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  1. Calman
    Calman at |

    Yeah ! California grapes are Very SOUR !!!

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Nice comment. I like it.

  2. Bret
    Bret at |

    NO.1 for me is the people.

    Arrogant, rude, ignorant, mouthy people that think far too highly of themselves.

  3. 2lolo
    2lolo at |

    WHY I NEVER WILL LIVE IN SOUTH CALIF.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SOUTH CALIF. Is Full of Douche’s, Butt-Holes, Mother-F’ers And LOW-LIFES.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nic
    Nic at |

    Why would you be worried about an impending war with Mexico if your governor is the Terminator?

  5. Stephanie
    Stephanie at |

    Oh, rubbish! There’s a guy in California that I love and want to meet and I want to marry him as so he can help me build my dreams, why, I’m planning to live in Los Angeles to stay on the safe side!

  6. Scott
    Scott at |

    Thanks for summing up all of the reasons I will never go to California.

  7. Ian
    Ian at |

    I am currently living in CALIFORNIA and I can tell you that some of this is exaggerated but most simply is not true, I have lived in New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Miami, all of those cities have some crime, and more expensive places, but I have met some of the kindest people in CA. My only conclusion is that this sub-par journalist is a well misinformed person. That or somebody who is jaded due to a random event, or he is just a moron. Probably the latter.

  8. nick
    nick at |

    California always gets a bad rep for LOS ANGELES’s problems….L.A is full of dumb fat gangsters and earthquakes….I’m from San Luis Obispo, California and having traveled the world i can say there is no place i would rather be. California is like a country so making one statement about it is pretty stupid. Steer clear of beaner infested L.A and you should be good.

  9. brie
    brie at |

    I am in Illinois (possibly the worst state of all) taking care of my elderly grandmother, and I miss CA more than anything. I’ve been here maybe 4 months and everyday just seems to be more miserable than the last. The people here are still stuck in the worst part of the ’90’s, have terrible hygiene, are incredibly stupid, have the worst food, and for some reason love to stare. So for someone to have made this complete b.s. list about the state that I love and long for everyday, really chaps my cheeks. But, if It helps to keep dumbasses who believe this ish out, then I’m all for It. I wanna come back to CA and see that nothing has changed. I love my fellow Californians, thanks for keeping it real.

  10. Mark
    Mark at |

    Whoever wrote this article has no idea what they are talking about. There are natural disasters everywhere in this country. There are gangs in every major city in this country. The state is not falling into the ocean. Whoever wrote this is ignorant and watches too much television.

  11. James
    James at |

    Ive lived here all my life and only felt two earthquakes that did no damage. people think of Cali as a scary place due to the earthquakes when you never feel them. go to other states and you have tsunamis, tornados, blizzards, floods, hurricanes. here we have none of that. just awsome weather.
    although an expensive state to live in

  12. James
    James at |

    i rate this article a #2 out of 10.
    yes every summer there is a wild fire, but its usual. never a big deal unless you live where the wildfires take place. there’s gangs everywhere in every state no matter what. it just depends if you get yourself in situations involving gangs. other than that no problem.
    you can drive two hours to the west and be at super nice beaches, drive two or three hours east and be in the mountains ans snow. or drive two hours to some of the most beautiful national parks in the US. go to some of the highest ranking colleges. we have everything here in cali. not to mention Hollywood. Famous people, and awsome amusement parks like six flags magic mountain and disneyland. university studios.

  13. yankees
    yankees at |

    why does everyone get scary around the police?……. you can beat an ordinary guy up on the street that gets in your face and touches you but as soon as a police officer gets in your face and touches you, you dont fight back. who does that?……. Im not going to let anyone touch me i dont care if its a police officer or not.

    1. westdamnside
      westdamnside at |

      The problem no one fights back is cause they have a thing in their belts called “gun”, idk if you knew that.

