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  1. Lucas Katishvili
    Lucas Katishvili at |

    What about Abramovich, The Russian Billionaire?

  2. Sofkes
    Sofkes at |

    I'm fairly certain I could spend a billion dollars…

  3. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    If you're going to think competitively, aim for these guys.

  4. Young
    Young at |

    Wow, I like these billionaires, how unusual life they have!

  5. Jess
    Jess at |

    These guys are interesting lol

  6. AJ
    AJ at |

    The current Sultan of Brunei is substantially more wealthy than Bill Gates . . .

  7. mahi27
    mahi27 at |

    we are very proud about ambani bro's

  8. balanagaraju
    balanagaraju at |

    I have lot of confidence that i wil also become like you people.But i will spend all of my money to the poor people,orphans,handicapped people.My target is the world's number billioner until my death.

    sir, i am not point out you people.I said my desire only.If you have any doubts please mail me.

    my mail id is: [email protected]

  9. Rev. Saye T. Beipa
    Rev. Saye T. Beipa at |

    I am proud of Bill Gates because he is involved with humanity around the world. Rich men use your wealth to improve the life of the poor people. By sponsoring health, education, and agriculture progam around the world or in countries that are poor.

  10. PETER
    PETER at |

    would like to be a billionaire like all of you and i admire you all

  11. Sheriff kasali
    Sheriff kasali at |

    I love this richest men because they succesful people who ar recognise in the world.but i know that some day i wil surely be recognise as one of the richest in the world.

  12. jay
    jay at |

    wow! i want to become like them. lifestyle is great. nirvana.

  13. salma
    salma at |

    its depend upon our luck
    mostly people hard works to become rich but only gets the necessities of life.
    the people who jump from lower to higher are called real genious.

  14. Justine ramos
    Justine ramos at |

    What about Donald trump?


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