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  1. Jon at |

    Hello!! George Washington, only led the American army to defeat the (Prior to US) greatest military force known to man. Napoleon was quoted on his deathbed saying "If only I was more like George Washington"

    1. Wake up Jon at |

      Hey Jon (First comment) wake up!

      Washington won an attritional war against an overstressed opponent which was fighting militia elements in the north (Quebecuois) and a whole host of old world enemies (Most notably France). The New World just wasn't that valuable to the British; and though there were some fearsome, history worthy battles fought the American Revolution just wasn't that important at the time. It was quickly over shadowed by the French version.

      The only reason it's seen significant is because the United States is currently a powerhouse in the world, though that is quickly changing.

      Besides, Washington was just a general; he was only a political leader for a few short years while those on the list ruled vaster territories, or for longer.

      1. Ronald Mcdouchebag at |

        you need to wake up and smell Georges left hanging..umm…anyway, this is hogwash

        1. Chuck at |

          And don’t forget Chuck Norris and Ninja Turtle!

      2. Stephen at |

        Um, Washington was president for 8 full years. Lincoln was only president for a little over 4.

        Plus, while Washington was admittedly not a military genius, he was a magnificent leader, riding out to the front of the lines as bullets whizzed by him and inspiring his troops and the entire nation with his bravery and boldness. He not only had to hold together an army that was ill-equipped, often starving, and threatening to fall apart every day, he also had to train it and manage the expectations and constant meddling coming from Congress. He found the right people to promote and listened to their advice. That he managed to come out of this at all is amazing, that he managed to come out the most beloved man in the country is practically a miracle. Then, after the war was over, he preserved its meaning by refusing to be appointed king and defusing a coup in such a way that he left the conspirators crying with love for him.

        As president, he managed to hold together 13 separate, fractious states and the beginning of a new constitutional system. Political parties started and grew incredibly hateful of each other, small revolts had to be put down, an entirely new form of government had to be managed and turned into a lasting system. And everything he did became a model that all presidents after him followed.

        The French Revolution mattered more to Europe because it established the precedent of killing off a king and overthrowing an aristocracy. But it fell apart within a few years, turning first into a semi-totalitarian oligarchy, then into a bloodbath, then into an expansionary dictatorship, then back into a monarchy. America, on the other hand, established a constitutional system which has stood virtually unchanged for over 200 years and became a model for governments around the world. So which was more important in the long run?

        1. Sigurd at |

          Bravo! Very well put.

        2. Ben at |

          It is not Washington that is responsible for the US Constitution but many like Jefferson, Madison, etc. etc. It is not Washington that fought the British but the Americans settlers, pioneers, hunters, explorers. etc. from all walks of life. Lincoln was confronted with many problems aside from the problems of waging war and he was able to overcome them. A great man can be tested by his actions when confronted with the challenges in many fronts. Washington was leading a united people against the British, makes the task easier. Lincoln was fighting from within and that is difficult, American vs. American, brothers against brothers, relatives against relatives.

        3. Bottomdog at |

          Linconl got assassinated sooo of course washington had a longer reign

        4. Alex at |

          a magnificent leader isn’t one that rides out to the front lines and risks his life. That’s a stupid leader. A magnificent leader is a leader who chooses the most effective course, ignorant of morality and emotions. You can’t do that with a bullet on the face.

        5. John Locke at |

          i have two questions for you.
          1. name one revolt that Washington put down?
          2. name one party that came up during his time as presidency?
          while you’re at it nme one contribution that Washington made to he U.S. Constitution other than refusing to be king.

      3. Hammad at |

        Don’t forget the British were ruled by a mad man at that time

      4. George Thomas at |


        1. vin at |

          yes i agree ashoka is greatest king of all above

    2. billy bob at |

      Obama obviously, probably the greatest person to ever live as well. All he wants is people to all be equal and no one to actually have to work. It is the perfect concept, give money to everyone who is worthless and lazy, and screw everyone who actually makes a difference in the world and works hard to enjoy things. GOOO OBAMA, you got my vote for the best leader of all times.

      1. lol at |

        thanks for the lulz, obamanoid

      2. John Locke at |

        yes he managed to create a healthcare improvement. too bad he can’t start an empire or a country.

    3. Lucas at |

      Alexander the great was by far the best leader. he was in a very tight situation, the greeks were violent by nature and had been fighting each other for the years before macedonia intervened. he utilized that violent energy and sent towards an old enemy, persia. after he surprisingly beat the much larger persian army, he then conquered all of europe and north africa. Then he spread Hellenistic culture to the places that had been conquered. Lincoln may have gotten a country to agree and get along, Alexander the great got a whole continent to get along. not to mention his amazing military knowledge, he dominated europe, and eradicated countries as he went through them. he made peace through war and tried to have european and north african countries all have the same culture thus unifying them in substantial measures. no contest best leader of all time.

      1. Vaibhav at |

        Hey Lucas,
        Whom would u consider the greatest king “Alexander” whose army was not even having strength to pass indus to confront Nanda Dynasty because of its supreme power. Atleast refer to wikipedia if you can’t go through history books dear.

        1. zoro at |

          hi vaibhav,
          calculate the distance between the distance b/w Greece and India. now think as a soldier of the great Alexander army. who is out fighting for a long time. so long that he even dont remember what he is fighting for. if you get my point than you will understand why historian call him Alexander the gr8. my fav. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh.

      2. Ben at |

        I agree that Alexander was the best leader in battle not only because, he was a great tactician and strategist but because he personally led the attack and where the enemy is thickest and never was he on the verge of defeat. But he was not confronted with the problems that confronted Lincoln when the future of the country is threatened where all the efforts of Washington and the American revolutionists and the founding fathers would all come to naught if the Confederacy won. A great leader cannot be great just because his rule is peaceful. Lincoln was able to preserve the Union.

    4. L. david at |

      Are you kiding me? Where’s Anibal, Ashoka, Attila, Ivan, Charles of Spain, Ramsos, Montezuma, Dario, and many, many others?

      This is really unbelievable. Americans are very stupid indeed. Tabula Rasa……

      Let’s check the facts, not opinions first…..

      1. AndyO at |

        What!!! Queen Victoria ruled the greatest empire of all time, the American civil war found the British overstretched and fighting on numerous fronts. Victoria is one of many that should become before Lincoln. A re-think is in order Mr Dunn!!

    5. alex at |

      And were did u here tht ur bed time storyies?

    6. josh at |

      the internet obviously rules the world now more than any other ruler has ever even dreamed of it can give information via satellite about other nations and it is the greatest source of information ever invented… and let’s face it not many of you would have the balls to say this to other people… especially to their face when they know where you live (neighbors, rival…etc.) no you just talk on the internet because it rules so much of this world that it can protect you even from the people you hate

    7. Ajay Dabhi at |

      You seems to have learnt only European, American and Chinese culture. I am sure all those rulers were great.. However there are certain names you have forgotten.

      Ramesses II – also known as “Ramesses the great”
      Third Egyptian pharaoh of the Nineteenth dynasty. He is often regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire. – reigned 1279 BC – 1213 BC for 66 years and 2 months. – I am sure I dont have to write more about him – is Mr. Lincoln be any close to him?

      Samrat Ashok (king Ashok) – Ashoka the great
      was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from ca. 269 BCE to 232 BCE. As far as I know, His grand father – Chandragupta Maurya met Alexandra the great at Taxila (then capital of India) in 327 BC. I believe that If Alexander and Ashoka would go in to war, Ashoka would have defeated Alexander easily.
      Before ashok – no one knew Prince Siddharth Gautam. It was ashok who promoted bhuddhisam, and what we see today is the third largest religion in world. Ashok’s mark (ashok pillar – or sarnath) is now National Emblem of Govt. of India.
      According to historian HG wells, He was the best – because, even after being a mightiest king of his time, he never tried to rule on other but tried to have peace with all his neighbor, provided free medicine. What else you want from a ruler???

      Akbar the great – Akbar was known in his own time as a military genius. It is believed that he had 40,000 trained war elephant – of couse he had his own army.
      Akbar even had finest collection of 9 extraordinary people as his advisers, The popular hindi word “NAVRATNA” (9 gems) derived from it. 9 of those people consist,
      Abul-Fazel – Chief Advisor and writer of akbarnama
      Faizi – A poet
      Tansen – a legendary musician
      Birbal – Prime minister – Still known in indian sub-continent for his intelligence.
      Raja Todar Mal – Finance Minister (he was hindu)
      Raja Man Singh – Commander in chief ( He was also hindu)
      And 2 more army advisor and a poet.

      I think this 3 names should be in top 5.

      1. vin at |

        yes there must be ashoka the great

    8. Roy at |

      ELVIS known around the World as the KING a man called the KING out of Love and Respect. Not fear or just for being born,

  2. Jason Weldy at |

    I know this is opinion but where's Louis the fourteenth the sun god of France. Many great leaders missing here.

  3. Rake at |

    agreed, abe should be on the list, not on #1 though, what are the parameters of this? he was a great US leader but people such as Alexander, Caesar or Napoleon ruled the world. see my point?

    1. Ronald Mcdouchebag at |

      in that sense, we should put Clinton and Bush on the list, since the US has basically ruled the world Economically and Militarily the last 16 years.

      1. Susan at |

        The United States have 'basically ruled the world economically and militarily' since the end of WWII–not the last 16 years. Fortunate for the Free World too, otherwise Europe would be speaking Russian and propagandizing their children with Marist theory.

        1. blanka at |

          The cold war ended in late 80s, hence America have only been #1 for a short while.

          anyway, where’s Queen Victoria?

        2. Anton at |

          Russia is Europe, therefore it would not be so horrible if the rest of Europe would speak russian. Plus, USA rules nothing. USA has more debts that any other country in the world.

    2. bipu at |

      yes, you are right but Alexander, Caesar or Napoleon ruled the world by mighty power which they acquired , in this way it could be their greatest achievement only being a ruler , but sometimes brutal . but Abraham Lincoln not only ruled USA that time but also preserve equality and unity , mind it that time when having a great civil war with a prominent democratic view . with all respect to Mr Rake.

  4. Doc at |

    The inclusion of Adolf Hitler at the expense of either Franklin D. Roosevelt or Winston Churchill (Both great leaders) is appalling and shameful.

