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7 Responses

  1. Matt at |

    About the fighting one, I’m left handed and like 2 years ago took fencing and was one of the best because of being left handed lol I even beat one of the best students who took the class several times since I’m left handed :p

  2. Not a Progressive Dirtbag at |

    By contrast, Adolf Hitler was right-handed, which goes to show how badly giving one of them power can go. Read more:

    And giving a socialist liberal like Obama is any better

  3. Elizabeth Lopez at |

    Yeah, Obama striking and killing children with drones while winning a Nobel Peace prize is no better than Hitler.

    I’m ambidextrous, I have leftie and rightie tendencies!

    1. kraken at |

      YEA ambidextrous for the win!! :)

      1. Elizabeth Lopez at |

        😀 😀 😀

  4. Left-handed Guy at |

    These reasons weren’t particularly well written…On the other hand, neither was the list of reasons why being left-handed is bad…

  5. Abhinav Borah at |

    I m a right handed guy.I wanna be a left handed boy.Will you all lefties help me to do so?


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