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  1. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    The Carolina Parakeet… if only there was another Carolina it had been native to.

    Oh wait – there is another Carolina it was native to – North Carolina! Heck, it was the only native parrot on the East Coast of the United States in a habitat that ranged from Florida to Wisconsin and New York!

    As a resident of that other Carolina, I say bring it back!

  2. merl
    merl at |

    Cloning an animal that could only survive in a zoo seems pointless and cruel.
    I’ve been wondering for a while when the Wooly Mammoth would be cloned, though.

    1. Rain
      Rain at |

      I agree with you completely. I can hardly justify what zoo-s do, but they are exused for helping wounded wild animals. If we were up to cloning they have to live same lives as us in society

  3. merl
    merl at |

    I’m not against zoos, I love them, but to clone an animal just for that is wrong.

  4. David Verney
    David Verney at |

    The Tasmanian Tiger looks more like a dog than a big cat


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