    1. Bill Q at |

      Actually, wasn't it Stalin's Red Army of Peasants and Workers who actually beat Hitler? The vast majority of German casualties were in the Soviet Union.

    2. Ronald Mcdouchebag at |

      agreed fully, I nearly vomited in my mouth when I saw Hitler on the list

      1. Ron at |

        Vomit away then. Agree or disagree with a man’s philosophy and it still has no bearing on tactics and victories. I personally detested his beliefs and methods but you have to give some credit to him and consider the era in which he swept the world.

        1. Melanie at |

          I’m sick of people trying to be edgy by including Hitler in lists like this. The man was a good public speaker who took advantage of a people desperate for any form of leadership. What military and tactical victories he managed were often the result of some of his more experienced lieutenants, while his blunders were generally a result of his paranoia.

          Even discounting the atrocities he inflicted on portions of other nations, he slaughtered and enslaved some of his own people, while turning a good portion of the rest into murderers.

          I know you (and I imagine the author) don’t mean to advocate his actions, but I don’t think there is any reason to try and showcase redeeming qualities that I personally don’t think Hitler had.

      2. Moriarty at |

        Hey where is so called Father of Nation in India “Mahatma Gandhi”, Probably one of the greatest leaders of all time. The famous Non-Coperation movement was one of the biggest factors to wipe out the british Rule From India Which had Lasted for More than 200 Years. Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.Gandhi strove to practice non-violence and truth. he eridicated Untouchbility, expanded Women Rights including Right to Education By womens,building religious and ethnic amity, increasing economic self-reliance, but above all for achieving Swaraj—the independence of India from foreign domination. He was one of the most fearless leader who fought one of the biggest war in india by using just one weapon -“Non-Voilence”

  5. Jess at |

    Hitler was a dumb A$$! The guy had no tactical skills to speak of, he made countless mistakes that finally led to the ultimate demise of the Nazi party. How could you leave GW off this list? The man was a god on the battlefield and defeated the greatest military of that time.

    1. magic carpet at |

      You do realize that America lost almost every single battle and only won because of help from major European powers (France, Spain etc).

    2. Ben at |

      The Americans won because they used guerilla tactics in fighting the exposed British soldiers who fought on standing position, attacking in marching orders or in files against American fighting on ground and tree covers. The greatest military (the British) of that time is fighting a losing and outdated war in American soils.

  6. JEAM at |

    I disagree with what he said about Ghengis Khan. Our society has an awful, and misguided, view of him. While he was a brutal conquerer, while under his rule there was peace and prosperity. He even managed to keep the silk road safe.

    1. devis at |

      prosperity and peace for whom?

  7. Nick at |

    What about Qin Shi Huangdi, the man who made the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta army, and oh… China! Abraham Lincoln shouldn't have been number 1.

    1. Caleb at |

      Thank u frnd lincoln is definatly d greatest leader of all time he transfrmd d world true his briany qoutes, he his only 3rd in wise saying after some old testament wise men in d likes of Solomon & Ahitophel, when wrting an exam am alwaz inspired by his qoute “it is far honorable to fail dan 2 cheat” what will hitler b rimenbered 4?, is it 4 killing d jews in germany? or calling africans non-humans?….waoo what a gud list

      1. Jon at |

        You need to learn how to spell Caleb, did you drop out of school early? I think Lincoln shouldn’t be number one, because the Civil war is a sliver compare to the other Conquerors. As i read above people bashing America for the list, look guys its just the person’s opinion. Its not going to be the obvious facts and true statements. It’s just how the guy thought it should be. In all of our point of views it can be different.

        1. Lee at |

          Patronising and pompous.

          1. Mikal at |

            Hey, I’m Lee! I love to judge people on the internet! When I said that guy was patronizing and pompous? Didn’t that rule? I’m great, huh.

    2. Ben at |

      Shi Huangti unified China by eliminating rival clans and other kingdoms and proclaimed himself emperor. Too much bloodsheds and assassinations, poisonings. He burned all books relating to all China or about earlier and rival rulers because he wants that history would begin with him. That is why he is recognized as the first emperor. Is that great, a ruler without compunction?

  8. kyle at |

    Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation only abolished slavery in the states that had left the union, abolishing slavery in the union could have persuaded some states to secede.

    1. Noel at |

      I completely agree! Finally, someone with a little bit of education! Abraham Lincoln did NOT "free the slaves". Like Kyle stated, it only abolished slavery in certain states, as a way of appeasing/coaxing people. Lincoln couldn't have cared less about the freedom of African Americans.

      1. Ronald Mcdouchebag at |

        He may not have 'freed the slaves', but it was a HUGE step in that direction, something NO ONE in history, president, king, or whatever, had the BALLS to do.

        1. Jason at |

          Actually slavery had already been abolished in most of Europe and England by this time. America was on the tail end of slavery abolition for 'civilized' countries.

          1. Matt at |

            Linkoln didn't give a **** about slavery, his main goal was to preserve the union.

            1. Lee at |

              1% of Americans think Jesus Christ was “the greatest American of all time”

      2. Stephen at |

        It should be pointed out, though, that he did support the 13th Amendment, which, when passed, did outlaw all slavery. So if he had lived, he would have essentially been the one to free the slaves, though the Amendment was passed by Congress and the states, too.

        1. Asad at |

          Yeah, and he killed Vampires that supported the South. Nothing beats that.

          In all seriousness, Lincoln doesn’t deserve to be on this list. History has many great leaders that can be mentioned above Lincoln and Hitler (puke), which I find surprising to be ignored.

          But I think it depends on what the criteria used to determine a good ruler. Military acumen, the provision of justice, improving standards of living for the populace and ensuring stability for forthcoming generations. Although I am no fan of the murderous tactics applied by many Muslim rulers but I would have to say that as per the criteria I stated Umer would be well placed. Other than that Cyrus and Darius should definitely have been included.

  9. Quincy at |

    USA USA USA (Alexander the Great should be like fourth, behind Washington, Lincoln, and THEODORE ROOSEVELT)

    1. Noel at |

      This is just ignorant. There have been so many great rulers in history, and honestly no American ruler is Top 10 worthy. Since when has an American conquered a large portion of the WORLD?? (Ceaser, Alexander the Great, and Ghengis Khan)

      1. Mark Twang at |

        Since when did America have the chance to conquer the world? When America was founded we were too busy slaughtering all the Native Americans and cutting down all our trees to worry about the rest of the world. By the time we started to care about the rest of the world (around about the time of WWI and WWII) all the other countries were giving back the countries they conquered. Therefore, America never had a chance to conquer the world – BUT – this does not by any means that America was void of great leaders. Great leaders don't need to be conquers.

      2. Ronald Mcdouchebag at |

        you're mom is ignorant, Viva Poland!!!! you're such a dolt, AMERICAN OWNS THE WORLD, what rock have you lived under lately, get out of the Siberian snow and join society already!

        1. Matt at |

          No wonder you have douchebag in your name, give constructive criticism, Calm your ego, we don't own the world.

      3. GREAT at |

        Ghengis Khan/mongolian empire/ ,Ceaser/greece and rome empire/ ,Attella /hun/,Alexander/makedon empire / ,Hubilai khan/mongolian empire/ 6………7……..8………9…………10…………..?
        queen elzabeth ……………..? Charlemagne……………….? oduccei…………….?

    2. Geordie at |

      Its not all about america, many other nations are more deserving of this high horse arrogance that many of you seem to have. Britain had the largest empire in history, despite not being the greatest in military numbers or sophistication. Ghengis khan, nuff said. Rome having an empire that lasted almost 2000 years(including byzantium as a continuation), with an amazing military, giving us law and culture, and it started out as a single city state. we are indebted to Greece, and the greeks deserve more greatness than america by far. And china was an advanced and vibrant and powerful nation before Europe was even lifted from obscurity. America can have its due, but never think of itself more than it is…

  10. Martin at |

    Caesar wasn't called Augustus, that was Octavian, the guy who managed to rise to power after his death. And he would also be a far better selection for this list since Caesar, while being a great general, didn't do so well in ruling the Roman Republic.

    1. Ken at |

      Augustus is Octavian. He was born Octavian and changed his name when he "adopted" Julius Caesar as his father (he was actually Julius' nephew) for political reasons. The only ruler in Roman history to be called Caesar was Julius Caesar whom never held the title of emperor but rather Dictator for life.

      1. Ken at |

        Allow me to correct myself. Augustus is not "also known as" Caesar. His full name was originally Gaius Octavius Thurinus. He was later adopted by Julius Caesar than later changed his name to Gaius Julius Caesar (his adopted fathers name) for political reasons. Augustus is an honorary title bestowed on him latter but in Roman tradition this title became a part of his name. So I guess in a way a Caesar was an emperor. However the only person to be referred to as Caesar is his adopted father. Augustus is only referred to as either Octavian or Augustus.

    2. Barbara at |

      Octavian WAS Augustus Caesar. He chose the name Augustus. Actually the Roman Senate conferred the name, rather like a title, on him in 27 BC, when he assumed full power, at his “request” which they had little choice but to honor.

      The word is not exactly directly translated to any English word, but “the revered one” is closest. In adjective form, it covers anything from revered to holy, magnificent, great.

      As for Octavian’s use of it, he was making sure everyone understood that he was not only the absolute ruler (emperor), but divine.

      1. Geordie at |

        They are definitely mistaking augustus Caesar for Julius caesar because the image is a bust of julius not octavian, whoever made this is a retard

      2. Sasa at |

        No, Augustus was an honorary title given to him by the people of rome. He also did not “assume” full power of Rome on his own will. After civil war began, Octavius (as Consul) defeated the rebellious armies and assumed power of Rome, which he gave back to the Senate, who then offered him the title of Princeps, the head of Rome. Augustus acted selflessly throughout his career, making a point to ensure that he was not seen as a despot.

      3. Ben at |

        Julius Caesar was able to prevent the different Germanic tribes from invading Rome. He was a great war leader, a battle strategist and invented the RomanTestudo or armor tank. When the soldiers form a line formation using their triangular shields covering the front, back, and sides as well as the shield above their head, they can go forward and break the enemy formation, virtually unpenetrable and its attack is unstoppable. Octavian took the title Augustus meaning the highest. In the Roman calendar, July or Julio has 31 days, not to be outdone August or Agosto was made to be changed by Octavian or Augustus from 30 to 31 days.

