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  1. fdx at |

    cool list, a bit scary but cool. thanks

  2. jawathehutt at |

    Half of these are just contempt of court. Just listen and follow the sentence, its not that hard in most of these.

  3. Amrendra at |

    Weird laws and weirder justice people in US. Very well written funny list. Loved it.

  4. Kenny at |

    Couple of points. The SAS is not part of the British airforce which does not even exist. The Royal Airforce does. SAS are Army. The guy in number 1 spot could haven got a lot stiffer sentence and should have. Racial hate is a serious crime in the UK.

    However not a bad list

  5. ParusMajor at |

    #10 Marvin Rainwater resents that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyBEh_WqZKo

  6. Indiabull at |

    Ha,ha. These guys realy enjoyed. Good article.

  7. Wayne Bienek, Real Estate Web Designer at |

    I was thrown in jail for talking back to a police officer.. He would ask me what happened.. I told him.. then warned me not to talk back.. then asked me again.. and again til I was thrown in jail.

    Now of course I don’t trust police.


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