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  • There should be some sort of prize for movie posters too.

  • I think you have it covered!!

  • Anaconda is the only one that I think might've been overlooked.

  • Kayley

    Jurassic Park came out when I was born. I absolutly loved it when I was a kid! I played more with my toy dinosaurs then my barbies. I loved dinos so much!

  • Flu-Bird

    The Birds i mean the attack in the upstairs bedroom at the brenner farm was unerving or JAWS the shark takes one by surprise the gaint ats from THEM i mean they look so realistic the giant squid from 20:000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA a frightening looking monster

  • Annie

    "Leningen vs. the Ants" all the way for me. Radioactive ants are scary, but what made this movie scary was that these ants exist and can totally tear you apart!

  • e cigarette

    What about The Happening? I'm not an M. Night fan, but I have to say trees have creeped me out ever since.

    • I've not seen The Happening. Scary trees? Ooooh

    • Mike

      Trees are not animals and the movie stank out loud.

  • beth

    cujo ha that's kinda scary but some parts r not so scary at all

  • Mike

    In the classic Jules Verne novel of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea it is actually a large group of squids which attack the Nautilus. They aren't the size of the squid from the Walt Disney film but that's still a frightening image. The attack in the novel takes place in a calm sea at sunset which the movie did originally attempt to duplicate. They found out though that their artificial squid looked pretty phoney under those conditions. It was then that someone(Hollywood legend says it was Disney himself)decided to try shooting the attack & having it take place at night in a stormy ocean in order to cover up the flaws of the squid. And it worked!

  • Jess

    Jaws and Birds are the coolest movies lol

  • Dead professer

    Most of these are insect's not animals you should have posted it as top ten scary movie creatures.

  • Goose

    Insects are animals.

    Also, The Relic should have been in this

  • John N

    Great list. Those baboons in the original OMEN creeped me out plenty too.

  • Flu-Bird

    Killer birds man eating sharks and giant ants some great classics in movies

  • Rob T.

    Are bacteria classified as animals? If so you should include Outbreak

  • Rickj

    what about Shakma? from the movie ‘shakma’. That is one scary baboon, dude.