    3. Ben at |

      Caesar is a title, Octavian , took the name Augustus w/c means the highest. he even made August 31 days because July is 31 days.

  11. Sean O'Kane at |

    Shi Huagndi has to be on this list, it's not even a debate. Ramses the Great? Trajan? I think Rome deserves more then one on this list… Maybe even a Eastern Emperor such as Justinian… Where is Cyrus the Great??? I have a lot of problems with this list, Hitler was an opportunist not a great ruler. Great Rulers must have a legacy, what is his?? Odysseus?? Is there any historical evidence that he even existed?? and Joseph II? This needs a lot of work, I'm sorry… I'm a nice guy, but come one

  12. Sean Snyder at |

    Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus are two different people. Augustus was Caesar’s adopted son and ruled far longer and more successfully than Caesar himself.

    1. Ben at |

      Julius laid the foundation of a relatively peaceful reign for Augustus. Julius did all the dirty works.

  13. Mike at |

    LINCOLN???!?!? 550 thousand Americans died under his presidency! How can you even consider having him in there, let alone in first? My jaw dropped when I saw this. This list must have been comprised by Americans. I always hear how he saved the union, and no one ever asks themselves why they believe that to be such an important thing. He reintroduced powerful central governments to a country that was founded on the people choosing their destiny. Look at the individual states now, they have been stripped of all their power. That was not the intention of the founders. Small localized government with limited power. Allow the people to govern themselves. Now the united states is a giant bureaucracy with government married to corporate power. There is no accountability. Lincoln made it okay for the federal to be the sole ruler of the people and if any states disagreed, well, the civil war established what the recourse would be.

    1. Jason at |

      Finally someone with a brain about Lincoln. His views were more in line with Democrats of today- bigger central government. We have Lincoln to thank for the start of Presidents thinking they had more power than they really do. Ron Paul in 2012!

  14. Joseph Tan at |

    There are countless on the lists:-

    a) Darius/ Xerxes/ Cyrus the Great (Persian/ Iran)

    b) Tang Tai Tsung (Li Shi Min)/ Kang Hsi/ Xian Long/ Shi Huang Ti/ Wu Ti / Mao Tse Tung (China)

    c) Akbar/ Asoka (India)

    d) Genghis Khan/ Kublai Khan/ Ogodei/ Tamerlane (Mongol)

    e) Sulaiman/ Saladin (Ottoman/ Turkey)

    f) Harun al-Rashid (Iraq)

    g) The Inca, Mayan etc. king (Americas)

    h) Peter/ Catherine (Russia)

    i) Bismark (Prussia)

    j) Fredinard & Isabella (Spain)

    k) lists go on and on

    h) Peter/

  15. Zakir at |

    I think the person who made the top 10 is of US, that is the reason why we see US at no.1, i always think Hitler, Alexander Caeser and even Ghenghis Khan should be moved further upwards. They were certainly one of the greatest and gave everything for what they belived was right. I dont see the reason why US Ruler is included in the this list.

  16. Ooga Booga at |


    Although many people on this list were heavily involved with the military; it's about Political (Civilian) ruling, not Military conquerors.

    Learn the meaning of words before you hatefully and ignorantly espouse your own non-nonsensical preferences under mistaken conditions.

    And yes, as bad as Hitler was (Stalin was much worse, read up on him) he was a better ruler post war then some of these people. Although the Jews were one of many, many reasons/excuses Hitler used in getting the German people off their depressed arses the main force was the severe economic depression caused by, among other things, the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler took his people past this, a move that was actually applauded by many other countries. There was a reason Hitler was named person of the year in 1938.

    Get off your knee jerk high horse and learn what really happened in History.

    1. ODU_Tasha at |

      I will definitely like to emphasized that this is a list intended to acknowledge known RULERS, Not Leaders. By definition, this list is a mixture of rulers and leaders.

      The leaders are:
      Abraham Lincoln, Odysseus, Caesar, and Joseph II.

      Some of the other mention other great leaders & rulers, but there could be a debate for days on who should be number 1 compared to number 10. The main thing is for everyone to learn the difference between a ruler and leader.

  17. Woolydridge at |

    For one thing, yes this is a list of RULERS, not GENERALS. Alexander the Great was a military leader. He was always away from home, nearly always out of touch with Greece. Yes, he did build one of the largest empires in history, but for less than a few years. It tore itself apart after his death, which was one of his greatest failings. Ne is a great ruler, but I think he is over-exagerated.

    If you include Hitler, then you will have to include FDR or Winston Churchill. Stalin, on the other hand, almost lost the entire war thanks to his delusion prior to the launch of Barbarossa, and almost lost it after it had began. It was only thanks to some measure of stupidity on the part of Hitler that he turned his Panzers south toward Kiev that Stalin and his generals stopped the fall of Moscow.

    Another thing, what about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the man who built the entire Turkish nation from scratch? History has nearly forgotten him. Cyrus the Great should also be here.

    Abraham Lincoln. Some of you seem drawn to the Emancipation Proclomation. But, yes, although that did have its limitations, you fail to say that his greatest achievement was in actually keeping the nation together, and his superior grasp on how a war should be fought by a president, namely in keeping out of his generals way. Davis could have taken some lessons from him. And was it his fault that over 600,000 Americans died? What should he have done, let the sates secede? What if he had have let the south have its independence? If the North lost that war, the results to history could have been disastrous.

    Genghis Khan is one of the greatest rulers in history. He is, however, not brutal. History has portrayed him badly. Take the destruction of Otrar, for instance. When his ambassadors were killed on the orders of the governor of the city, he demanded that the guilty men be handed over to him. But they just spat in his face. He then proceeded with his invasion of Central Asia, and destroyed the city. The city bought it on itself. This was customary of Genghis Khan. People back then should just have been nicer, and made alliances with him.

  18. John at |

    What if the South would have seceded, people instantly say that that would have been a disastrous thing without logically asking themselves why? The United States was founded on secession. Human beings are not intrinsically indentured to a single idea of government and country. A group of people at anytime have the natural right to see their own path the way they see fit. It is not the right of the North, another group of Americans, to step in and force the South into adhering to what they want. It is tyrannical and authoritarian and goes against the principles that the United States was built on. Saying that it ended slavery is a weak argument to excuse the deaths of 600,000 Americans. The cost of the war could have bought every slave in the south, not to mention that slavery at that time was coming to and end around the world. It could not have existed in a viable financial and ethical manner for more than 10 or 15 more years. The civil war was about Federal power over individual states, the byproduct is the United States as we have it today.

  19. startawar at |

    Is there a non-USA version of this site? I'd like to read a little more unbiased lists.

    1. GazGBR at |

      what a load of none sense that list is, americans how can they chose a list of this subject they have no history in empires or war, lol haha haha i had to laugh alexander 7 haha that name is 1st in anyones account, usa what set of idiots

  20. lol at |

    Lol @ Lincoln


  21. slimbee at |

    how there could some from the US be there on this list i believe this is too obvious , lets talk about countries who had been existing for the past decades and become what they are today because of the contribution and some disasters their leaders had made to the wold i.e italy, france, england, garmany. e t c. Abraham Lincoln should not be on these list, His rule was on U S and not the world

  22. Anon at |

    Augustus was not assassinated. You are confusing him with Julius Ceaser a common feat. Also Augustus was A ceaser not known as "ceaser", he WAS also known as Octavius and his uncle was Julius.

  23. Joseph Tan at |

    To top all of them, I say the following:-

    i) Hugo Chavez

    ii) Fidel Castro

    iii) Lula

    iv) Barak Hussien Obama

    v) Putin

    vi) Hu Jintao

    vii) Saddam Hussien

    viii) Ayahtollah Komeini

    ix) Charles de Gaulle

    x) Atilla the Hun (he destroyed the Roman empire!!!!)

    1. jamie at |

      No he didnt, he died after been repulsed from Italy by armies of the Eastern Roman Empire.

  24. Tom at |

    this list is awful and biased. Lincoln is not even top 20 material. Being a president during a civil war is not great leading.

    Personally Louis, the Sun King should be first (someone mentioned him). Cause he managed to bring France back from poverty into the leading world power of his time.

    Alexander the great a great ruler? No, he was a great conqueror though. Same with Napolean who was thrown out of office and sent into exile.

    Rulers are people who managed to improve there country significantly during there time, not barely survive to live another day (lincoln). Or have it dissappear apon there death (alexander, kinda napolean)

    1. B minus at |

      thank you i agree Lincoln is not the best ruler and there have been way better leaders than him plus this list is baised

    2. VIKRAM KALE at |

      Dear Sir,
      Probably the worlds greatest ruler is King Shivaji who defeted Muslim tyrants and stopped their march from India onwards and his son King Sambhaji stopped Christian crusades from India onwards, surprisgly both names are missing. Shivaji fought 98 wars winning 92 of them against Mughals,Portugese, British,Vijapur and Govalkonda. After both of them died simple people took up the arms and fought with mights of Mughls for 27 years without any king. Is there any King so inspirational?

  25. Paul at |

    Comparing leaders spanning over thousands of years is unfair at best. In the history of the world, neither Washington nor Lincoln deserve any recognition compared to some of these other names.

    1. Ben at |

      Washington and Lincoln has the records for deserving recognition, where are the documentary records or infrastructures for proof for Shivaji, etc.?

  26. Unanimous at |

    dude,Hitler killed millions of innocent jews.

    1. B minus at |

      Ok so did every other rulers Hitler was not the first person to use concentration camps in fact the British were the first ones. Hitler took the idea from Britian.

      1. Dave Nielsen at |

        The British didn’t invent the concentration camp. It was first used by the Spanish in Cuba dring the Ten Years War – 1868-1878 (the first British use was during the Second Boer War (1899-1902).

        1. jamie at |

          Plus the first Reich used them in Namibia and the American’s just before the British in the Phillipine-American war.

  27. Roman at |

    I'm American and I still believe that no American leader can be named in the top 10 of best rulers of all time. First of all, no American President can truly be called a ruler. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ruler as "1 : one that rules; specifically : sovereign." No American President has ever been sovereign, they are kept in check by the legislative and judicial branches. The best case you could make for an American President would be George Washington who essentially had free rein during the American Revolution (with limited oversight by the Continental Congress) and was basically offered the kingship of the United States but refused OR Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was elected to four terms as President, spanning nearly 13 years until his death and who saw America through the Great Depression and WWII. Lincoln isn't even top 2 for the USA, let alone best ruler of all time.

