction.

    • (I’m not saying she deserves to be in the top 10, just adding her to the list growing in the comments-)

    • From your link, which I found interesting, “In fact, she even survives, in a way, in modern comics. Marvel’s character Snowbird, an early member of Alpha Flight, is said to be her daughter. Marvel spelled the name a little differently (“Nelvanna”, possibly to avoid copyright entanglements), but it’s pretty clear who they were talking about.”

  • Tony

    No Blade??

  • devis

    How about Blade, Hawksmoor, Swift……

  • brownman

    Hi, when you say non-white why should it always be “Blacks” or if there are other races it should be Asians with small eyes (chinese looking, could be koreans or japanese) or it should be Indians.

    You forgot about the MALAYS, the Filipinos. BROWN people with large eyes. There are aetas too, black people not too dark and they are small they live in huts.

    “We should let a non-white win an oscar”

    —“of course it should be black man, Denzel Washington!”

    “If we’re a democracy we should have a non-white president”

    —“of course it should be Obama, black dude”

    “There are no non-whites in Avenger, let’s change one of the character into one”

    —“There you go… Nick Fury is black”

    Next time don’t call it non-white, just say black.


    • But that would be incorrect. We have more than just black characters. Did you read the list?

  • kissarmy1979

    War Machine

  • ChrisW

    I don’t know if she qualifies as a superhero, but Martha Washington.

    Tom Strong’s wife Dhalua and daughter Tesla aren’t the outright superhero that Tom is, but otherwise fight crime and have adventures.

  • Joe R.

    What about BISHOP!!!!! Come On!!!!!

  • Joe R.

    The first and Original Captain America was black.

  • Luke Cage was the greatest! I loved reading him when I was a kid! Also the Black panther, but Luke was cooler! Thanks for making him Number two, though he will always be Number one in my heart! Best, Legs

    • Lee Standberry

      Luke is the guy – i loved the guy back in the day and still enjoy his adventures. I miss the yellow disco shirt and tiara though…