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  • wow nice site, all the top tens listed here.

  • BPO

    LOL awesome. something tells me i'll end up in the museum of bad art one day.

  • Nice, but you forgot The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky :

  • GIMP

    You missed out 2 more weird museums.

    The Sex museum in prague, it has all things related and is weird as hell with a vintage porno thearter. The savings bank museum in dumfries and galloway scotland (WTF).

  • Nick

    There is also the Serial Killer Museum in Florence, Italy. It has very strange and creepy figures of Charles Manson, Jack The Ripper, and John Wayne Gacey.

  • Beth

    You also forgot the Rollerskating museum in Lincoln Nebraska. I had a friend that worked there and when I visited her I saw it. It's cute.

  • Great list! Don't forget the Meguro Parasitological Museum–the world's only museum devoted to parasites!

  • Blue

    the phallological museum isnt in rekjavik any more. I went there last summer, the guy that owns it is a real creep, but then, thats what you'd expect i guess. Whales penii are massive btw… They have them pickled in large vats…

  • evetS

    What about the torture museum in Amsterdam?

    • FMH

      …and the torture museum in every other tourist-plagued town in the world? Nothing strange or unusual about torture museums.

  • Frankii

    You missed out one that really should be at no. 1. The Pencil Museum in Keswick (that's in England's famous Lake District if you don't know)

  • Aaron

    In Bangkok, there's what was labeled in our Lonely Planet guidebooks as a "forensics museum." It has a mummified serial killer, a dildo used as a weapon to stab someone to death, multiple tissue samples of knife and bullet wounds, and — for some reason — preserved testicles of a man suffering from elephantiasis. Being that the museum is located at a nice big hospital, of course it makes sense that it's right next to a super creepy and free exhibit that's full of preserved two-headed babies, bodies of children with encephalitis, and all kinds of other goodies. Worth a looksie, I promise.

  • scott

    There is a museum in Stony Brook, New York called The Carriage Museum and yes, it is completely devoted to carraiges over the ages.

  • Nazreel

    What about the Museum of Menstruation?

    • Kathleen

      I expected to see the Museum of menstruation on here.. but i guess theres not enough room on a list of ten….

      • i hope you are joking about such a museum, but I’m sure you are not.

  • Jess

    This site gives me so many good websites

  • togy

    you forgot the famus cork museum of butter my friends

  • j

    although i don't think it's open anymore, the velveteria in portland, or.

  • Mr. Spooky

    Don't forget The Tobacco and Salt Museum in Shibuya, Tokyo

    The Hihokan, The Museum of Paper and Towel Museum Asakura

    all of them in Ehime Prefecture, Japan

    Japan, has many sex museums called "Hihokan (House of Hidden Treasures)" everywhere across the country. They are located in amusement centers in popular sightseeing spots or spa resorts.

  • michaela

    hahahahah #2 is funny who int here right mind would make a vibrator museme

  • Mr. Spooky

    Kathleen, the Museum of Menstruation is great… but it’s only open one week every month.

  • Mr. Spooky

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress and if you’re driving home be careful… cause I’ll be walking.

  • FMH

    The museum of bad art is a joke. It’s not even exeptionally bad art, it’s only naive art and amateur paintings. I expected to see, well, _really_ bad art, not things done by someone’s grandma.

  • angelina

    That p****s museum, who would go to that? That is just gross!

  • Ric

    Leeds Castle isn’t in London, it’s in Kent, quite a number of miles away. Just thought I’d mention it.

  • Markus

    The Mutter museum is really very cool although it is very gruesome I would definitly recommend anyone with a decent stomach to visit it, never been to any of the other places but they are all interesting in their own ways i bet!

  • Ikechukwu

    is it wrong to sale any kind of antics?