    In my opinion Charlemagne should be #1 hands down. He wasn't the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, that title belongs to Otto I, but he was nevertheless crowned Emperor by Pope Leo III of the Empire that would become the HRE. He helped to unite an Empire that encompassed all of Western Europe minus Spain and England. He never, I repeat NEVER, lost a battle of conquest and is to this day considered one of the greatest military leaders of all time. Also, people above who mentioned a great ruler needs a legacy: Charlemagne's legacy is the HRE which lasted nearly 1000 years! A whole millennium! He is also considered the greatest ruler/leader of the Dark Ages, one of the most difficult periods of rule in all of history.

    Also, it has been mentioned several times above, but the fact that Hitler is even on this list is a joke. He took advantage of a desperate and downtrodden people during the Great Depression and he can't be fully credited with the revival of Germany other than the fact that he was the charismatic figurehead. He was smart enough to surround himself with brilliant people but other than that was not a very effective permanent dictator. Not to mention the fact that he was a terrible military leader. He constantly undermined his generals and Germany's war efforts with delusions of grandeur. He was also a drug addict (amphetamines) after only 12 years as dictator left his country in ruins, was responsible directly or indirectly for nearly 60 million deaths worldwide (I say indirectly because even though Stalin was responsible for probably about a third of that 60 million, Stalin's purges and the widespread death in Russia might have never happened had Hitler not started WWII). Lastly, the Holocaust speaks for itself, Hitler was a murdering warmonger, not a great ruler.

    I would welcome some challenges to my opinions, I enjoy the discourse and know what I'm talking about. I was a history major with a specialization in military/diplomatic/political history and my senior topics class was on Nazi Germany.

    1. amazed at |

      I retract my comment about Hitler. You make a very valid point. I agree with everything else. With respect to legacy, even though Alexander the Great may have had a short reign and his empire didn’t last beyond his death he certainly had a profound impact on the ancient world in addition to the modern world. In addition, the way he incorporated his newly acquired regions into his empire was actually ingenious for the time. Even if the Greeks were unhappy about it. Had he lived longer we may have seen his empire solidified. That may be the only thing preventing him from achieving that coveted number one seat.

      Then we have to ask what makes a ruler great? What should be considered? Certainly the ability to lead (which is why we often consider great military commanders), but what else? Lasting national stability both economically and socially seems to make sense. Outstanding achievement like unifying their peoples into a contiguous nation also seems to make sense. Like Genghis Kahn uniting the tribes. So we should be asking what makes a ruler great. Only then can we decide if those rulers throughout history fulfill those requirements. Perhaps rate them on how many and masterfully they achieved each requirement and then the ruler with the highest rating would be number and so on. For example, Alexander the Great would certainly get a high rating for military conquest/command but may not get the greatest rating in legacy because his empire didn’t last beyond his life.

    2. Ben at |

      I disagree that you are limiting the field by relying on the world ruler and sovereign. It is logical that the choice is from ancient to modern or all kinds of government are included. As a ruler warrior we have Alexander the Great, Hannibal Barca, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, which are greater than George Washington. For president, we have Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt (both Aquarians). Hitler cannot be great because of what he did to the Jews.

  28. LOL America at |

    @roman Hitler should deserve higher on the lost but not by much you are very right about him undermining his generals but never the less he took countries without even firing a shot but also started to completely lose it at the end I think you are very right but Hitler was brilliant in some cases but maybe needs to be higher up or on a different list in general.

    1. Ben at |

      Hitler took countries in Europe running rough shod by his lightning war or Blitzkrieg.

  29. Groovy at |

    America is too young to have had the #1 .

  30. maple at |

    I would like to add my support for the Mayan rules

    The Mayan empire is easily on par with the Roman empire and should be represented as such (Caesar is on the list (whether or not he should be is not my point) the Mayan empire should be also represented)

    Also Odysseus should not really be on this list, though I don't know whether or not he was a great leader (or if he even existed) he's greatest contribution to the world is as a character in the literary master piece.

    I agree that the US should have no one on this list, people from the US(or anywhere else) who write about the whole world (or all time) should / must be less biased. The US is no longer the superpower is was (or maybe ever was), get over your selves.

    also I agree that Catherine the great of Russia would also be a good choice (maybe not top 10 but better than some of the people n this list)

    1. Cedar at |

      Don’t accuse all Americans of being ignorant because of one website. I was also shocked that Abraham Lincoln was on the list but it’s no reason to complain. America is still the world’s sole superpower with the largest economy and military. It has vast control over global affairs and if you consider America an empire, it would be the 11th largest in history.
      P.S. The Mayan Civilization is not on par with Rome

      1. Ben at |

        I think you should read on the history of Abraham Lincoln, his biography. From a log cabin, he self-studied law, reading law books then applied for the BAR and thus became a lawyer, how he handle cases and known as a honest lawyer and not a liar. How he worked on the railroad tracks laying rails, how he run for political office, that virtually he helped established the Republican Party, becomes it’s presidential candidate and won the presidency, how he carried out and won the Civil War despite his preliminary defeats in the early goings. If Gen. Lee was on his side, the war would not have dragged on.

  31. henry kelly at |





    5. HITLER

    6. STALIN





    1. Unison Voice at |

      Ashoka the great should be on the #1 spot.
      He was everything a fierce commander, just King and a peace loving man in his later years.

      1. Educated Kid at |

        1 SALADIN for being the only person in history who united the moslems + he beat the european crusaders.
        2 Ceaser
        3 Peter the Great of Russia
        I am american and no american should be on this list, and if any it should be Theodore Rosevelt

        Many people are saying the best MILITARY leaders. i think Alexandr Suvorov would be 1st on that. He lost 0 out of 68 battles.
        btw i am not spelling Alexandr wrong thats how his name is spelled.
        4.Genghis Khan: he had the physically largest empire in history
        5 posibly ashoka
        If u are going to put hitler on the list, you should inclued the guy who annilated his empire. JOSEF STALIN UP IN HERE HAHAHA!!!!
        no offence fellow americans but the Soviets did all of the work in WWII….
        6. maybe Napoleon.

        1. Educated Kid at |

          Srry i forgot Mansa Musa, cyrus the great, and, this will spark controversy Hideki Tojo. he carved a powerful empire of egg rolls and rice patties. gotta give him credit 4 that.

          dont get me wrong old abe was a good ruler but he might barely be in the top 250 REFORMERS. maybe top 11,000 rulers.
          Reznov 4 President.

    2. Adityaraje bhosale at |

      1) shivaji maharaj
      2) nepolian
      3) alexander
      4) samrat ashoka
      5)ghengise khan
      6)…. Then add u know according 2 thr history

      1. zoro at |

        are you kiddin shivaji maharaj at first??? he was one of the gr8est ambushers but NO. 1 rulers in the history… the way jai Maharashtra

  32. Wade at |

    Why is Abraham Lincoln so immortalized? Here's a brief list of what Lincoln did:

    -Suspended habeus corpus for the entire duration of his presidency.

    -Jailed several thousands Americans for voting Democrat and several others for using their freedom of speech, a right guaranteed by the First Amendment.

    -Jailed several Democratic politicians for being elected.

    -Suspended the freedom of the press, a right guaranteed by the First Amendment.

    -Was responsible for the deaths of over 600,000 Americans that could have easily been averted by simply letting the South secede.

    Apparently, a tyrant makes a good ruler these days.

    1. Ben at |

      What Lincoln did is necessary in a state of war. He imposed martial law so some rights are to be suspended. As a lawyer, he knows if he is violating the laws, he knows what he is doing. Letting the South secede is violation of the Constitution (preservation of the Union). He is not authorize to grant seccession and it will be treason. Even Congress would not commit such an act.

      Julius Caesar was called a tyrant and was assassinated, Napoleon was also called tyrant and dictator. Napoleon was not a great strategist because in order to engage the enemy separated by a large man-made canal or trench he would let the cavalry charge and when the horses and riders felled by muskets filled up the canal his soldiers would be able to cross and fight the enemy.

  33. Tom at |

    Ok, first of all Hitler was a sociopath political savant, he shouldn't be on the list by virtue of his banishment from all recorded history for unspeakable atrocity.

    Second, Caesar was not the first Emperor of Holy Roman empire, his assassination paved the way for Octavian, who was called "Augustus" and HE was the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Caesar was called "Gaius Julius Caesar"

    You completely forgot about Winston Churchill, Augustus for that matter as well as many many others. weak.

    1. Roman at |

      Ok, Tom you are obviously not a historical savant, but you may very well be a sociopath. You shouldn't comment on this list by virtue of the banishment of all historical fact from your recorded memory.

      1. True, Hitler was a sociopath and what some would call a political savant but he was not banished from all recorded history for unspeakable atrocity, nor should be ever be. "To be ignorant of the past, is to be doomed to repeat it."

      2. Neither Caesar nor Augustus were ever emperors of the Holy Roman Empire because it didn't exist until nearly 8 Centuries after their deaths. The Roman Empire (ie. Caesar, legions, Rome, Jupiter, etc.) and the Holy Roman Empire (ie. Charlemagne, Popes, Dark Ages, Jesus) are two very different things. Look it up please and maybe you'll never make this historical faux-pas ever again…

      1. Josean at |

        Thank u roman, Roman Empire and Holy Roman Empire are two different things

  34. Quay at |

    Abraham Lincoln!? please!!! he was a tyrant and caused the civil war. he did nothing for slavery really, only inadvernately… also Alexander the Great actually went to a town and didn't kill someone? fromm all accounts i heard, he caused bloodshed every and anywhere he went

  35. Jimmy at |

    Why is Abraham Lincoln is at First?

    I think there should be Queen Elizabeth I.

  36. feadsa at |

    YOU DIDN'T INCLUDE CYRUS THE GREAT! Alexander was just a conquerer, so was Napolean and Genghis Khan. Odysseus was just a character of Homer's literature. You seriously need to review this list.

