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  1. Kieran OSullivan
    Kieran OSullivan at |

    What are you fighting for by Phil Ochs really should be here. “I an’t marching any more” is certainly a grate song and belongs on this list but “What are you fighting for” is a direct call to action. When Ochs says YOU he means YOU as the last verse of the song clearly states “If you’ll win the wars at home, there’ll be no fighting anymore”. As to the comment that said that Ochs got a bit tiresome after a while I have to disagree with this. Ochs was aware that a message lost its impact and innovated his music and political activity “I declare the war is over” was a song and part of political campaign to re-generate the anti-war message.

    The man even took a pig (pigasus) to a protest in 1968 to show up the farce that was the presidential election process.

    Victor Jara also deserves a place on the list the last song he ever sung was an act of defiance against the coup in Chile.

    Phil Ochs and Victor Jara singing louder than the guns even when they are gone.

  2. Mike Scantlebury
    Mike Scantlebury at |

    How I wish I’d discovered your list sooner! Me and the missus sat down and wrote a little ebook last year called ‘Protesting Songs’ and we tried to include all the names we could think of, going back to the ’60s. Yes, we’re old enough to remember Donovan (and I saw Buffy St Marie singing in Britain in 1965!) Our book is on Kindle right now, and if you get a chance, it would be great if you’d take a look at it. All positive comments, suggestions, improvements, welcome.

  3. Lee McAteer
    Lee McAteer at |

    Sweet Cherry Wine – Tommy James and the Shondells. “Nuff Said!!!”


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