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  • Ciscell

    The scary part is if the original WTC bombers had shaped the charge like McVeigh had done, there was more than enough explosives in there to bring the entire house down. I remember the day that the bombing occurred for the WTC. I happened to be sick as a senior in high school that day and just happened to have left it on CNN. Actually, I can remember where I was on eighty percent of this list.

  • AndyPR

    Re: No.7 – it’s ‘Lockerbie’.
    Also the list is very US-centric, in the UK we have lived with terrorism for decades with the IRA (a prime example being the attack on the London Stock Exchange).
    The Bali Bombings were also a significant event.

    • dinusg

      Agree with your comment. These are not much bigger terrerist attacks. Look at the other countries that suffered from terrorism like india , pakisthan and mainly Sri Lanka. I’m a Sri Lankan and proud to tell the world that we have finished the terrism.When terrists attacked they used to kill people of a whole village.We suffered a lot those days ,but Us think we violated human rights by stopping the terrorism …..

    • Thanks for the correction on the spelling. Fixed.

    • Vjaf

      don’t forget the omagh bombing 29 dead 220 injured..
      also there is no reason for excluding the london tube and madrid metro bombings

    • Darious

      This list is so typical of this site. It is so U.S. centric it shows no respect for the rest of the world. The TOPTENMASTER guy always boils it down the same lame argument to “Well I invite you to do a better list, I’ll even publish it.” I have two things to say to this. 1. This is a logic fallacy (Logic is a subfield of philosophy) that obscures the point that the list is still bad and he is trying to draw the attention to the reader and not the product. You stop talking about the real issue (the list in question) and on to other things. 2. I and not everyone who reads IS a writer, we don’t have to do better, and it’s not our job. I am a top professional in another field and I can still have intelligent thoughts on subjects being well written. This is an example that has occurred too many times and I am taking this of my bookmarks and am not coming back. The really sad part is it COULD be a great site if the authors widened their view and did actual research outside the U.S. As I have said before, I am an American to my core and love our country but authors like this embarrass the rest of us by acting like God and the universe revolve around the U.S.A.

      • What a shame, you are going to love, love, love the July 4, 2012 list. I have a sneaky suspicion you can’t quit that easy. It is an addicting site. Let us know if you change your mind. Otherwise, enjoy the Internet, I hear its a pretty big place.

        And for the record, I don’t control the authors, they are not my employees. They are freelancers who write what they like. My site is just the vehicle for the articles to be seen. It is too bad your single-focus cannot allow you to enjoy the other 950 articles that have nothing to do with the United States.

        And where was our kudos for this list?

        We get no respect, I tell ya, no respect.

        Oh, and for the record, this is a great site.

        • TheBlooDred

          TopTenzMaster FTW!!!!

        • toadstall

          This is a good website. The article should be called top 10 us terrorist attacks.

      • 1up

        Couldnt agree more. the last 3 times i read lists, it was the same lazy u.s.-centric list. the “write it yourself” argument is just as annoying after the 3rd time – and the fact that you ask people to do your job properly and make money for you cuz “you´ll publish it (yay)” is really just the cherry on top.

        • It sounds like you keep picking the wrong lists read if that has been the last 3 times. There have been many non USA lists in the last month.

          But I digress, please tell me what you think my job is exactly that I’m not doing properly. Please be specific. Maybe I am misunderstanding what my job really is. I created a website for people to publish information that I found interesting. What else do you think I am supposed to do.

          This site is so awesome you think it needs a cherry on top? I agree.

      • Duane Wilkins

        This is the second or third largest act of terrorism since WWII.

        796 People killed. 1500 Injured.

  • BryanJ

    I don’t understand why 9/11 is ranked #10.

    • Lymbe

      Because it was an inside job.

    • KKK

      I think the author got confused with the counting. His/Her numbers 1-10 are numbered as 10-1.

      From entry #8
      “While acts of terror seem to be carried out primarily by religious extremists, this wasn’t the case with the number three entry on our list. ”

      From entry #7
      “Acts of terror are not confined to the United States. Terrorism is a worldwide problem, as our number four entry illustrates. “

    • Lee Standberry

      it wasn’t the way that I submitted the list – in fact, all the points are listed in reverse order (#10 should be #1, etc.)

    • because it had the most deaths

  • Mazzie

    VERY US – centric, I agree and how about the Israeli attack on the USS LIberty, how about American Drone attacks in countries like Yemen ?

  • dsarena

    The list isn’t good, it focuses mainly on the attacks on the US soil/embassy, what about others like Indonesia, India (taj Hostage crisis) etc. The Heading is misleading.

  • TJ

    I’d want to say this is another very USA-oriented list, but then I’d have to read comments from the author and site master that tell me to “come up with my own list”.

    • Lee Standberry

      the author wouldn’t tell you that – :). The author would say “i’m an American and my list tend to be American oriented unless otherwise stated.”

    • I’m glad you didn’t mention it. Your restraint is admirable. 😉

      • TJ

        Anytime. Happy 4th of July to your website! 🙂

  • TheDogOfWar

    This list makes the mistake of not including the single worst act of terrorism ever. It happened 9 August, 1945

    • Ghost000

      That wasn’t terror. We we liberating those people! Droppin bombs of freedom!