  37. West>east at |

    lol Alexander WAS a brillliant military mind…BUt he wasn't a good ruler come on!!!

    just a mentally ill would say he was a good ruler, he abandoned his country, he embraced other cultures, rejecting his own…and after all when he was dying he was asked to whom he would give the empire, he said "to the strongest"…..he forgot all his lessons with aristotle…

    Odysseus…come on..we dont even fuckin know if he existed..and he abandoned his country for so many years…thats not a ruler feat…i mean lame history knowledge…

    this list is obviously made by someone with little knowledge…

    anyways to be a good ruler..first u need to be organized…quality that some of them lacks…

    hitler have it….so i wont say anything t him….caesar didnt even ruled the empire..the majority of his consulate he was in a campaign outside town….

    second u need to be in the country capital….

    grade of success in coups, revolution breaking etc…

    the laws, taxes, social acceptance etc is important

    is very very complex people this is not a light list

  38. Bill Hailey at |

    Some of these people deserve to be on this list and others do not, however this is one man's opinion but of course the greatest King of all is mentioned but once in these comments(not even as the greatest King).

  39. Brond at |

    lol lol lol lol lol
    you are really very fun!!!!
    every historian know that world most powerfull and mighty Empire was persian and its leader & founder Cyrus The Great was world most powrefull king and ruler…
    Cyrus the Great (ca.600 – 529 BCE) was a towering figure in the history of mankind
    undoubted world best and greatest ruler and leader was Cyrus The Great
    plz plz plz revise list and make it authoritative!!!

  40. ameer at |

    Why we cant find Cyrus the great name here ?
    He was the king of the four corners of the world ! he should be the top 1

  41. Eric at |

    First of all the bust shown of Augustus is actually a bust of Julius Caesar. Two different people. Augustus wasn’t assassinated in AD 14 either. He died of old age – he was 76. Julius Caesar was assasinated decades before that.

    Second – what is the criteria for this, different rulers were great for different reasons. Also. Abraham Lincoln is an ELECTED president. Presidents dont count as “rulers”. Besides, Lincoln was a great president for holding the union together and freeing slaves, but he is far from the greatest ruler of all time.

    You have to be more specific on these things. Here’s how a list like this should look:

    Greatest Conquerer – Alexander the Great (hand’s down – no contest. People can argue Ghengis Khan if they want, but frankly his accomplishments don’t come close to Alexander’s. Khan ran around with a bunch of bandits terrorizing people into submission. And it took several generations of Khans to accumulate thier entire empire. Alexander smashed the known world when he was still in his twenties, and did it in less than a decade. When Alexander defeated the mighty Persians his army was 10 to 20 times smaller than the Persians. He fought dozens of battles and never lost. He was brilliant at tactical manuevers and battlefield assessment. Could have done far more and was planning to, but tragically he died too soon, and no one was strong enough to hold it all together but him. He changed the world forever. If it wasn’t for him, Rome probably never would have existed.)

    Greatest Politician – Caesar Augustus (Augustus could have been killed as a youth soon after his great-uncle/adoptive father Julius Caesar was brutaly stabbed. But he masterfully played his cards for almost two decades – walking a fine line between keeping the senate happy, making promises to his loyal soldiers, using the name Caesar to bolster his love from the people, and battling off Mark Antony and Cleopatra. All this before he was emperor. Then, when he was finally on top, he played a masterful game of pretending that he did not want to rule Rome – even acting as if he would retire. Yet for 45 years he slowly acquired more and more titles until ultimately he was emperor and “father of his country”. He ruled for 45 years and set the bar for every emperor to come. Definitely brought peace and prosperity to Rome and left it better than when he found it.)

    Greatest Propagandist – Adolf Hitler (Hitler convinced an entire MODERN and CIVILIZED nation to become a bunch of Jew-hating, cold-blooded monsters; and to go to war against the rest of the western world. No one in modern times has been able to convince so many people to go along with such an outrageous and crazy ideology, and follow it lock-step until their country lie in ruins. He may have been a bad guy, but he was one of the most powerful men of all time.)

    Most Absolute Power – Ramesses II “the great” (Pharoah of Egypt during the New Kingdom, when Egypt was at its greatest glory. Ramesses II ruled for 67 years and is rumored to have sired more than 100 children from his many mistresses and queens. As Pharoah, you aren’t just a king – you are a living God and a decendant of the sun God Ra. When you are a God no one dares to question your absolute authority. You have complete power of your kingdom. Your subjects worship you and kneel before you because they arent allowed to look at you. You know you are powerful when people build the largest structures ever created just to hold your dead body: the pyramids)

    Most Extreme Wealth – Sulieman “the magnificent” (this islamic ruler of the ottoman empire is the reason why we have the image of the wealthly Sultans in the middle-east who lived lavish lifestyles. He conquered new territories and expanded the ottoman empire to its glory. Each new territory made him richer and richer. Right in the middle of the east-west trade routes the ottoman empire was the economic powerhouse of the 14th and 15th centuries. If you can imagine how rich Louis XIV was when he built Versailles, Sulieman was over 10 times as rich 200 years before Louis. It is said that Sulieman never wore the same clothes twice, ate of fgold plates and utensils that were lined with jewels, had one of the most lavish palaces of all time, and had a harem of over 300 women. He also spent lavishly on his empire building huge temples and other buildings.

    1. bob at |

      sorry your wrong about alexander being the greatest conqueror genghis khans empire was 4 times the size of alexanders and twice the size of romes empire and genghis struggled he 1st had to unite the mongols as one then go conquer and genghis khan conquered advaced civilized countries with his tribes he smashed china and at that time china was the most advanced technilogical country on earth and every other nation that never surrended to him he smashed as well and he was always outnumbered in battle and he never lost a battle well alexander inherited his power from his father and it was his fathers plan to conquer persia not his and he was outnumbered 5 to 1 against the persians not 10 to 20 and genghis smashed persia way worser then alexander he was a great millitary stratigest probably him and genghis are the greatest millitary stratigest of all tme but as conquerors genghis is on another level

      1. Jedi King at |

        I agree with everything you just said and Genghis Khan to me ranks number #1 CLEARLY NO DEBATING!!!

  42. Emanon at |

    Um, the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t apply to ALL slaves in the US. In fact, very few, if any, slaves were actually freed by it. He wasn’t a bad President, but he’s nowhere close to being the best.

  43. Patrick at |

    Abraham Lincoln, really? He doesn’t even top the list of US presidents (Washington), let alone histories leaders. Way to cave to a pop culture sentiment.

  44. tim at |

    how bout joseph stalin? certainly a tyrant but a dominating leader nontheless

  45. Weelet at |

    It was goign so well until … bahahaha. Clearly you’re American. Lincoln was most likely the greatest American ruler ever but I’m afriad throughout history he isn’t even close. Alexander and Napoleon are far, far above him

    1. Sandy INDIAN at |

      do you know about Chandra Gupta Maurya?
      he was the king of INDIA when Alexander came to INDIA
      and Alexander had no courage to defeat him
      and he decided to go back to Macedonia.
      now you decide who is great ????????????

      1. Stupid INDIAN at |

        You obviously know very little about history. Chandragupta didn’t found the Maurya empire until 321 BC, two years after Alexander’s death. The Nanda Empire ruled India then. Alexander wan’t to conquer them but his troops were exhausted which forced him to go home. In fact, it’s reported that they met in 1926 when Chandragupta was fourteen.

  46. shayan at |

    Where is Cyrus The Great ????
    this list is so funny !!!

  47. Alan at |

    Always interesting to read opinions. I just knew that the top result was going to be someone like Lincoln. After all, he is an American (Although I wonder what people from Mexico and Canada think of a country that feels it’s the “ONLY” people from America… i.e.; North America). Nether the less; being the centre of the universe, I guess it’s an ok pick. Plus, I would never suggest that someone that actually took a country filled with corruption, organized crime, a puppet of the country just to the north of it, and with a few men, took over a country. That they defeated a huge powerful country’s wished that up until then had its way with deciding who “They” wanted to lead different countries in the area. A leader that has one of the highest rated forms of medical care, education, low crime, and although I don’t agree, has had the same leader for over 40 years… AND, when there, the people actually don’t feel entrapped as some countries like to report. But then again; I liked Cuba. Plus, it isn’t me that when there has the quote as follows: “What’s the best thing about Cuba?…… No damm Americans!”

  48. Alan at |

    Julius Caesar, not Augustus, was assassinated in 44 B.C. Augustus ruled from 27 B.C. until his death in 14 A.D. He died of natural causes.

  49. Joe Blabbah at |

    Very good list. Despite the website saying TOP 10 rulers, here is top 15: They aren’t ranked by Best to worst, because they are all good in their own special ways.

    1. Asoka the Great

    2. Charlemagne

    3. Caesar Augustus

    4. Abraham Lincoln

    5. Kublai Khan

    6. Genghis Khan

    7. Cyrus the Great

    8. Shaka Zulu

    9. Suleiman

    10. Darius

    11. Mansa Musa

    12. Sitting Bull

    13. Joseph the II

    14. Hammurabi

    15. Gandhi

    1. Benjamin Gerodias at |

      I think it is more practical if we get the Top 5 Rulers in Ancient and Top 5 Rulers in Modern History.
      The Top 5 Rulers in Ancient History are warrior kings and truly descriptive of the title while the Modern Top 5 are aptly called Top 5 Leaders of Modern History. As leaders they are more evaluated not by their personal fighting skill or prowess but by their management and handling of the country’s affair in time peace and in time of war and crises, guiding the country through thick and thin and a legacy after them or to future generations.

  50. Joe at |

    8. Caesar?
    You are thinking of Augustus! He was a caesar. But so was a bunch of them, for that was a title for Roman emperors. If you’re thinking Caesar (capital C), then you have to talk about Julius Caesar, who was killed in 44 BC. His reign lasted only 5 year (from 49BC-44BC). He wasn’t a great ruler, but was a great general (undefeated troughout his military service).

  51. hakeem at |

    and where are the great muslim leaders such as Saladin. The whole europe could not beat him for Jerusalem and even his enemies praised him.
    and please remove the american leaders especially washington. He is hardly even known outside america.
    Prophet Muhammad should be inlcuded. He is believed by 1.5 billion muslims to be greatest leader. See Michael Hart’s, “100 most inflentual people..’
    Cyrus should be included. The Quran mentions him as just and great leader

    1. Jason at |

      The non-prophet muhammad was not a great military leader of any sorts and he was only able to control people through religion. Personally the guy was a child abussing- wife whoreing-murderer. Saladin would be a good choice on this list, but come on. It is a top 10 list-not a top 1000 list. Lincoln should not be here.

