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  • Lymbe

    Nicholas Alkemade… This name comes up in every incredible survival list, and not just from the (documented by the germans) jump in the war.
    Supposedly he survived various other accidents in his lifetime, such as the fall in a well where dangerous chemicals were disposed, or a car accident that destroyed the vehicle but left him unharmed.
    I remember reading an article about him in an encyclopedia of the paranormal when I was young, book was called “The unexplained”. I still remember the last line on the article too, it said: “Someone or something out there is looking out for old man Alkemade”.

  • Edward

    RE: 4. Gareth Griffiths

    The Michael Costello mentioned is/was NOT a State Representative for the Massachusetts House. The Rep. is alive and age 47. The one in the story above died instantly.

  • Bob R

    How could you forget Peggy Hill?

  • CJB

    According to my ex, who was a skydiving instructor, there is no such thing as a perfectly good airplane.

  • auto devis

    Laverne Everett just became my new hero

  • Cheryl Shedd

    These are pretty terrible situations to be in. The more I read about it, the more I get frightened about the sport. I get the statistics but I am just afraid of heights I can’t get over it yet.

  • coramirez

    have you hear about Eduardo Cruz accident in missouri in the 70’s?