Top 10 Bizarre Road Signs


If you drive the same route each day, you probably know and expect to see certain things. Certain buildings, certain houses, and certain road signs, you are used to seeing them and passing them each day. We all know the usual yield and stop signs, but in the U.S. and around the world, there are some unusual ones that are sure to make you wonder. Here are the top ten uncommon road signs.

10. Stay away from these hitchhikers!

Image result for Stay away from these hitchhikers!

Common sense would tell someone not to pick up a hitchhiker in any environment, unless of course, you need some pocket change. I guess common sense really isn’t that common! “Beware of Dangerous Hitchhikers.”

9. Moose crossing

Image result for Moose crossing sign

Could you imagine waiting for a moose to cross? They aren’t fast animals. As for me, I’d bypass the sign. Patience has never been on my side. The sign should read something like “Moose Crossing. Please Turn off Your Car and Wait.”

8. Thank God they warned us.

Image result for watch out for elderly people sign

Elderly people have been a menace for years and I’m glad we are finally being warned about their slow road crossing ways

7. Caution, massive amount of armor crossing the road.

Image result for tanks crossing sign

Imagine that. You’re out for a nice drive. And suddenly…a tank, crossing the road. Are there really that many tanks going back and forth across this road? And if there are, who isn’t able to see a slow moving, big hunk of metal?

6. If it looks like a duck…

Image result for duck crossing sign toptenz

I’m not sure what this sign maker’s definition of a duck is, but it sure is different from mine.

5. Tree limbs are out to get you.

Image result for duck crossing sign toptenz

Again, another common sense sign. I guess some trees are just blessed and don’t have to worry about their limbs falling off. As for the trees nearby the sign, you’re doomed, for your branches will be plucked! Besides, who really parks, gets out of their car, and stands under a tree, especially when parts of it are falling?

4. Bark, woof…what?

Top 10 Bizarre Road Signs - Bark, woof…what?

This sign has to have been made for the fun of it. Even if it was, who really spends money putting up a sign that is supposed to speak out to dogs? Hello, newsflash, dogs don’t understand English!

3. Sorry, you can’t have fun in Santa Cruz

If this sign doesn’t take it to the max, I’m not sure what does. It’s a shame you can’t launch your boat into the ocean while smoking a cigar, putting your dog on board, and drinking a cold beer. Sounds like a great day to me. But, thanks to the sign, it won’t happen.

2. James Bond cars only allowed.

cause we all drive a James Bond car and have a parachute for that casual late night date excitement

Of course, everyone has a car with a built in parachute for those times you go flying over a precipitous bluff. Thanks for the warning, I’ll have my hand ready on the rip cord.

1. Carry explosives in your car, you’re breaking the law!

This one boggled me at first, then I realized the car is blowing up. After doing some research, this sign basically means, cars carrying explosives are prohibited. I didn’t know there was a place where carrying around deadly devices was smiled upon!

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  1. How about “SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING”? Is it the parents or the road authority who classify the little morons?

  2. yeah, theres moose signs everywhere in canada, people are killed by moose all the time. people dont realize how big they are, there monstrorus.

  3. Best sign i have ever seen was in Australia — It was outside a school with a picture of a car hitting a kid The words simply said… “Warning – Kids don’t bounce”.

  4. The tank xing sign really isn’t that strange. If you live on a military base, they’re very common.

  5. Signs are cool. It is fun to look at at. However, comments are really weird:)

    There's nothing wrong with no explosives sign (but sure, still fun to see it). It is not allowed there. On other roads it is (you may need a permission in most places though). How do you think fireworks are transported? Or explosives used to demolish buildings? Teleportation?;)

    If there are trees where limbs are falling more often than in other places, I'd be happy to know about it!

    Tanks… again the same (although you don't see them in the streets, military still has loads of them! the same is in all countries)

    Same with elderly…

    Moose crossing… This one is seriously important and has a funny picture too! It's cool because you pay more attention to it then.

    Hitch hikers… What's up with picking them up? Definitely not for change too. It's the best and cheapest way to travel!

  6. 2 great signs that I saw in South Africa- one at the Addo Elephant National Park: "Dung Beetles have right of way. Do not drive over dung beetles of elephant dung" and another sign in a parking lot down by the Cape of Good Hope: "Check under your cars for penguins"

  7. My favorite was the Batman And Robin crossing sign. so random, since its outside of a meuseum

  8. Dave's right – moose are extremely dangerous animals. Not only are they huge, but they sit on spindly legs which happen to raise their body just above a car's hood, ensuring they go right through a windshield. Oh, and they like to hang out in the middle of dark roads, at night, just after you come out of a curve or over a hill.

    • Some have been seen in the company of flying squirrels, often followed by a strange Russian couple.

  9. I saw the elderly people sign in Madeira. Of course it seemed to be the destination of choice for senior tourists.

  10. Actually, moose are extremely fast. They have been seen to run over 40 miles per hour. I have actually had one try to out-run my car while going 50, and it was keeping up.

  11. My favourite sign is one on the entrance to my local park:

    'No adults unless accompanying childen'

    (in my mind it should be the other way around)

  12. The majority of these signs are pretty funny, even the more serious ones you've put a fun spin on.

    However, the moose sign isnt. Moose crossing the road is an extremely dangerous thing. A car hitting a moose almost inevitably kills the driver and any passenger in the front seat. Plus, roadsigns are a necessity for moose, due to their basic invisibility at night. They are extremely dark animals, blending in even with lights on them, however the most dangerous part is their eyes. Unlike most animals, they dont reflect light, thus headlights are even more hampered.

    • Dave can u lighten up a little your like a freaky genius when it comes to moose. Thanks dear for the facts but they put it on the site to make people laugh and did you see the size of the sign? And really you said thus who says thus!?

  13. Nicole, the whole list was made to be humorous. Nowhere in the list is there a touch of seriousness. Lighten up.

    And Titus, I've only seen that sign online with a black background, so I'm not sure how authentic it is.

    Either way, thanks for reading my list.

  14. In Indiana, when you see a "deer crossing" sign, it means that occasionally, in the fall, in the evening, you might potentially see a deer; so when we were traveling in Colorado once, we laughed when we saw a big "deer crossing" sign with flashing lights-until we turned the corner. There on each side of the road (my theory was that because the snow was so deep that they come to the edge where the grass is showing, to eat) were hundreds of deer and elk (as big as our car)!

  15. Funny ones here, but I remember seeing some that were a whole lot funnier. One was 'deaf cat crossing.'

    Again, good ones, but not really the top 10. ;]

  16. You really have no sense of humor at all, do you? The dog sign was funny, the car with the parachute was funny.

  17. Elizabeth Barrette on

    The strangest road sign I saw simply said, "Hidden Entrance." Apparently it was very well hidden, since I couldn't spot it. But wouldn't advertising the hidden entrance sort of defeat the purpose of hiding it in the first place?