      1. Mohamed Mohamed at |

        My list is more comprehensive then tis crap:
        1. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
        2. khalid ibn Walid
        3.Alexander the great
        4. Ghengis Khan
        5. Hitler
        6. Julius Ceaser
        7. The guy who built the Great wall of China
        8. Ghandi
        9. Omar bin Khattab
        10.Mansa Musa

        1. jk at |

          please dont show regional or religion feeling
          the question is who is the top 10 rulers….

    2. affer at |

      Mohammed had very little power, in fact his family was killed immediately after his death. He was completely dependent on his military rulers who did NOT listen to him and did whatever promised the biggest booty. Besides that fact that he married a 9 year old girl against the rules he set himself, so by his own standards he was a pedophile. LOL He also was not the most tolerant person either so as a leader I would say no, the islamic empire was created by others who used his ideology when he was long dead.

      1. Caleb Hobden at |


        Saladin shouldn’t even touch this list and maybe not even the top 100. Despite common perceptions about his skill as a commander he in fact was not even the best commander of the third crusade. Probably his most notorious victory at the horns of hattin was a result of a bad tactical move by the crusader army and not a tactical move of saladin. Richard te lionheart was by far a much better commander the times I’m which he meat Saladin in battle despite being outnumbered he one. If it hadn’t been for trouble at home their is a good chance that he would have captured Jerusalem. Even though he didnt his victories forced Saladin to sign a treaty. I would also have to disagree with putting the prophet muhammad on the list because it’s his teachings that are followed and much of his success happend after his death.


  52. Moses at |

    No wonder some great leaders are missing..
    Leaders like.
    1) Obama
    2) George
    3) Clinton.
    4) M J (Michael Jordon / Michael Jackson)
    & the list goes on & on……. Till every tom dick & harry Amrican is listed in this list…
    I m sure this list will be Published by a proud amrican..

    Is Linkon ever discussed outside.. u s of A .

    Hey guys, havent you’ll heard of Leaders like
    )Ghandhi ji
    )Hitler (people still talk of him accross the world & he is there at 10 spot)
    )Fidel Castro

    Some of these leaders have changed the course of the world & not just of one country.

    1. Jason at |

      Are you kidding me? Castro? He did nothing worthy of anything but tearing down a successful country. As for the American thing everyone on here makes it sound like there were 8 out of the top 10 leaders when in fact 1 (one), uno, ein, American was even listed and Lincoln held together a country that soon became the pride of the modern world so I would say that was a pretty big feat even if he isn’t even mentioned outside America.

    2. Josean at |

      Ghandi was not a ruler, he was a pacifist. He never ruled India, just helped India become independent

      1. Sandy INDIAN at |

        Gandhi was not a ruler but my friend ‘Chandra Gupta Maurya’ was a great ruler who ends up Alexander’s era and Macedonian era from great INDIA.
        do you know about him hummmm….

  53. bob at |

    this list is wrong Genghis Khan,Alexander,and Julius Caesar should be at the top of the list

  54. Ricard at |

    Who ever made this list isn’t exactly what you’d call a student of history.

    How is it that Sultan Suleyman is not on this list? Where is king Soloman? Men like Abraham Lincoln although being comtemporary leaders are not even close in relative terms as far as power and influence.

    Alexander as well should be much higher than 7th.

    1. bill Jackson at |

      Achaeology doesn’t jibe with the Biblical description of Solomon. He appears to lived in an era of warlords, and to have been credited with events of later times.
      Biblical literalists will take exception to that, but the Old Testament is not a valid historical document.

  55. onlysaneman at |

    hey guys..this is pointless….these people can not be compared..everyone had to face different challenges…everyone did great things in their own respects..everybody belonged to diff social and cultural sector…so comparisons are futile…there are many great people missing
    P:S:- my only humble request is that some Americans should stop thinking that everything great in the world should be American..same goes for many other partial bigots….please get a life

    1. Joseph Tan at |


  56. xerxes at |

    this list is funny.when you don’t know anything about history don’t make such a funny list
    Xerxes the great and Cyrus the great should be on top

  57. anthesis at |

    TOP TEN:

    Agree, Cyrus the Great.

    Genghis Khan

    Ivan the Terrible

    Constantine I

    Alexander the Great

    Gaius Julius Caesar

    Constanine I


    Emperor Qin Shihuang



    Frederick Barbarossa

    Darius I

    Ramses II


    OH YEA,

    William the Conqueror



    – Benjamin Franklin

  58. anthesis at |


    Greatest Propagandist – Adolf Hitler / NO / crappy artist, yes.


    sick dwarf

  59. Josean at |

    In my opinion:

    1- Charlemagne
    2-Cyrus the Great
    4-Ghengis Khan
    5-Alexander The Great
    7-Elizabeth 1
    8-King David
    10-Louis XIV

    Rulers in antiquity had far more power, riches and influence than any ruler in the last 300 years

    1. Nuraly at |

      You forgot Napoleon

    2. Sasa at |

      Your idea of power, riches, and influence is wrong. Leaders of antiquity are SAID to have had more, however this is a great exaggeration. For instance, the United States developed the Atomic Bomb and deployed 2 in 1945. I am from the United States and I don’t care what you say about “Americans only thinking about America”, when the United States dropped those two bombs, there was no other nation that had achieved that sort of power in the history of humanity. No other weapon was as destructive or powerful, and the United States was the only nation with this weapon until 1948.

      Also, riches? I bet any of the nations on the Security Council in the UN has more money than any “rulers in antiquity”.

      I respect your opinion, but I beg you to take a modern perspective.

  60. Karlee at |

    Ghandi? I know he wasn’t a ruler, but he was a political leader!

  61. sajan at |

    we are talking about great rulers. But i don’t know why name of george washington,abraham lincoln, gandhi are on the list..

    1. Sasa at |

      ghandi and GW aren’t on the list.

  62. muqeet at |

    this is incomplete if umar is not added

  63. affer at |

    Caesar was not an emperor and he did not go by the name Augustus. You meant his nephew.

    Putting Lincoln as a great leader must be a joke, guy destroyed a country because he was unwilling to allow democratic states to secede, slavery was just an excuse. His war dragged on for 3 years even though he had military supremacy from the very beginning and he was killed immediately afterwards, what were his successes???? If one should be credited then I would’ve said Sherman who destroyed the Southern will to fight with barely losing a single soldier.

    Hope American schools are not a faiult for this lousy list.

    1. Sasa at |

      Firstly, I’d like to applaud your knowledge of American History..I don’t believe I have met anyone outside the U.S that would know Sherman.

      Secondly, I agree, Lincoln should not be #1. He isn’t even the greatest President (George Washington, FDR, and possibly Theodore Roosevelt outdo him).

      Thirdly, he did not destroy a country..the southern didn’t appeal to Lincoln and ask to secede. They just seceded. Yes, slavery may have been an excuse, but the seceding of the states was not seen as a separation into two countries, but a division of the Union. Lincoln was not alone in that regard. Yes, it is seen as “northern aggression”, but that does not take away from the fact that he freed the slaves in the south (I don’t want to hear about “he only did it in several states”–no. Slavery was already illegal in the north (Missouri Compromise), it would have been pointless. Plus, he supported the 13th amendment, which had no military agenda.)

      Saying that he had military superiority is also false. First off, Lincoln is not in direct control of all his campaigns. Yes, the president is the Commander-in-Chief, but that is for much more broad strategy. For instance, President Obama could say “I want to conquer Canada” (ignore the fact that this would need to pass through congress, for the sake of my argument) and his military commanders do the specific tactical planning. So, Lincoln was not in immediate control of his troops–he left that to his Generals. Now, that is something he was very successful in–he fired General McClellan after his incompetence cost the guaranteed destruction of Confederate General Lee’s army. He hired Ulysses S. Grant in 1864, who closed out the war (I would call that a success)

      Also, I don’t really know how you blame his death on himself…I mean, he was shot in the head and survived for 4 hours, but he had a progressive agenda.

  64. vikram at |

    The timeless ruler of the world should be Emperor ‘ASHOKA’ true to the ideal of power, peace and

    being a excellent administrator, probably the first ruler to ban slavery, respecting all religions, and the

    first ruler to promote environmental protection by banning deforestation, hunting etc. and he was so

    great that the Republic of INDIA has adopted his symbols as it national emblems.

    1. Sandy INDIAN at |

      its true
      many names are missing in this list like Ashoka the great, Chandragupta Maurya, Prithviraj Chauhan and many more

    2. vin at |

      Agree Ashoka must be at first

  65. faisal at |

    the Name of Hazrat Umer mis place in this List,,,,
    he was King of Kings and leader of leaders.
    read the History again then rank it again,,

    1. Salman at |

      You are 100% correct. This is quite a bias ranking.

  66. Rock Kitaro at |

    I think the thing we have to remember here…is that it’s just a list someone made up. Debating it is one thing, but actually getting sensitive and taking to heart is another thing. If you think (whoever) deserves or doesn’t deserve to be on this list. Cool beans.

  67. Siavash at |

    Man is a fascinating creature & has fascinating manners. Specially, i’m talking about his ability to lie, even to himself. We can erase great names (like Cyrus the Great & Darius the Great; the Achaemenid Persian empire) in our small brains, but not from the true history. I’m wondering how [Queen Elizabeth I] or [Joseph II] can be among top 10 rulers in history !!! but Cyrus the great or Darius can’t be…
    We’ll all die, but true History remains alive. Don’t forget that.

  68. Buran at |

    As I noticed here most ppl knows history from the Civilization game or from movies.
    Also some words to site admin/s; You have a good site but your history part really needs more attention. History must be taken serious and you must be aware of mislisting and miswriting. Before making a most 10’s list you’d better check at least Congress archieves or Times archieves. Anyways thanks for efforts…

  69. Nuraly at |

    WTF, Gengis Khan conquered half of the world and created the strongest military power the world had ever seen. Hitler made Germany into a No1 country in the world and they make Lincoln the best leader, for winning civil war.

