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  1. Seth at |

    Barbed penises aren’t at all unusual in the animal kingdom. Theres pretty much three ways to get a penis to stay inside during sex. Erection, a bone inside the penis keeping it permanantly stiff, or barbs. All apes have a penis barbs, cats have hundreds of tiny ones. Bees also break off their penis inside the female when they mate. And the animal with the largest penis compared to body size is the barnacle.

    1. ToTheIdiotCalledSeth at |

      Should I listen to an idiot that just stated a penis has a bone inside it?
      Erections are not bones inside the penis, They are erectile tissue which when supplied with enough blood will erect, So stop giving lectures and go attend some.
      -Lectures Nazi

      1. Josh at |

        While it is not the case for humans many animals have bones in their penises called Baculum (from the Latin word for cepter), and for example they are found in dogs and bears

  2. Lionel at |

    Well done, this list made me laugh more than once!

  3. wunderkind17 at |

    Nautilus’ penis is a missile! I’m wondering why it isn’t included here

  4. Bart at |

    Why didn’t you include that slothmoster that hilliary clinton is sporting?

  5. me at |

    Well, while we’re pointing out mistakes. . . #6 misuse of the word shear. It’s sheer when used like that. For heaven’s sake, you’re talking about penis’ and sperms, not wooly sheep.

    1. Shell Harris at |

      We made the fix. Editors will be beaten for this.


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