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  • Alexandria

    Carthage. Carthage. Carthage. Carthage. Carthage.

  • FMH

    The Siege of Xingtao would have been a nice addition, too. But I’m not complaining.

  • ElwoodBlues

    Seige of Vienna and the Seige of Kaffa.

  • Bob Maluga

    What about Gibraltar? It has had loads of sieges…

  • Ross

    Too americanized!!!!

    • That didn’t take long. Check out number 9 on this list:

      There are only 3 sieges in the USA on the list. I assume that is 3 too many.

      • FMH

        Possible, three could be too many, but I wouldn’t say so since I don’t know enough about military history. Read my comment on the Top Ten complaints list you linked to, if you have the time/interest.

      • FMH

        Oh well, sorry you read that of course. My bad. After thinking it through it really would be an example of a too americanized list, but I think most people can live with three.

        • Sorry, FMH. I had forgotten we have discussed this issue before. As usual, my defense is that the writers are more familiar with US History, but we do our best to include the world in our lists.

          • FMH

            It’s nearly impossible to know about the whole world’s history well enough to make a completely unbiased list, so I think it’s a good list.

  • Mikal

    You stated that Constantinople was the first time guns were used against fortifications. Henry V had cannon for the siege of Harfluer, 1415. Thats 38 years earlier.

  • SeanP

    Khe Sanh – American entry number 3 (I don’t include The Alamo as Texas was not a US state at the time).

  • Michel

    Shame there no siege from the “80 Year War” netween The Netherlands and Spain.
    So here is one about the city of Leiden, which is still commerated each year with “haring en wittebrood” (Hereng and Whitbread).

    And the siege of Alkmaar.

    They might seem small sieges, but were truningpoints in the war against Spain. A war so costly that it bankrupted Spain and from which it never really recovered.

  • scr_north

    Where did you get your numbers on Dien Bien Phu? The French never mounted more then 15,000 men at the height of the battle and the Viet Minh managed to get 63,000 (about 48,000 combat troops and 15,000 support/logistics). At the end of the battle almost 12,000 French and Vietnamese prisoners were marched off but only about 4,500 survived the 4 months of captivity.

  • Brian The Adequate

    Just because there is an encirclement does not mean there was a siege.

    Neither Berlin nor Stalingrad should be considered sieges as both German garrisons were, for all practical purposes, under constant assault by Soviet forces.

  • flabbergasted

    that’s interesting. article cluelessly said that David Bowie was in charge at the alamo, and when myself and a couple others pointed out the brainless error, they changed the article (to james bowie as it was supposed to be) and deleted our comments. revisionist history is cool! 🙂

  • Ramon Alcaraz

    With a little more research you will realize Corregidor deserves Yorktown’s spot…. and I am even an American

  • marc

    these lists are for entertainment and most of you commenters just look for a reason to bitch. bitch about this, bitch about that, bitch, bitch, bitch. can you do better. show me.

  • JayDog

    Way too American. Yes, other people outside of America read this website.
    Worst top 10 list, ever. Read some history books next time.

    • There are far worse top 10 lists on other sites. But for worst lists here, I always direct people to a very early list I wrote. It is horrid; read it and see if you still feel this list is worse than mine. It lists the top 10 hats – I mean, really, who cares about hats and how would you even rank that? You can’t! See what I mean, worst list ever.

      • Jessy

        Haha! This reply made me laugh 🙂

  • Eli

    Rorke’s Drift?

  • Adam

    An interesting read, and overall a decent list, IMO. But like everyone else, I have my own 2 cents to throw in:

    1.) Where is CARTHAGE!? Seriously, wtf!

    2.) I wouldn’t have put The Alamo on this list, or at least put it farther down the list. While its a great story of defiant bravery, it was anything but historically impactful. Mexico was still going to lose the war (Santa Anna was a blundering idiot), and Texas was still going to win it’s independence.

    3.) I would’ve put Constantinople much higher. The city was the world center for Orthodox Christianity, the largest & wealthiest city in the world (with the exception of perhaps Beijing), the remaining capitol of the greatest empire in history and the line in the sand for the Christian & Muslim worlds. It’s fall to the Turks instantly shattered and remade the religious, political, ethnic, economic and military landscape of the European/Mediterranean world.

    4.) the siege(s) of Jerusalem during the Crusades should be on this list. Capturing Jerusalem for Christianity was the penultimate goal of the Crusades, which are widely considered to be the primary factor in bringing Europe out of the dark/middle ages and into the renaissance.

    5.) As far as national bias is concerned, it’s not in this list. There are only 2 entries that involved the U.S. (The Alamo did not involve the U.S.). France, Rome and the USSR also each have 2 entries. Germany/Prussia has 3.

  • Brendan

    I am surprised you didn’t mention the siege of Heraklion, Crete buy the Ottoman Empire ! It last 23 YEARS ! Yes that’s 23 years and gave the ottomans control over the Mediterranean Sea. I believe it was one of the longest sieges if not the longest in history!

  • CTKid

    What about the Siege of Sarajevo, the LONGEST SIEGE IN HISTORY, happened just over 20 years ago, and claimed 11,541 lives, including 1,500 children.

    • CTKid

      It also lasted almost FOUR YEARS

  • Hier

    3 of the 10 top siege are in USA ??? Honnesly, this is total ignorance… NONE of american siege are on the top 100

    – Alamo ????? 1800 vs 200 ??? C’mon
    – Yorktown… 8000 vs 9000 with LESS THEN 400 DEAD

    Clearly, the person who white this has severe historical ignorance and american brainwash…