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  1. Little_Sam at |


  2. Poster at |

    Umm…missed the most obvious reason…protection from aliens…duh

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      Now that is a reason I can get my tax dollars behind!

  3. Jim Ciscell at |

    I thought death to aliens was taken care of by our ‘fas and furious’ program?

  4. John at |

    Sorry no. Building a Death Star is silly. How is a Death Star going to kill al Qaeda? You could use it to wipe out countries but al Qaeda terrorists no. And dictators and tyrants aren`t going to be scared of it. Tyrants aren`t bothered when their people are killed. Look at Saddam Hussein with the sanctions. And Assad of Syria wouldn`t be scared either. If a Death Star was used against Syria, he`d do what he always does and say that`s “It`s all al Qaeda`s fault.” So no, a Death Star isn`t a good idea.

    1. tim at |

      i think you are taking this a little too seriously.

      1. John at |

        Well, yes. We are fighting the War on Terror. instead of using a Death Star to wipe out terrorists, we should do like what Darth Vader does, when he wants Hans Solo and Princess Leia. Hire Bounty Hunters. I mean, “Private Military Companies,” are used by the British and American Army. So why not use Bounty Hunters as well to get terrorists?

        1. Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS at |

          Would you be open minded to a Battlestar instead? Please see for an alternative proposal! :)


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