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  1. Jessy
    Jessy at |

    I LOVED this one. Featured stuff from every reach of the planet! Sydney fireworks are AMAZING! you can see them over 60 km away! And even watching them on TV giuves you a great

  2. Howie
    Howie at |

    What? No Tomatina?

  3. Sean
    Sean at |

    Someone doesn’t know what “once in a lifetime” means.

  4. annie
    annie at |

    i think those events are happened many times or maybe once a year with different version.
    for me once in a lifetime means like you are really-really will never have it again ec: 5 cobras bite you at the same time and you still alive.

  5. FMH
    FMH at |

    If you have ever been to the Oktoberfest in Munich, you would agree that this is actually one of the worst possible festivals if you want hospitality. You won’t get into on of the beer tents if you didn’t make a reservation weeks (or if you want to have a good table: months) before it starts or you are extremly lucky. If you are unlucky however, you might get into a little war with one of the security guards which – unlike the beer – seem to cost less money each year, if you can guess that from their professionality.
    If you get in there, you will find extremly expensive beer in steins that aren’t even filled up to the mark and equally overpriced food. Of cousre there will be many friendly dead-drunk people from around the world, and even the occaisional German, but with that much alcohol getting a glass stein smashed on you face (or rather: getting your face smashed by a glass stein) is a risk you’ll have to take, especially in the evening.
    If you go there, take my advice: Enjoy the fair and then have your beer in a beergarden in town, not in one of the tents.

  6. hsan
    hsan at |

    A major problem with the list is “The Burning Man” is NOT a once in a lifetime experience. This person is promoting tourism in our home away from home. Black Rock City is not set up for tourism. The writer calls it a festival and a community all in the same sentence. Burning Man, not “The Burning Man” is not a festival.

  7. CassieMonster
    CassieMonster at |

    Umm what about Tomorrowland – Belgium? That should be number 1!!!

  8. beckymonster
    beckymonster at |

    I definitely want to experience Oktoberfest in Munich and CNY in HK!


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