IIama in Times Square, New York – Write a Caption Contest


This Contest is Over.

We are adding something new to TopTenz. It might be around for only one week, but lets see what happens. We are adding a weekly Write a Caption Contest. We will post a odd, strange or certainly interesting photograph for you to add your own caption. Keep it family friendly, PG-13 or we’ll remove it and disqualify your entry.

Why would you want to take the time to write a caption?

Of course we could say because you will be entertaining millions of TopTenz readers with your wit adding a little laughter into this sometimes dreary world. But we all know the real reason is for the money. What money? The prize money for the best caption, of course. It won’t be money, technically, but it will be an Amazon gift card worth $50! Enter as often as you like by writing your caption in the comments below. We’ll take entries through Friday (July 27, 2012) and award the winner their gift card by email. So be sure to enter your correct email address so we can notify you. We keep all email addresses confidential. Without further ado, here is the photograph for our inaugural TopTenz Write a Caption Contest.

A Llama in Times Square (1957)

“Sex and The City 3: Carrie Comes Home”

by YeahThatGuy

Honorable Mentions:
OK Kronk, now which street did Yzma turn off on?
Stop the car – somebody spit at me…..
Pardon me – have you any grey poupon ?
Graduate Class of 56? Charles Xavier School of the Gifted

Click here for the real story behind the this picture.

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  1. Bruce Wolper on

    So I says, “Don’t go through Times Square! Don’t go through Times Square!” So what does he do? He goes through Times Square. Next time, I drive.

  2. My first time in New York! Now I get to see Chris Farley, Phil Hartmen, and even Don Cornelius at the Apollo Theater!!!

  3. What kind of production orders a llama, four pounds of peanut butter, exotic lingerie, and an industrial strength water hose? I knew I should have gone to law school.

  4. “Phew, the disguise is working! I’m not being mobbed by people wanting my autograph!” – Brad Pitt

  5. Clyde Johnson on

    Nah, it smells fine out here. Rough day, eh? A llama jumps in your cap and now you have gas. No one would believe you unless someone takes a… I spoke too soon.

  6. Can you give me directions to the Bronx zoo? I heard they have peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

  7. Larry the Llama was sad as he viewed the city for one last time, sadly his immigration status had been denied.

  8. Gene Mariani on

    Hey look! I see Frankie! ??… New York… New York… ???… it’s a wonderful town…???…the people ride in a hole in the ground…???… New York, New York…..

  9. You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me?

  10. david percival on

    ”If we don’t find that theater soom, I’m gonna miss the auditions for Doctor Dolittle!”


    UH OH…”I just remembered I don’t have any pockets…I hope the driver needs a sweater…”

  12. Here we see the elusive metrollama in its natural habitat, although he may look friendly and docile beware of his patented “hit and run” self defence.

  13. Yet another example of why you should always splurge on the extra fabric protection

  14. “Yo Llama is SO fat that it can’t fit through a car window!” “Wanna bet!”

  15. Raised by a St. Bernard and a Dalmatian, Marty the Llama never understood why people stared at him whenever his owner took him for car rides.