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  1. Joao
    Joao at |

    Nice list. Good choices. The yellow card for Muller in the game vs. Argentina was really weird. Never ever a yellow card. He was very important for Germany. Participated in nearly every goal. Most likely Spain would have won the semi-finals anyhow. But maybe the game would have been better. Who knows? Not seeing the strongest teams in the semi-finals because of such ridiculous decisions is just lame. But that's typical for football. No instant replays and very amateurish decisions with a lot of room for speculation and manipulation. Like the offside goal by Argentina against Mexiko and another one by Spain against Portugal. Or the disallowed goal by England against Germany. OMG.

    That is stuff for a whole new list 😉

  2. Horst
    Horst at |

    exchange Oezil with Schweinsteiger and the list is quite good 😉

  3. Macedonia Girl
    Macedonia Girl at |

    Nice top players list from WC 2010. Almost agree with it in a whole.

  4. thelamest(dot)com
    thelamest(dot)com at |

    pretty solid top 10.

    Had this list been produced before the WC you'd have been laughed at.

    Amazing that none of the pre-tournament "super stars" in Rooney, Fabregas, Ribery, Ronaldo, Messi had the form to make the list…..although Messi did setup a number of goals for the Argies and Fab did get to play a limited role for Spain.

  5. constantina
    constantina at |

    u forgot 2 imprtant players: Torres – spain / Bastian Schweinsteiger- germany my favorite xx

  6. Bella
    Bella at |

    you should trade david villas to number one

    1. Jared
      Jared at |

      uhhh? two of his goals were fluks

  7. aegis
    aegis at |

    nice list

  8. Someone Else
    Someone Else at |

    You forgot the captain of the only unbeaten team there. Ryan Nelsen.

  9. vyrus
    vyrus at |

    where is stekelenburg?

  10. zak
    zak at |

    as an American who enjoys Soccer/Football (I also enjoy American Football so I’m partial to calling it Soccer) I have to rep for Landon Donovan. He’s probably not up there really in terms of best players in the 2010 tourney, but that goal against Algeria piqued the interest of a country that generally has had little interest in soccer above a recreational level. And while it won’t be knocking Monday Night Football of its slot anytime soon America now I think, more so than anytime since our victory over England way back in 1950, actually pays a little attention to Soccer.

    1. Brackus Studley
      Brackus Studley at |

      I was gonna say the exact same thing.

  11. leo messi
    leo messi at |

    i think that Miroslav Klose of Germany should replace Mesut Özil they both did good in the world cup but Klose scored 4 goals and Özil scored only once Klose overall is better in my opinion. Other then that I think the standings and choices are pretty spot on.

  12. ale1212
    ale1212 at |

    ozil plays in real madrid now

  13. BobLoblah
    BobLoblah at |

    31Dec12…..Its been over now for over two (2) years.

    Does anyone remember the games at all!!!!

    It’s ‘still’ only business and bullSchidt.


  14. Martinho
    Martinho at |

    One of the most accurate lists. WC2010 will always be remebered as the Diego Forlan show.


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