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  1. fdx
    fdx at |

    cool list, a bit scary but cool. thanks

  2. jawathehutt
    jawathehutt at |

    Half of these are just contempt of court. Just listen and follow the sentence, its not that hard in most of these.

  3. Amrendra
    Amrendra at |

    Weird laws and weirder justice people in US. Very well written funny list. Loved it.

  4. Kenny
    Kenny at |

    Couple of points. The SAS is not part of the British airforce which does not even exist. The Royal Airforce does. SAS are Army. The guy in number 1 spot could haven got a lot stiffer sentence and should have. Racial hate is a serious crime in the UK.

    However not a bad list

  5. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    #10 Marvin Rainwater resents that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyBEh_WqZKo

  6. Indiabull
    Indiabull at |

    Ha,ha. These guys realy enjoyed. Good article.

  7. Wayne Bienek, Real Estate Web Designer
    Wayne Bienek, Real Estate Web Designer at |

    I was thrown in jail for talking back to a police officer.. He would ask me what happened.. I told him.. then warned me not to talk back.. then asked me again.. and again til I was thrown in jail.

    Now of course I don’t trust police.

  8. Milly
    Milly at |

    Lol I was arrested for having a blue light that wasn’t even on in my car. I spent about 4 nights in county jail till I could get bailed out because they only took cash and cashier’s checks.

  9. Sukha Singh
    Sukha Singh at |

    Looks like the Law needs someone to blame to look good.

  10. Jack
    Jack at |

    A lot of justifying, boys will be boys talk in this article, smh.

  11. Varz
    Varz at |

    I once met a guy who was sent to prison back in the 90s for 4 years for digging up dinosaur bones in his back yard and not telling his county government about it. Completely unaware of the law, the police show’d up and arrested him after a friend spread the word.


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