  70. Josh at |

    Wt a,?????????? Gengis khan is unique!!!!!!Lincoln??WTF???????? Alexander,Elizabeth,caesar ….and hitler!!!!! All of them unique!!!!!!
    1. Chinggis khan
    2. Great Alexander
    3. Caesar
    4. Napoleon
    5. Khubilai khan
    6. Elizabeth 1
    7. Hitler
    8. Cyrus the great
    9. George Washington
    10. Ghandi It must be correct!!! Khubilai was grandson of Chinggis khan!!!so, Chinggis khan must be leader!!! Maybe 11. Bat khan,who was grandson of Chinggis khan,too and founder of Russian great future!!!

    1. Sandy INDIAN at |

      where are the names of Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka The Great, Prithvi Raj Chauhan……….
      and many more

      this list is worthless

    2. Cici at |

      Finally somebody mentioned Cyrus The Great!

  71. mirac at |

    where is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in this list?

  72. Edman91 at |

    Abraham Lincoln doesnt need to be so Idealized if the more people took the time to learn about him they would see he was not a good Leader.Gandhi,Winston Churchill,FDR,Peter the Great, and Otto von Bismarck diserve to be on this list more then Lincoln.

  73. Kriti at |

    Just study about chandragupta maurya the great and what he achieved in his lifetime and his sacrifices , then you will realise the above names stand nowhere in front of great emperor chandragupta maurya .

    1. Sandy INDIAN at |


  74. bill Jackson at |

    Highly Eurocentric. The world is bigger than what our western schoolbooks focused on.

    Hitler had amazing leadership ability but his reign was an utter failure.

    Augustus Caesar was a great emperor by external standards but his overspending weakend Rome by forcing his successors into questionable means of raising funds. He did more harm to the empire than good.

    Alexander was a great warrrior but a lousy emperor. His empire collapsed after his death because he hadn’t established any stable system of governance.

    Odysseus wasn’t an emperor at all. He was a warlord. And although the legend doubtless represents an actual person, his exploits are myth. There’s no actual historical data on him.

  75. lincoln suck at |

    You say america has no empire every almost every european country has a united states airforce base of any intrest america just would appear like a bunch of aliens to invade europe a place of so much history btw ronald regan 10# led to econmic gains and jumped all over russia to finally help end the cold war by never surrendering and let the russian goverment dissovled soon after his term. we have an empire more vast than ever because only the mental mess with us, but unfornate only socialist lead. 1 has to be napoleon or alexander, lead to most gains in enlightment and were were a miltary force almost unstopable, took 6 colations to stop napoleon.
    LIst of Usa airforce bases of use by united states, the united states empire is friggin huge mate
    Bagram Airfield
    Shindand Airbase
    Kandahar International Airport
    Woomera Air Station
    Main article: Bulgarian-American Joint Military Facilities
    Bezmer Air Base
    Graf Ignatievo Air Base
    (NATO) Air Base Geilenkirchen, Geilenkirchen
    Ramstein Air Base
    Spangdahlem Air Base
    Thule Air Base
    Andersen Air Force Base
    Aviano Air Base
    Sigonella Naval Air Station
    Camp Darby (Pisa-Livorno)
    Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Prefecture
    Misawa Air Base, Misawa, Aomori
    Yokota Air Base, Tokyo
    Al Udeid Air Base
    Saudi Arabia[2]
    See also: United States withdrawal from Saudi Arabia
    Eskan Village Air Base
    Paya Lebar Air Base
    South Korea
    Kunsan Air Base
    Osan Air Base
    Transit Center at Manas
    Joint Force Command Brunssum
    Lajes Field, Azores
    Morón Air Base, Andalusia
    Morón de la Frontera, Andalusia
    Incirlik Air Base
    United Kingdom (tenant facilities only)
    RAF Lakenheath, Brandon, Suffolk
    RAF Menwith Hill, Yorkshire Dales
    RAF Mildenhall, Mildenhall
    RAF Croughton, Upper Heyford
    RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire

    1. magic carpet at |

      having bases somewhere does not make it a colony or part of an empire also even if these bases formed and empire it would not compare to the size of most historic empires. Also your claim about Reagan is idiotic as he was only stubborn and he nearly forced the Russians away from the negotiating table in fact if it wasn’t for Gorbachev we would still be in the cold war. Also I’m sure your planes based in Europe wouldn’t be captured immediately at the start of a war.

  76. Sandy INDIAN at |

    dear friends,
    i think you only study about the rulers of your country only.
    some of the names of the greatest rulers are missing here.
    is there anyone who knows about ‘ Chandragupt Maurya, Prithvi Raj Chauhan,
    Samundra Gupt, Vikramaditya, Ashoka The Great, Harshwardhan
    Maharana Pratap, Chatrapati Shivagi
    if anyone of them try to defeat the whole world
    the whole world would be in there feet .

    So if u don’t know them, then first of all know them
    after that u can decide who was the greatest

    So the original list would be:-

    1. Chandragupta Maura, (304–232 BC)

    who defeated Alexander’s army and ends the history of Alexander
    “ “Megasthenes was in the camp of Sandrocottus, which consisted of 400,000 men” ”

    —Strabo, Geographica, 15.1.53

    On the other hand, Pliny, who also drew from Megasthenes’ work, gives even larger numbers of 600,000 infantry, 30,000 cavalry, and 9,000 war elephants:
    “ “But the Prasii surpass in power and glory every other people, not only in this quarter, but one may say in all India, their capital Palibothra, a very large and wealthy city, after which some call the people itself the Palibothri,–nay even the whole tract along the Ganges. Their king has in his pay a standing army of 600,000-foot-soldiers, 30,000 cavalry, and 9,000 elephants: whence may be formed some conjecture as to the vastness of his resources.” ”

    —Pliny, Natural History VI, 22.4

    2. Prithviraj Chauhan (1149-1192 CE),

    who defeated Muhammad Gauri 16 time and ends Muhammad Gauri
    in his own kingdom in front of his army with blind eyes, without anyone’s help
    he did not know the word fear
    he was the most fearless and brave person in world history
    no one would defeat him until he died.

    3.Ashoka The Great (320 BC– 298 BC)

    Ashoka the Great, was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from ca. 269 BC to 232 BC.[1] One of India’s greatest emperors, Ashoka reigned over most of present-day India after a number of military conquests. His empire stretched from present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan in the west, to the present-day Bangladesh
    He was later dedicated to the propagation of Buddhism across Asia
    Ashoka played a critical role in helping make Buddhism a world religion.[2] As the peace-loving ruler of one of the world’s largest, richest and most powerful multi-ethnic states

    4. Vikramaditya

    (102 BCE to 15 CE) was a legendary emperor of Ujjain, India, famed for his wisdom, valour and magnanimity.King Vikramaditya is a Sanskrit tatpurusha, from ?????? (vikrama) meaning “valour” and ?????? ?ditya, son of Aditi. One of the most famous sons of Aditi, or Adityas, was Surya the sun god; hence, Vikramaditya means Surya, translating to “(One) Of valour equal to the Sun”. He is also called Vikrama or Vikramarka (Sanskrit arka meaning the Sun)In the Hindu tradition in India and Nepal, the widely used ancient calendar is Vikrama Samvat or Vikrama’s era. This is said to have been started by the legendary king following his victory over the Sakas in 56 BCE.

    5.Samundragupta.(c. AD 335 – 375),

    he possessed a powerful navy in addition to his army. In addition to tributary kingdoms, many other rulers of foreign states like the Saka and Kushan kings accepted the suzerainty of Samudragupta and offered him their services

    6. Maharana Pratap(May 9, 1540 – January 19, 1597)

    was a Hindu ruler of north-western India.Pratap is considered to exemplify the qualities like bravery and chivalry . MAHARANA PRATAP is one of the bravest warrior that India had… he single handedly took on the mighty mugal army. he lived in jungles & vowed that he will never sleep on bed until he wipe out the last muslim army in India just like his grand father, Rana Sangha, Another Great warrior. He remained the last obstacles for the Akbar army to conquer the entire west India…

    7.Chatrapati Shivagi(February 1630 – 3 April 1680),

    was a Maratha aristocrat of the Bhosle clan who founded the Maratha empire.[5][6] Shivaji led a resistance to free the Maratha kingdom from the Sultanate of Bijapur, and establish Hindavi Swarajya (“self-rule of Hindu people”[7]). He created an independent Maratha kingdom with Raigad as its capital,[6] and successfully fought against the Mughals to defend his kingdom.[5] He was crowned as Chhatrapati – the Sovereign- of the Maratha Kingdom in 1674.
    8.Ranjit Singh (1780 – 1839)

    Ranjit Singh belonged to a Sikh clan of Northern India.Hespent years fighting the Afghans, driving them out of the Punjab. He also captured Pashtun territory including Peshawar (now referred to as North West Frontier Province and the Tribal Areas). He captured the province of Multan which encompassed the southern parts of Punjab, Peshawar (1818), Jammu and Kashmir (1819). Thus Ranjit Singh put an end to more than a Hundred years of Muslim rule in Multan Area. He also conquered the hill states north of Anandpur Sahib, the largest of which was Kangra.When the Foreign Minister of the Ranjit Singh’s court, Fakir Azizuddin, met the British Governor-General of India, Lord Auckland, in Simla, Lord Auckland asked Fakir Azizuddin which of the Maharaja’s eyes was missing, Azizuddin replied: “The Maharaja is like the sun and sun has only one eye. The splendor and luminosity of his single eye is so much that I have never dared to look at his other eye.”


    let us not forget the last Hindu king who sat on Delhi throne, Hemu Or Hemachandra. Being a brahmin & born to a purohit father, Hemu took up arms by seeing the suffering of his people by the hands of invading muslim army.He was never defeated by any kings. the only battle he was defeated where he wes beheaded by Mugal General in the battle of paniput.
    Till that time, Hindu Kings were used to be under Muskim rulers, But under Hemu, Afgan cheaftains consisted in his army & hence he was known as Vikramaditya.

    he was one of the greatest kings of INDIA
    defeated INDIA from enemies………………….

    this is not the end of the list
    friends, the names you given in the list are 0 in front of INDIAN rulers.
    INDIA is great and INDIAN’s are great
    HAR HAR MAHADEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Syphos at |

      You mentioned Akbar, but you didn’t include him on your list… wasn’t he one of the greatest if not the greatest indian leader in history? Or do you have personal dislikes against him? :)

      1. Sandy INDIAN at |

        it’s not personal
        but his place is 11th

        1. khudadad at |

          Akbar was in number because he was muslim
          hindu are based basterds
          leaders are leaders but here he was based i want to know which hindu leader do something for whole world your hindu leaders never capture any land out side india

    2. Caleb Hobden at |

      That’s a completly ignorant comment especially since non of those men had empires the size of Alexander or the khans. Ps I hope you realize that makes you a hypocrite because you state that most people only study their own countries and then you go and do the same thing.


