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  1. Real history
    Real history at |

    Why there is no Cyrus the great of Persia ?!? He was the first king that made human rights and also he was one of the strongest warrior of all time

  2. Vinoth
    Vinoth at |

    Where is raja raja cholan? He is the one of the greatest and still he has marks (temple) in thailand, vietnam, sri lanka, java sumatra etc…..

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Ashoka should be 1st

  4. Dew
    Dew at |

    Just disgusting top 10 i have ever seen before. how Abraham Lincoln can become top 1 rulers. shame to the writers

  5. Raven
    Raven at |

    This list is ludicrously biased list as the person who made list primarily highlighted the western people.

    Ghenghis Khan deserved to be number one because his kingdom was considerably large which include China, South east Asia, central Asia, west Asia, Some parts of Russia and Western Europe. In a nutshell, he had a gigantic Eurasian kingdom and no king had ever conquered this much. Therefore, Ghenghis khan deservedly to be ranked one.

    Rest of list should go like this:

    2. Alexander the great
    3. Attila
    4. Napolean
    5. Timurlane
    6. Asoka the great
    7. Cyrus the great
    8. Ceaser
    9. Kublai Khan
    10. Charle

  6. yash sharma
    yash sharma at |

    akbar , askoka and maharana pratap should also be added

  7. yash sharma
    yash sharma at |

    vaibhav i agree wid u but it was chandragupta maurya dynasty..

    chandragupta maurya is the greatest king of all time..

  8. Smith
    Smith at |

    oh please all of knew just Cyrus the Great

  9. Farshad Karimi
    Farshad Karimi at |

    Cyrus the Great was the greatest ruler of all time.

  10. Petola
    Petola at |

    You’re mixing up Julius Caesar with his adoptive son Octavius. The latter is known as Augustus Caesar and is considered the first emperor of Rome, thus you post a picture of Julius Caesar with your description. You should change the picture to one of Octavius Augustus and rename the title “Augustus” instead of just “Caesar” to avoid confusion.

  11. Tim
    Tim at |

    Number one should be the Duke of Wellington. A brilliant strategist not hampered by traditional theories. Bernard Montgomery who led the US forces to victory in Europe after they became bogged down by stiff German resistance and poor leadership. Henry V pulled the rabbit out of a hat at Agincourt through strategy, planning and innovation. Heinz Guderian who revolutionised modern warfare and was instrumental in Nazi Germany’s European vacation of 1940.

    By the way, by late 1940 Britain was manufacturing more tanks, aircraft and ships than Germany. Britain was never the lame duck that the Americans like to think they were.


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