    • Kurt Bali

      Yeah, Japan did nothing to deserve that at all…

  • Defender

    This list is total nonsense. It’s US-centric, and there have been bigger ‘terrorist’ attacks. Why does this list focus mainly on Muslim extremists? Was the Holocaust not a terrorist attack. Actions of a few does not define all Muslims. That would be like saying that all Christians are evil because the Nazi’s were. You can’t single out one religion’s extremists. There are so many other evil people than ‘Islamic Jihadis’

    • Lee Standberry

      This list has absolutely NOTHING to do or say about Islam or Muslims. Believe me when I say, I completely agree with you and i take personal umbrage when Islam’s integrity is questioned as the result of the acts of a few. My list simply lists those acts that I felt were either impactful, either in terms of the damage/loss of life, and/or the turmoil and fear that it caused.

      • Defender

        I guess I’m just sick of when people do that. I remember a few years ago, a man strapped a bomb on himself and threatened to blow up the San Francisco Bay Bridge. He was depressed, stuff happened to him, and he wanted to end it all. It wasn’t even on the evening news. I got an e-mail from a friend who knew about it. Now think about it. If it was a Muslim or a man of Middle Eastern decent there would have been a HUGE media fuss. Whenever a country is at war, or has been attacked, they blame a minority. I’ve seen it too many times.

    • Greg

      “Was the Holocaust not a terrorist attack”….I believe the author of the list is using a single “action”, as defining an “act of terrorism”, and not an ongoing assault…otherwise he could also have considered the actions of the Pol Pot.

      • Lee Standberry

        Exactly. Pol Pot and the like were acts of genocide – which could be a list all on its own. I should suggest that one, i don’t think i could be accused of being USA centric on that list. maybe…

      • jason stone

        The Holocaust has almost universally been considered an act of war or genocide as opposed to terrorism…pretty much anything that happened between 1939-1945 could be considered an act of war..that’s why Pearl Harbor probably wasn’t considered for this list. i agree the Holocaust is one of world history’s most terrible travesties…but it was during a time of war.

  • Beteltooth

    What about the Air India flight blown up by Sikh extremists in 1985? Still the most deadly plane bomb of all time. Or the Mumbai hotel attack? Or the MV Dara attack in 1948? The list seems to focus on those attacks which occurred in the west, or were directed against western interests, although no explanation is given for such a limited perspective.

    The tone of the text seems to suggest that the U.S. is somehow more prone to terror attacks than other nations, which could not be further from the truth. In fact, the U.S. has been lucky in that it has hardly been affected by terrorism over the last 60 years. Compare that to Pakistan, Colombia, Russia, India, Britain, Spain, Kenya, Sri Lanka or (although only relatively recently) Iraq or Nigeria, along with countless other nations, and the U.S. experience of terrorism proves to be limited in terms of regularity and duration.

    • Ragboy_77

      How can you forget Israel!!

  • Jonathan Reiter

    I’m from Canada… What about the Riel Rebellion, and the October Crisis later on in October, 1970?
    Neither of those were cake walks, as I remember…

    • Ragboy_77

      Okay then let replace Beslan with the Riel Rebellion. Of course we’ll get angry Russian commenters whining about this list being North American centric. I would rather deal with an angry Canadian than an angry Russian.

      • Jonathan Reiter

        And the Red River Uprising… That came before the Riel Rebellion… Nor the October Crisis of 1970… That one came way after the afore mentioned actions…

  • Kurt Bali

    Enough already with the “Wah, this list is US-centric.” Just nominate someone to say that for every single list this site does & be done with it. Btw, anyone have any idea what the word “subjective” means?

    • Lee Standberry


    • I have been thinking of creating a top 10 list of Frequent Comments. I know the comment about this list is USA-biased will be part of that list.

      • Darious

        Then why do you not take the advice and do a better job? If you have the feedback and it is clear as glass, why continue the behavior? Do you just not care what you readers feel? You could not possibly disagree that your work is completely biased. You clearly have talent and yet you want to inflame and misrepresent instead of educate. This is a serious question. Why? Why do you make the same mistakes again and agan?

        • Do a better job of what? Writers write what they like and know to write about. Should I start declining every article that I feel includes too much USA or too much Ireland or too much whatever? Where does it end?

          Also, the feedback you are referring to is a very, very small number of commenters, mostly the same people. This site receives over 2 million visitors per month. So 10 people or so commenting about the site isn’t a large number. The majority of readers like the site or else we wouldn’t have such high visits.

          And let me state this again, I DO NOT write the articles. So asking for better articles from readers is not a cop out. I can only post articles I receive. If no one wants to write more non-USA articles I can’t help that. That means most people, not me, must not have a strong enough interest for those topics. Help me understand where I am wrong.

          And yes, please send in your non-USA articles. I would love to publish them.