      1. Sandy INDIAN at |

        No doubt that Alexander and khans etc. ruled a big part this world
        but they are very cruel.

        Ruling a big part is not a great thing but ruling in the great of people is a great thing.
        and the names i give are great

    3. John at |

      Shut up

      1. Sandy INDIAN at |

        u bloody john
        first of all know about Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Chandragupt Maurya, Shiva Ji .
        study about their courage, study about what they achieved in their lifetime and their sacrifices , then you will realise the above names stand nowhere in front of great emperor chandragupta maurya, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap,

        Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated Muhammad Gauri 16 time and ends Muhammad Gauri
        in his own kingdom in front of his army with blind eyes, without anyone’s help, understand.
        he did not know the what is ‘fear’
        he was the most fearless and brave person in world history
        no one would defeat him until he died

        go and know about him.

    4. Sasa at |

      You open your comment by saying that “I think you study about the rulers of your country only”….and then you go on to list your 10 greatest leaders…from your country only.

      If you’re telling me that only Indian men are the 10 (11, Akbar) greatest leaders in history, then you are implying that India is the most powerful and greatest nation to ever exist…however India was conquered by England…so wouldn’t that mean that India was not so great and powerful?

      I have nothing against India and it’s people, but your list is bias and I disagree. These men have not had a large enough impact on the world to be considered the Greatest leaders ever. Yes, some may be the greatest in India or even Asia, but certainly not the world.

  77. Ali at |

    Cyrus the great being not here is a total joke. He was the most respect leader by the people.

  78. Asgaard at |

    What about some spaniard king? Phillip II for example.

    They control, for 3 centuries (1492-1808), most of europe (Portugal, Spain, Italia, Germany, Austria), america from the south pole to Texas, Nevada, California, African colonies, and some Pacific Island (Philipines for example… the island of Phillip)…

  79. Daniel at |

    I think Saladin, Suleiman the Magnificent and Fredrich The Great deserve to be on that list more then Hitler does.

    1. Eren Enrique at |

      you should also consider looking into FATIH SULTAN MEHMET-RISE OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE AT AGE 21

  80. Syphos at |

    I absolutely agree with the Hitler point, you can argue as much as you want, but he did indeed greatly improve Germany (at the expense of Jews, which is why he doesn’t deserve 1st place, but the 10th is perfect for him)

    There were made, however, some weird decisions regarding who does deserve the place on the list and who doesn’t. Odysseus is completely missed, since even the title says “in history”, not “in mythology”. If you included him, you should as well include King Arthur (who was a better leader imo :D) Someone before me said that this is an eurocentric list. It is not, because the 1st place is occupied (very unreasonably) by Lincoln, so it’s obviouly and USA-centric list, but because of the lack of competent american leaders, the european ones have to be included. There is no way that Lincoln would deserve the 1st place more than Charlemagne. The guy basically created France and Germany. From french lands then went Normans to England and many centuries later sailed to the New World. Thus, if it wasn’t for Charlemagne, there would be no Lincoln, neither Napoleon, Elizabeth, Joseph etc. I think I’ve made clear that imo, Charlemagne should be 1st, only then the others.

    As stated before, the title is inappropriate, if anything it should say “Top 10 [MILITARY] Rulers in [WESTERN] History” Then you might be forgiven for forgetting great names as Cyrus, Tokugawa (sorry, those are to me most familiar eastern leaders) and the huge number of other indian, chinese, japanese etc. rulers, together with great many european rulers who didn’t expand that much but rather took care of their people prosperity – golden ages of a particular nation (Maria Theresa, Queen Victoria etc.)

  81. nitin at |

    1. HITLER



    4. STALIN







    1. John at |

      Come why hitler think about Chinngiss khan

  82. nitin at |

    Hitler initially was good person he did it for his nation and his people. he was real patriot….

  83. mickyb23 at |

    firstly hitler wasn’t a great leader he only had votes and support because of the class system in germany as the army and the elites hated the communists as they wanted to share wealth
    and hitler only survived in politics because of the ss and sa threating other parties and fighting and killing leaders

    here are some better leaders
    Lord Horatio Nelson Britains greatest naval commander respected even by his higher ranks
    Winston Churchill Saved Britain in ww2
    Vlad the impaler one of the best and most fearsome warriors of all times
    William the Conqueror conquered all of britain, his wars created the crossbow

    and more
    william wallace
    shaka zulu

  84. apo at |

    I definitivly disagree with Hitler and I suprised the the enemy of humanity figured in that list. My first number is Churchil/

    “Men, often with the best intention, do the greatest injury to society, and, with the worst, do it the most essential services”/ Of Crimes and Punishments, Cesare Beccaria

    1. apo at |

      Quotation is my answer for the argument that Hitler had good intentions for his nation

  85. Kristijonas at |

    Where’s Marcus Aurelius ?

  86. mickyb23 at |

    to be fair the greatest leader of all time so far is winston churchill as he has had the hardest war to fight
    mostly because of the technology tanks,machine guns,planes etc

    1. Mikey at |

      Yeah yeah yeah, without USA England loses in Africka. Brit fighters couldn’t escort the bombers that leveled Gemanys manufacturing capacity so therefore Germany still outmanufactures Britain. His wasteful insistence on attacking Italy was and is the bane of logical thinking to historians everywhere. As a matter of fact, if the Luftwaffe doesn’t switch to terror bombing London instead of airfields, radar installations, and manufacturing facities, England is out of the war by early 1942.

  87. Eng Gentelman at |

    Hmm where is Jan III Sobieski? he saved us and rest of Europe from muslims and their sick faith!
    Please do more reserch and up date this ranking.

    P.S. Gilgamesh he was great king too but the historical evidence is week

  88. Cpp633 at |

    In my consideration the list should be as follow-
    2.Chinggis Khan
    3.Louis IV
    4.Henry VIII
    8.Queen Victoria
    9.Tang Tai Tsung

    1. Moriarty at |

      Hey where is so called Father of Nation in India Mahatma Gandhi, Probably one of the greatest leaders of all time. The famous Non-Coperation movement was one of the biggest factors to wipe out the british Rule From India Which had Lasted for More than 200 Years. Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.Gandhi strove to practice non-violence and truth. he eridicated Untouchbility, expanded Women Rights including Right to Education By womens,building religious and ethnic amity, increasing economic self-reliance, but above all for achieving Swaraj the independence of India from foreign domination. He was one of the most fearless leader who fought one of the biggest war in india by using just one weapon Non-Voilence

  89. Mikey at |

    Churchill was bailed out completely by Hitler going after Russia, Hitler saving Italy, and the USA building way more shipping then Germany can sink. Churchill at best was an opportunist and a mismanager on military and political decisions. Sorry England, Without the USA and USSR, you’re speaking German like the rest of western Europe.

  90. Eren Enrique at |

    Why has not anyone written about the Ottoman Empire ..?

    Fatih Sultan Mehmet -Rise of Ottoman Empire
    Kanuni Sultan Suleyman (Suleyman the Magnificent) -Expand of ottoman Empire

  91. Jack at |

    Abraham Lincoln? Are you serious!?

    Okay, never mind his over hyped and often misrepresented personality, we’re assuming Abraham Lincoln is in the top 10 because he kept the Union together, – correct?

    Firstly, the war started over his election. This is common knowledge.

    One that we never see in history concerning him was his illegal acts such as suspending the writ of habeus corpus and shutting down newspapers (some 300 of them) that spoke out against his actions. Is this the sign of a good ruler?

    Lastly, his signing the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t end slavery! I wish people would read it for a change instead of just quoting the title of it. The proclamation only ended slavery in Confederate held territory and kept it where the Union prevailed. Therefore, it done nothing in regards to ending slavery. The Constitution forbid the ending of slavery just by a Presidential order and he knew it. He got around the Habeus Corpus because he felt the Constitution gave him that power since the US was at war with itself. It took the 14th Amendment to end slavery – not his EP.

    When he was elected in 1860 he got a mere 39 percent of the vote (lowest in history for a win). The other candidates running gave him an easy win. The second election with only Northern states voting gave him a win with 55%, – something to think about when it was all Northern, or rather all Union States voting.

    So, imho he does not deserve a spot.

  92. Nobody at |

    I think there are lots of great rulers ever lived on Earth. For Cambodia, Jayavarman VII was the greatest emperor.

  93. kirubakaran at |

    Hi All,
    Do you really think it is unbiased. The Top 10 Rulers mean who had won more wars and conquered more positions in the map. In all the way, Genghis khan leads others. Then why he is it not No.1. I accept Napolean is also a fortitude warrior, but do you compare his territory with Genghis khan. Is nt it comparing India vs Srilanka?

    Genghis khan was brutal, I accept. Then all the remaining emperors are also did war in the same way, did nt they? Did they wave white flags in the wra.

    Those who don t know Genghis khan , search about him. The European historians misguide us for a very long time.

  94. Inam Bukhari at |

    What about Omar Khattab. The person who contoured the most on the face of the earth, EVER!

  95. Inam Bukhari at |

    My Dear,
    You even don;t know the name Omer Ibn-Khattab the Second Caliph of Muslims. Research it a bit, please.


  96. Akif at |

    21-year-old Mehmed II conquered Istanbul and said the enemies of Suleiman the Magnificent, where even great. Have a list of multilateral!

  97. Dave Nielsen at |

    Augustus wasn’t assassinated.

  98. TroyG at |

    Just pointing this out hitler didn’t found the nazi party

  99. George Thomas at |



  100. RobH at |

    Joseph II was a very poor choice as one of the top ten Greatest Rulers. Though he pushed hard for freedom among the serfs he was a control freak in matters of religion. “Absolute power” did, in fact, corrupt him absolutely; though I think he was corrupt before his mother died and left him in charge.


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