  14. AUXI
    AUXI at |

    I visited San Diego and Costa Mesa and now I’m in love with the state, I trying to move to Cali, trying to find efficiencies or roommates. Im from Florida btw, what do you guys recommend???

    1. Giovanni
      Giovanni at |

      Stay in FL please.. California sucks beyond belief.. worst mistake I ever made and I came from FL too.. its more than likely better where you are. I used CA as a pitstop to move to Oregon, had no desire staying at all but now I’m stuck until I can get back east again. Its a long story but I am not even in Los Angeles and this place is hell on earth. Some of the biggest morons I encountered have been out west. I think theres many domesticated outlaws who vote republican along with the immigration problems.. In this state though it doesn’t matter what your color is or race is.. no wonder interracial marriage is at all time highs here.

      1. brie
        brie at |

        Where do you live Barstow? Baker? Did you get caught up trying to score some meth or something? Moron.

  15. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Hey Lee do you actually do any research on your top ten lists before typing them up? I’m from Texas so please do Texas next.

  16. Mariana
    Mariana at |

    I live in Los Angeles, and I verify that this article is a great way to keep idiots that believe
    this crap out of here.

  17. Mackenzie
    Mackenzie at |

    This is a silly list, really.

  18. 2lolo
    2lolo at |

    MY NUMBER 1 REASON !!!!!!!!


    1. Mariana
      Mariana at |

      It’s free loaders* at least spell it right if you’re trying to be offensive.

  19. Eli
    Eli at |

    Some of these are not good raesons as in #3, and in #1 it specificly
    says that the shooting happened right outside of EL PASO TEXAS not in California

  20. kurt
    kurt at |

    You forgot he fruits and nuts. Don’t Californicate the rest of the nation. If you’re from California, stay there. You can be identified in any other part of the country within 15 minutes of meeting you–really.

  21. ultraface
    ultraface at |

    Sure is hot though. Mmmmmmmm.

  22. Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez at |

    As a fellow Texan,you should probably list strict gun laws as a reason. That would also include those two gun-hating senators: Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein (both democrats).

  23. bob
    bob at |

    I’ve lived in cali for 30 years and nothing on this list is true.

    10. Yes arnold did a bad job as governor but they all do because they are liberal democrats who can’t manage a budget. But you’ll find democrats in every state so theres no difference in cali.

    9. Brush fires only happen in the mountain areas which are far from most major cities. Earthquakes happen a couple times a year but you barely feel them. I’d rather deal with a minor tremble for 10 seconds than a tornado or hurricane. You see what happened to new orleans?

    8. I’ve heard about the big one for 30 years and my parents have heard about it for 55 years. Hasn’t happened yet and probably never will. These same scientists that say this believe in global warming which has been proven false. Don’t believe what scientists say.

    7. Even if cali does fall into the ocean it will only be the west side about 100 miles from the beach. If you buy your house 150 miles away you will have beach front property if the big one ever does hit and you’ll make millions selling your beach front house.

    6. Taxes are everywhere and they are all high. You are taxed from your paycheck, taxed when you buys stuff and taxed in february. Gotta love triple taxation. Yes taxes might be higher in cali than the midwest but so is minimum wage. $8.50 an hour now.

    5. Prisoners are released every day in every state.

    4. There are gangs in alaska, canada and even on indian reservations. They are everywhere and do violence everywhere. At least in cali where they started the police have practice dealing with them.

    3. Yes liberals are killing this country and the world as a whole but they are everywhere including the white house. Can’t escape their policies by staying out of cali.

    2. Police brutality is everywhere. The police think their badge gives them unlimited power and abuse that power. You can’t escape it. They can murder someone and get a slap on the wrist or a suspension. You murder someone and you get life in jail.

    1. The drug war with mexico isn’t as bad as you think. The border by san diego is the most heavily policed border in the U.S. Most of the drug cartels move their stuff through new mexico and texas now. Its easier for them.

  24. Charl William
    Charl William at |

    How on earth can #3 be a bad thing???


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