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  1. Spocker
    Spocker at |

    Complete BS.

    The similarities are merely coincidental.
    If Mike was an older Jesse, knowing what Jesse knows about Walt,
    he would have killed Walt long ago.

  2. Dan
    Dan at |

    Just coincidence… I wanted to not like this list but… it was at least well written and interesting =). Anything regarding time travel is going to have a lot of plot holes because we don’t know how time travel would work (obviously). For starters, if Mike is killed by Walt…. how did he go back in time? He was already dead.

    1. John Romero
      John Romero at |

      First of all thank you for appreciating the literature…being a BB fan the last thing I want to do is deface the series, but take it from me, the author, it’s just all in good fun. Now…
      As stated in the final paragraph, In order for this theory to work Jesse would have had to choose to leave with Saul’s guy…which means he never found out about the ricin.
      Secondly, Mike dying has nothing to do with Jesse living. If your future self came back to visit you and died, you’d still be alive… my point was that Mike is the result of Jesse leaving instead of staying and plotting revenge on Walt. It actually would make sense if, of course, time travel were possible. But like I said, all in good fun.

      1. Dan
        Dan at |

        Awesome. Ya, it was def. a for fun list, usually I don’t enjoy these types because I’m into the history, science, mystery articles but this was really well done, congrats sir.

        I am a major BB fan as well. You have probably already seen this, but I highly, highly recommend watching “The Wire” if you like BB. Just finished the 5th season last night, absoultely a masterfully made show; considered one of the best ever made.

        My favorites: Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones (yes I read all the books), Boardwalk Empire, Dexter (which got progressively worse but is still good)

        Keep up the good work John, I look forward to your future lists.

  3. steve
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    1. Shell Harris
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      1. IndyAndyJones
        IndyAndyJones at |

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  4. lmfao
    lmfao at |

    I’m in love with the fact that this was written and seriously replied to. I am in love.

  5. RiC David
    RiC David at |

    So this is what John Romero’s up to these days

  6. Joe
    Joe at |

    Amazing theory, speculation especially when backed by multiple reasoning is always a fun thing. Even if it’s just that, speculation. But I believe they put these things in the show as “noncannon” if you will, just to see if anyone would ever pick up on it and I’m sure other people have dually noted the odd behavior and similarities between Mike and Jesse, they didn’t do all of that for no reason I can promise you that. The writers of this show were very meticulous and detailed, maybe even more things that are possibilities that we didn’t think of or notice when watching the show. Great read!


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