Top 10 Examples Of Rich and Powerful People Lending A Hand


Being rich and/or powerful is a pretty sweet deal, not only are you considered better than ordinary people by sheer virtue of having more money than them, you also don’t have to put up with any of the pesky annoyances the rest of the world deals with every day.

It’s great when we hear about celebrities cutting a check for people, but it’s rare that you hear of them actively mucking in… well, unless you read the following list of 10 celebrities who’ve done exactly that:

10. Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson Mayor of London

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is something of an oddity in British politics. Despite his resemblance to the overly flamboyant caricature of Hugh Grant’s ever so famous, floppy-haired simpleton, he’s managed to ascend to one of the most esteemed positions of power and respect the country has to offer. You’d expect him to spend his time in a big office sipping tea and signing papers with a comically oversized pen, not riding around London on a bike stopping crime. Yet, that is exactly what Boris did. When he saw one of his citizens being harassed, the Mayor gave chase on his bicycle, waving a metal pipe, while screaming the word “oiks.” (

9. Vladamir Putin


Putin is a terrifying man. Not just because he’s got an entire army, half of the world’s oil and all of its vodka under his control. He’s also a judo expert, hunter, and all around badass; no doubt capable of killing you with anything you have sitting on your desk. Usually seen either surrounded by armed guards or actively looking like he’s trying to strangle half the room with his eyes, Putin is a man who doesn’t back down from anything, including fire. When fires ravaged his precious Russian forests, Putin took to the skies personally to kick its stupid face, presumably just to prove that he could. (

8. Elvis Presley

When you’ve got a nickname like “the King” you kind of get a free pass for acting like one. But despite what frankly terrible impersonators try to tell you, Elvis wasn’t always a fat guy who wore tight white pants. In his prime, Elvis was not only able to sing sweet enough to make bees obsolete, he knew enough about kicking ass and taking names that he probably only needed bodyguards to take down notes for future Bruce Willis. For example, once upon a time Elvis was sitting in his limo on his way to a show and saw a guy getting mugged. Elvis, being awesome, jumped out of his limo, assumed a fighting stance and offered to take on everyone who wasn’t currently being given a leather sole facial. Upon seeing the most famous man in the world threatening to turn the area directly around him into a crime scene, the fight stopped and the attackers apologised and went on their way. (

7. Bon Jovi

JBJ Soul Kitchen

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you owe Bon Jovi at least one drink for giving you an excuse to put your arm around a cute girl you hope isn’t your cousin and sing “Livin’ on a Prayer” in an off key drunken slur. As well as giving the world one of its greatest mullets, Mr. Jovi has also created a unique eating experience. The JBJ Soul Kitchen is a place where you only pay what you can to get a meal. If you can’t pay, you can bus tables, wash dishes or partake in any other multitude of 80’s cliché summer jobs to earn your meal instead. The JBJ Soul Kitchen basically allows anyone who’s hungry a chance to earn their dinner with good old fashioned hard work, which as we all know makes food taste at least 30% better. (

6. Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl is like a less greasy version of Jack White, and if there’s a musical pie, he’s had his ridiculously talented and calloused fingers right up in it. With literally millions of fans around the world, you could forgive him for not directly interacting with them, but Grohl didn’t earn his place on this list for ignoring fans. When Grohl heard that two Australian miners trapped 925 meters underground requested an iPod loaded with Foo Fighters tracks, he emailed a personal message to go with it. The message included an offer of Foo tickets and a cold beer anywhere in the world. With an offer like that, it’s kind of disappointing the miners didn’t just say “the tunnel we are stuck in right now” purely to see the look on Grohl’s face. (

5. Barack Obama

Barack Obama on the phone

Regardless of your political standing, it’s undeniable that Obama is one of the most powerful men on the face of the planet. With that in mind, he essentially lives in a gilded bubble where his every need is taken care of so he can focus on his job of being the president of America. To stay in touch with the needs and lives of the American people, Obama often reads letters he is sent. He also sometimes feels the need to personally call people (read: bank managers) and tell them to lay off. Just for a second think about that, imagine the sheer terror of being a bank manager and having the president of the United States of America call you up and tell you to stop hassling one of your customers. (

4. Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet

Although I said cutting a check wouldn’t be enough to get a spot on this list, Buffet deserves this spot because he didn’t just cut a check. He cut a check so huge it was delivered to the bank by an 80’s game show host. Warren has pledged to give away 99% of his entire multi-billion dollar fortune, not to mention he’s also been hassling other mega rich people to do the same. He’s essentially Batman, if Batman realised money fixes things a whole lot faster than punching them while dressed like a bat. (

3. Stephen King

Stephen King

Despite having written some of the scariest books out there, King could have probably achieved the exact same result and success by simply shipping blank pages with a picture of himself on the cover. However, looks can be deceiving and despite looking like he could easily pass for a serial killing dentist, King has no qualms about making sure Maine residents can afford to heat their homes. Perhaps because he’s the one who proved that freezing to death is massively undignified, especially if you happen to be Jack Nicholson. (

2. Johnny Depp


Despite having an IMDB page longer than most other actors’ Wikipedia profiles, Depp is arguably known for one role today, Captain Jack Sparrow. Regardless of whether or not you like him, his movies, or his incredibly angular face, you have to admit he’s probably a really busy guy. Yet, he’s not too busy to show up at a school in full Sparrow regalia to stage a mutiny on behalf of a child who wrote him a letter. To make it even better he actually turned up unannounced, presumably just because that’s how Jack Sparrow would do it. (

1. Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings may not be a name you recognise, but his voice is probably more iconic and soothing than Bob Ross painting the Statue of liberty. Being the voice of Winnie the Pooh, he lives each day knowing he literally has the ability to make a beloved childhood icon say swear words whenever he wants, a rare power he chooses not to abuse. Instead, Cummings will call children on behalf of the Make a Wish foundation (in character) and talk to them. Here’s a quote from Cummings regarding his call to a young girl with cancer: “Pooh called her, and she started to giggle. Her mother was in tears, just crying. She said that was the first time her daughter had smiled in six months.” I mean, just… wow. I have no jokes or sarcastic analogy or metaphor here, that’s seriously one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard of a human being doing. (

by Karl Smallwood

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  1. Stephen King didn’t write the character as freezing to death, in the book he was killed when a boiler exploded. Nothing about the movie except the title should really be attributed to King. Great movie, horrible adaptation.

  2. YoureDoingItWrong on

    Paul Newman should be listed. Also, this was painful to read. Maybe don’t try so hard to be witty and funny…

    • You mean the racist, ungrateful leader of South Africa? He totally forgot what aid the American people gave to him once he got in power, and has made racist comments about them several times.

      • What?! Hey man… I live in South Africa. Nelson Mandella is the one who STOPPED racism. Go read it up wil you!

        • Yeah the whites in South Africa are not racially savaged by the blacks now are they?
          They inherited the best country in the continent and turned it into one of the worst…..
          Way the go Mandella!!!

        • what are you talking about? The whites of South Africa completely dominated the blacks with their laws of Apartheid. Nelson Mendella was imprisoned for 36 years for trying to speak against apartheid and since he was such a great powerful speaker he got the influence of the government to actually end one of the worst forms of segregation in the world. Also the blacks were there first read up on history

        • You’d want to read up on history yourself! Not whatever pamphlets and leaflets you get your knowledge from.

          Mandella wasnt imprisoned for speaking against the government…. He was imprisoned for the bombings, assassinations and armed revolt his ANC party led against the government.

          The government of the day did not hand power over because of Mandellas wonderfull speaking, they done it because of political pressure and sanctions brought upon them by the rest of the world.

          And as for your comment about the blacks were there first…..
          Yeah well the whites were first in Europe…. Shall we now tell all the blacks living in Europe (who are so desperate to get here) to get out?

  3. When I saw Obama’s name, I realized you don’t know the difference between a bad ass and a bully.

    • I second that. And there is a difference between lending a hand and abusing the power of the office you hold. Notice it had to be prefaced by “Regardless of your political standing.” As if that validates or OK’s what follows. Kinda like “I don’t mean to be a jerk but…”

  4. If you are listing philanthropists, you missed one of the greatest philanthropists of the Twentienth Century. His birth name was Muzyad Yakhoob which was later Anglicized to Amos Jacobs. You know him better as Danny Thomas.

  5. You mentioned Obama’s penchant for calling people. Setting politics aside, how about G W Bush’s well-documented visits to injured soldiers, or his continuing work on the AIDS crisis in Africa?

    For rockers, how about Sammy Hagar’s penchant for collecting food kitchen donations for every city he plays in?