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  1. Steve
    Steve at |

    George Harrison deserves a piece of the #1 spot with Paul and Ringo for his appearance in the Barbershop Quartet episode.

  2. Will
    Will at |

    I thought the thing with Jackson was that no one knew for sure if he actually made a guest appearance. He never admitted he did publicly, and since his name was credited as someone else, it left this question up in the air.

  3. div
    div at |

    No bill gates ? 🙁

  4. Jared
    Jared at |

    mark mcguire

  5. Jill
    Jill at |

    What about the White Stripe's battle with Bart?

    Or David Byrne.

    Good list, even though you left out George Harrison.

  6. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    I have added George Harrison to the list.

  7. chadwicktron
    chadwicktron at |

    Steven Hawkings? Any voice processor could work, but no, they got the real deal.

  8. Monster Energy
    Monster Energy at |

    I think that the Peruvian chile episode with Johnny Cash deserves honorable mention, even if he didn't "appear" in it as himself. He was excellent as a coyote.

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    Nigreebymmelem at |

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  10. bizarrojerri
    bizarrojerri at |

    i wasent really taking the lists here too seriously until i came across this one and felt i had to get involved…and passionately so.



  11. Bianca
    Bianca at |

    I thought The Ramones were superb when they came out in the episode "Rosebud". The start off by proclaiming how much they hate the gig they're about to do, finish the gig by insulting Mr. Burns (whom the gig was for) and STILL think they did good. Then Mr. Burns puts the icing on the cake when, after hating them so much, he asks for The Rolling Stones to be killed! The whole scene was absolutely brilliant, making their apperence one of the best ever.

  12. nick
    nick at |

    what about weird al…

  13. Bianca
    Bianca at |

    Ooooh I almost forgot, what about James Woods!? He was superb!!:

    WOODS: (agrravated)"Hey hey hey hey HEY, get over here! O.K. now, you're you I'm me."

    JIMBO: (confused & scared)"I'm me…?"

    WOODS: (clutching Jimbo by the collar)"Hey-don't-jerk me around, fella."

    That, and when he curses out his microwave oven (with actual curses that were bleeped out) because he can't scrape off the dried cheese – he was BY FAR one of the funniest, ever!

  14. Akzayacatl
    Akzayacatl at |

    Well, now are the four, John Lennon guest in the season 20, awesome!!!

  15. ralf
    ralf at |

    Where is Alan Moore

  16. Mark
    Mark at |

    R.E.M. play in Homer's garage 'club'. To the tune of 'It's the End of the World' Homer croons along:

    "You symbiotic stupid jerk

    That's right Flanders

    I am talkin' about YOU'.

    Later, when Michael Stipe finds the band has been fooled, he smashes a bottle and threatens to slash Homer with it, his colleagues restrains him and says "It's not the R.E.M. way."

    Michael replies: "You're right. Let's recycle those shards and get out of here"

    They reconcile over a tofu turkey dinner and Stipe drools "Smell those curds. Mmmmmmm, curds."

  17. Bert
    Bert at |

    If you're going to include Kelsey Grammer (who doesn't play himself) as an honourable mention, you absolutely cannot forget the greatest guest actor the Simpsons ever had, and without whom the show has never been the same.

    RIP Phil Hartman.

    1. Ben
      Ben at |

      Yes, Lionel Hutz, the world's sleaziest lawyer.

      Lionel Hutz: Now don't you worry, Mrs. Simpson, I… uh-oh. We've drawn Judge Snyder.

      Marge: Is that bad?

      Lionel Hutz: Well, he's had it in for me ever since I kinda ran over his dog.

      Marge: You did?

      Lionel Hutz: Well, replace the word "kinda" with the word "repeatedly," and the word "dog" with "son."


      Lionel Hutz: And so ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I rest my case.

      Judge Snyder: Hmm. Mr Hutz. Do you realize you're not wearing any pants?

      Lionel Hutz: I… Ahh!

      [David Crosby shakes his head in shame]

      Lionel Hutz: I move for a 'bad court thingy'.

      Judge Snyder: You mean a *mistrial?*

      Lionel Hutz: Yeah! That's why you're the 'judge' and I'm the 'law talking guy?'

      Judge Snyder: The *lawyer?*

      Lionel Hutz: Right.

  18. Jason
    Jason at |

    What About the Weird Al Yankovic?

    Or Bret Hart

    1. Carson
      Carson at |

      The show did Weird Al, And over the last 20 years from now a character from the comedy team Laurel and Hardy was inspired.

  19. your mother
    your mother at |

    michael jackson? i thought it wasn't him, maybe it was, did he touch up bart

  20. Ed
    Ed at |

    Hello! Rodney Dangerfield!!

  21. simpson
    simpson at |

    you should have included stephen hawking and tony blair.. others are just actors or singers.. many shows have had cameos like those…

  22. Susan
    Susan at |

    Quoth the raven: “Eat my shorts!”

  23. Georgina
    Georgina at |

    How is Michael 5th?

  24. Tomm
    Tomm at |

    Aerosmith & The Who are great bands, but The Stones are way better

  25. greethan
    greethan at |

    Hello? Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords? Anyone?

    1. Tanya Bennett
      Tanya Bennett at |

      This list was originally published in August 2008 – they didn’t appear on the Simpsons until 2010.

      1. greethan
        greethan at |

        Whoops. Didn’t see that. Thank for correcting me.

  26. erkx57
    erkx57 at |

    Good list, but if I had to make one addition it would be Johnny Cash as the talking space Coyote in El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer

  27. erkx57
    erkx57 at |

    OH and Kelsey Grammar. I know Sideshow Bob was a frequent character, but COME ON Kelsey Grammar was perfect every time.

  28. marchu
    marchu at |

    “notably famous for a significant amount of time and/or be known as the best among their peers” That was long time ago. This days almost every mediatic idiot can be in the simpsons like a popularity tv show.


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