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  1. Syko
    Syko at |

    You should have included Bachelors Grove Cemetery in this list. One of the most haunted places in the US. Reports include satanic rituals, strange lights and sounds, screams, orbs that chase people, and a famous photo of a “Lady in White”.

    Not to mention the people who have been murdered there

    1. Bryan
      Bryan at |

      Nice Call,
      That would have been a good place to inlcude.

  2. Patti
    Patti at |

    I had never heard of Camp Scott before and that was very interesting, the whole back story and lack of a viable suspect is very interesting. Great list!

  3. Gargoyle
    Gargoyle at |

    Brilliant list and a very interesting read thankyou.

  4. Josh
    Josh at |

    Wow, some people are so gullible. There is no such thing as the supernatural, the only thing to be “afraid” of on Halloween (or any time of year) are other people. Not forgetting the millions of things in the natural world that can harm, maim, or kill you, being afraid of something that doesn’t exist is prosaic and illogical.

    1. Chuy C
      Chuy C at |

      Well…. Many many years ago… people feared eclipse or comets… those things didn’t exist ??

      What is illogical is that everything in this world has been already discovered.


    2. Kylie
      Kylie at |

      I would say that people who believe in only what they see are illogical. Saying the supernatural world doesn’t exist is like saying that scientists understand every function of the human body. Most of the things you hear that occur in human body and in the universe are theoretical. A lot of things that happen in our bodies can’t even be explained and we live with them everyday.

  5. Fatsoap
    Fatsoap at |

    “The ancient Celtic people would light bonfires and wear consumes to ward off the roaming spirits”

    This is in fact completely incorrect (unless you’re talking about after the Roman catholic’s took over Celtic/Irish religion.

    The original Pagan religion (Iron age+) on All Hallow’s Eve (i.e Hallowe’en) or “Day of the spirits” was that a banquet was set out for the spirits in a banqueting hall and the doors were all shut while the Celtic warriors guarded the doors so they could feast in peace. When dawn broke (i.e 1st November) it is said that the food is all gone.

    When St.Patrick came and converted the Irish religion to Catholic-Paganism, this tradition still went on.

    This went to the other Celtic countries (that are still standing today) Scotland and Wales and the tradition was followed there.

    When the Roman Catholic came (guess where from), they saw this tradition was still linked to the barbarian’s religion (i.e paganism) and thought to be evil. When they took over the religion, they made these native folk believe that was evil too.

    When these Celtic folk (especially the Irish during the Great Famine of the late 18th century) moved to England. the Roman catholic “Tradition” followed. Thus, during all the strange sightings happened around the 31st October (Maybe the Pagan’s were right?) Hallowe’en were born…. and then commercialised.

    Here’s an interesting note: ‘ Samhain’ is supposed to depict the name of Hallowe’en but is in fact the Irish/Celtic word for ‘November’

  6. Mike
    Mike at |

    “A famous corpse road in England runs from Rydal to Ambleside in the Lake District. Along this route, at the foot of Blue Bell Hill, is an old coffin stone. It is a rectangular stone that measures 14.4 feet (4.4 m) long and 9 feet (2.8 m) wide. In 1836, a sack of bones was discovered under the rock and it has since been revealed that the area is one of the Medway tombs.”

    I lived in Ambleside for 3 years and never heard about it.
    Also, the Medway tombs (In Kent) are about as far away from Ambleside and Rydal (In Cumbria) as it is possible to be without being in another country. Check Google maps if you aren’t familiar with U.K. geography
    Finally, in the same search that I found where the medway tombs were, I found this exact text on at least two other sites.
    Someone’s been ripped off.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      All of our content is original. We are copied dozens of times every day.

  7. rea
    rea at |

    so true that Saipan is spooky..My aunt and uncle reside and work there…they used to work in a resto near the cliff and they experienced so many creepy things..stuff being thrown, eerie voices, lost things that suddenly turn up and the best story is a moving ladle that stirs up the stew!! Well they dont work there anymore since they moved back in here but their ghost stories were the stuff of our hallo nites!!

  8. Presidentman44
    Presidentman44 at |

    Great list, but now my memories of the candy man song will be tarnished forever.


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