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  • Qui-Gon Jinn

    You obviously don’t know the Jedi code:
    … there is no death, there is the Force.

  • Gabe the Babe

    Yoda couldn’t leave Dagobah because if he did, Darth Vader and the Emperor would sense his presence. In “Heir to the Empire” it is explained that Yoda is not sensed because the dark side of the cave on Dagobah shielded him.The Dark Side of the cave lived so close to Yoda on Dagobah that they canceled each other out. Yoda once defeated a Dark Jedi in the cave of Dagobah, which left his glooming dark side there to shield Yoda from being noticed.

    • Zero

      Jedi sense must have limited range. They didn’t sense Obi-Wan on Tatooine without shielding, not even from orbit. Vader sensed Obi-Wan only when he went to the hangar on the Death Star. So even being on the same small moon is not enough, they have to be real close to sense that disturbance in the Force.

      • JediWitness

        Jedi, and even strong Jedi have trouble sensing at a distance.. but those at the level of powerful Jedi Masters such as Yoda, Jorus Cboath and Palpatine can indeed sense the presence of other Jedi across hundreds or thousands of light years.

        This is supported by Yoda not only watching Luke on Tattooine as he’s growing up, but even being able to read his mind and heart from the same distance as mentioned in the novelization of the Return of the Jedi.

        Also in Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine was able to sense that Vader was in danger on Mustafar when he was fighting Obi_Wan which was scores of light years away.

        So while even strong Jedi can probably only sense someone else on the same planet, forces users on the level of Yoda and Palpatine can sense things from just about anywhere in the galaxy. This is why Yoda knew that he had to hide on Dagobah near the dark side cave, for while he was not that worried about Vader sensing him, he knew that Palpatine could certainly pick him up.

        Even though Yoda had a fantastic capability to hide himself in the force as clearly demonstrated in the novel “Yoda: Dark Rendezvous”, he knew that he needed the extra help of the dark side cave to hide from someone on the level of Palpatine.

  • AL

    All this talk about Yoda not having his light saber on Degobah …he lost it while fighting Palpaltine. When he escapes that fight he leaves without out his Saber.

  • Whodatninja

    Yoda didn’t fight Vader. He fought Palpatine.

  • jaskdj

    R2D2 and C3PO both had their memories wiped so he would not have any memory of the Jedis or the force.

    • Javier

      In fact, only 3CPO had his memory wiped. R2D2 is, apparently, fooling us all in the original trilogy.

      • JediWitness

        R2,being an Astromech droid, has a virtually unhackable internal memory core that even the galaxies best slicer Ghent, was only able to partially get past to show Luke some original scenes of Anakin almost killing Padme from decades earlier. Senator Organa knew that which is why he only ordered the protocol doids mind wiped. Also since 3PO was a rather talkative 3PO droid, that made it even more important for his memory to be wiped.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Way too much time went into this nonsense lol

    • JediWitness


  • JediWitness

    Uhhh.. this is STUPID and make NO sense at all.. neither the premise nor any of the dumb “supporting statements”, opinions of hypothesis are even remotely relevant or plausible at all.. WTH.

  • rjschwarz

    Jedi don’t read minds, they sense emotions. Otherwise Darth would not have had so much trouble finding the rebel base. He could have gotten the info from the guy he choked or from his daughter.

    I think Yoda was so ashamed at not seeing the Emperor right there that he hid in the swamp out of shame. I think Obi Wan was desperate and set Luke up as bait back on Tatooine (under his actual name) hoping Darth would come looking for him but Darth never showed up and Obi Wan got old and a little suicidal/martyr-complex over his big failure.

    • DaemonRai

      Even if they did, the argument still wouldn’t work since whether Yoda was alive or a ghost would have zero impact Luke’s memories of the events. Whether a ghost or not, IF Darth Vader had been reading Luke’s memory, he would have picked up that Luke perceived that he was trained by a small, green muppet.

  • ThisisallBS

    Yoda lost his lightsaber fighting Sidious and the rest of this is nonsense

    • Zero

      I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the point of that shot, to explain why Yoda doesn’t have a lightsaber in ESB.
      But then again, I may give Lucas too much credit.

