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  1. englishsunset
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    Ahhh, Christmas!

    That time of year when I look in the mirror, I don’t see an aging man. I see a little boy with wide-eyed wonder, who is hoping upon hope that he will get the bicycle he wants so bad. More that that, he can’t wait to go downtown to see Santa. That magical old man that comes out of nowhere at this time of year to make me an innocent, really good boy, nearly over night.

    In the silent night many years ago, I promised him that I’d never stop believing and I haven’t.

    I’m so glad I hold on to that belief, for I need Santa Claus in my heart now more than ever.

  2. Tom
    Tom at |

    Outstanding list. Thanks for entertaining and educating me, man. And Merry Christmas!

  3. Sammy Butler
    Sammy Butler at |

    Clement Clarke Moore definitely should be number 1. Thanks.

  4. DyNama, Ohio
    DyNama, Ohio at |

    I love the history of Christmas! As I started reading this list, I predicted Dickens and Moore would be near the top. I also thought Washington Irving would be on the list for his 1820 fictional account of Christmas in “The Sketch Book”; he wasn’t but at least he got a mention. Moore got inspiration for his poem from his friend Irving.

    A fab bit of Clement Clarke Moore trivia: his family estate in New York would become the Chelsea district. 9th Avenue was cut thru his property during his lifetime.


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