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  • bdsterne

    No Tim Berners-Lee? FAIL

    • Please elaborate. It doesn’t add anything to list a name and then write “FAIL”. Who is Tim Berners?

      • John F

        Bernes-Lee is the inventor of the World Wide Web 🙂 So nice of the douche nugget above to provide such useful information

      • Tim Berners-Lee created the first web browser Mosaic which was the first HTTP communication between a server and client via the Internet giving us the modern World Wide Web. He is in fact the man pictured at the bottom of item 11 NOT Eric Bina. Bina worked on Mosaic and later worked with Andreesen on Netscape. The ‘FAIL’ in this case is both the wrong photo was used and arguably Tim Berners-Lee was more important to the modern web than Eric Bina, but that is left up to debate.

      • bdsterne
    • Newave

      For sure. My first thought. In fact, if ANYONE is the pioneer of the Internet, it’s Berners-Lee. (Or Al Gore.)

  • Brian

    AL GORE!!!!!!!!!!

    • 5minutes

      Darn. If only I’d logged into this site a little earlier.

    • brian

      Yeah, I know eh. It was Al Gore alone who created it.

  • Dennis

    I thought Barney Google invented the internet.

  • MNS

    Tim Berners-Lee -you forget without which Internet would not have been as pervasive as it is today!

  • Stacey

    May I ask how “bob” kahn is not on his own list, he is merely just to be mentioned under someone elses name…you put two people at the can you not put cerf and robert together on the title?

  • ulyssesmsu

    Any list on this topic that doesn’t include Tim Berners-Lee is an incomplete list.

  • Raven

    I’d have included moot, of 4chan (aka Christopher Poole, if I recall), just for starting such a massive phenomenon.

  • Suzie

    lol even when they squeeze an extra person in to make it a top 11 they’re still missing someone so obvious it must be a joke. It’s like a top 10 list of pioneering search engines and it’s missing Google.

    Where’s TimBL? I thought Al Gore invented Obama?

  • ruovizz

    where is Tim Berners-Lee !………………….did i miss out some list…..