  • Zero

    Okay, this whole “becoming one with the force” is a problem in itself:
    Given enough time and Jedi, the Star Wars universe will lose ALL matter to the Force. Forget heat death, or entrophy. It’s Jedi-induced mass loss.

  • MrPeepers

    I actually thought along this line for some 20 years now. Here are a couple points to consider.

    1. EU is exactly that. An expanded “world” to satisfy fans. While Lucas generally let writers do as they wished within a certain set of guidelines. And while he had the rough ideas down for all 9 movies. He never actually expected to make the prequels. He was quite irritated with the fact that Coruscant had become so ingrained in readers of the EU that he felt he had to keep it in reference for the the Imperial(Republic) Capitol.

    2. All of the arguments against the writers points using EU or game references are therefore invalid. The only Canon, is what you can take from the 6 movies.

    3. While I don’t agree with all of the top ten reasons above, there is one thing that hasn’t been mentioned. When Obi-Wan was killed by Vader, his physical form was destroyed, leaving his robes on the floor. He re-appears as a ghost with clothes. Seems logical to not appear naked. When Yoda “passes” into the force, his clothes go with him. This, in itself, supports that Ghost hypothesis. His clothes where a part of his “ghost” appearance.

  • kevin harvey

    Yoda is still alive till the final disappearances and he transforms into the force …..the hole feeling thang did obi won not tell luke to hide his feelings about his sister yes he was told so you can hide your feeling and keep from ever bing found….why do you thank he lived so long in the first place the failure at the cave was lukes and lukes alone it was a test to control his fear and anger at the same time …..vader would have never killed his only begot in son if that was the case he would have never asked him to stand at his side and together they can rule the galaxy as father and son vader had long wanted to kill the emperor and believe it or not vader had already started loving his son and so did luke start to love his father ……….luke could have killed the emperor but needed to redeem his father to at the same time and showed that his father fulfill his Destin as a jedi master sacrificing him self to save his son…….not as darth vader but as anikin skywalker the jedi master who loves his son and give his life to do so……..the training luke got from yoda did not require a light saber but the knowledge in everything that is the
    force ………to thank yoda was killed by vader is stupid to thank so………

  • man

    To gain a better understanding of the relationship of the Living Force to Cosmic Force, it is recommended one watch Season 6 of the Clone Wars on Netflix. It appears to be a sanctioned Lucas Universe story line. There is no ghosts business, but different forms of existence within the Force. Story writers have developed the Force in greater detail in this series. In the Clone Wars, there are many other beings with different relationship to the Force. Degoyan Masters, etc.
    Spoiler Alert
    Yoda is contacted by Master Qui-Gon-Gin (Liam Neeson character). He interacts with other Force spirits. Yoda is aware of the future and death of Jedi Order, but he cannot change destiny. Thus he finds a new path to defy the Sith in the after life. Yoda knows that the Sith must remain unaware of this path. That is why he instructs Obi-Wan to continue his training at the end of Episode III.

    This helps bridge our understanding of what transpires between Episodes III and IV.

  • Ivan

    10- The Dark side was clouding the future, Palpatine was the Ultimate Deceiver
    9 – He stayed on Degobah, because of the concentration of dark energy, so he can not be found
    8-He looses his saber during the battle on the Senate Chamber, after this event, he had no time to go and pick another crystal and build a new one
    7 – Not even worth to discuss
    6 – Obi Wan was DEAD!!
    5 – Where is the proof of this duel between Yoda and Vader at Degobah…
    4 – He saw Obi with Luke, not Yoda, easy to think he was Luke’s Master
    3 – Stay away from the acids dude…
    2 – Luke was TRAINED in the Force unlike his sister at that time
    1 – Did you saw what happened to Obi Wan when he was struck down by Vader….?

    So, where can I summit this to the Idiot who wrote the article…?

  • michele

    thank you!!! i thought the same thing!!! this is the dumpest article i ever read…darth vader didn’t mention yoda because he thought that all the jedi’s were dead….duh.