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7 Responses

  1. Jim at |

    Horrible list…the crimes are barely spoken about.

    1. David at |

      i agree, big fan of the site, but these “descriptions” dont describe much. Elaborate!!! and maybe a video or picture or link or something

    2. TruStory at |

      Totally agree. I’m used to better descriptions.

  2. AndyPR at |

    With regards to number 3 – I recall my first ever night spent as a Policeman, many years ago.
    I was out on patrol with a colleague, about 3am, in a quiet little English town. As we drove past the towns industrial estate, a big white van lumbered over the verge in front of us, with burst tyres, and the driver totally unable to control it.
    It stopped in front of us, and the driver decamped. He and an accomplice had burgled a transformer winding company, and had stolen several drums of very heavy copper wire. The van couldn’t take the weight, and so he hadn’t been able to get away from the scene.

    1. Jessy at |

      Hahaha that’s funny! :)

  3. devis at |

    the WOW is actually quite sad

  4. Liz at |

    This list isn’t of the highest caliber. Work on the sources and details, author!


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