          • Ragboy_77

            Just want to say a great job composing these TopTenz lists all these years, really enjoyable time killer yet also for most part educational. Don’t get too worked up about these people and their nonsense about US centric lists etc. One is you only have 10 items and second you’ll never satisfy everyone. Even if you call this list the Top Ten Acts of Terrorism on the US you will still get these “I am smarter than you” commenters, only they will be all be Americans. Keep up the good work!

            • Thank you, Ragboy. My skin has toughened up over the years, but it is still nice to hear an encouraging word.

        • Ragboy_77

          Wah wah Wah! I want my mommy because I read a totally bias top Tenz list and it’s hurting my fragile, innocent mind!

      • TJ

        I think it’ll be number one. Unless of course, you somehow make that list US-centered as well. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  • Lee Standberry

    The Riel Rebellion? I had never even heard of that one and had to look it up. Nasty business that one (actually a series of conflicts).

    • Jonathan Reiter

      Yes, it sure was…

  • Mark

    Ok 9/11 is a very American option to have and is by far not the most hanous terrorist attack that we’ve seen thus far,I was prepared to be shocked at the bottom of the list not to read about the most famous terrorist attack,not that it wasn’t a devastating blow to our country and effected a great deal of people,but this list lack some creativity towards the end .

  • KostasA

    Oh, and a few little details you missed at #1:
    -A tiny building, wtc7, that crashed down in seconds because of the … ashes of the other two.
    -The passport of the main suspect “found” intact in an enormous pile of pulverised debris.
    -Pulverised debris itself.
    -Controled demolition pattern in all cases.
    … and lots of other details that you’ve heard and SEEN a thousand times, yet brainwashing works, 11 years on…
    … fellow americans, being patriotic doesn’t mean being blind …

  • Ashok

    The Mumbai September attacks deseve to be on the list dut to its clear violence.People were shot in broad daylight by idiotic terroists I think about 300 died . The shooting went about in hotels, railway stations etc.It was like the terroists were playing Call of duty game on the streets

  • Mark

    Where`s the bastard IRA? (Pardon my French) I was in Manchester, the day those cowards blew up the Arndale. And for those who bring up the “9/11 was an inside job,” etc, like Alex Jones, and believe that Loose Change and so on, don`t believe it. And for what happened on 9/11, that`s easy. What happened, is that 19 people flew 2 planes into the Twin Towers. This then started a fire, which caused the metal to soften. With the immense weight on top, this caused the buildings to collapse. Then a story was made up linking Saddam Hussein to 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden. And because Americans were “angry,” over 9/11, they wanted to “lash out,” at somebody. If Bush had said Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe were behind 9/11, they`d have believed it. And people said, for years that “Osama Bin Laden was dead, otherwise we`d have caught him.” Why wasn`t he caught? He had GEORGE W BUSH looking for him. And you wonder why he wasn`t caught.. But personally, I think he`s still alive somewhere.

    • Sean

      speaking as as an Irish nationalist, i can see how the IRA are being suggested but if the IRA are “cowards” then what are the english who came here and killed, stole and plundered. You see the success story of the libyan rebels in fighting to win back they’re country and how they got media support and were being spurred on by the english media (and the free state media) while the acts of the IRA are seen as bad, the circumstances were no different except the IRA weren’t given arms to fight against their enemies, and i understand that col. Gaddafi was worse than that hag thatcher and the like, but we weren’t given support by the media and made out to be the “bad guys”

      • AndyPR

        I’m going to play real Devil’s Advocate on this comment…..
        I was born in England in 1971, and grew up seeing daily reports on The Troubles, and as an easily scared kid, was constantly petrified that the IRA were going to blow me up. I knew squaddies that had been to Belfast etc, and used to hear the horror stories…then I grew up!
        I’ve been lucky enough to have visited Ireland (albeit the ROI) on a number of occassions. I’m a pretty confident traveller, and don’t generally get intimidated easily, but one of the few times was walking past the Sinn Fein bookshop in Dublin. It reminded me that we weren’t always so welcome, BUT, this was purely my own perception and ignorance influencing that intimidation, not the words and actions of others.
        Since visiting, I’ve enjoyed reading the history of Ireland, prior to The Troubles in the 60’s-70’s. I’ve researched and visited various locations (Kilmainham Gaol was amazing, and an eye opener), and to be honest, it does make you ashamed to be a Brit when you hear how our forefathers acted and treated the indigenous peoples (sound familiar to our American and Australian cousins?).
        My perspective is that the revolutionaries of the Easter Uprising were a group of disenfranchised people, being increasingly oppressed by the English (we could have prevented the Potato Famine). We have to remember that the ideologies of Michael Collins (the father of the IRA) and De Valera were very different to those of ‘Slab’ Murphy, The Shankhill Butchers etc. The Corporal Killings was a dark moment in recent history (and another vivid news memory), fuelled my mob mentality. The IRA of the 60’s to the 90’s was primarily a group of thugs using sectarian violence to sate their own bloodlust, NOT to reclaim their country. The IRA as envisaged by Collins et all was no different to many other armies in history using the only means available to attempt a coup.
        I have a great respect for Irish Nationalism, and the historic values, but the later activities were just an excuse for violence.
        When I found out the true origin of the Irish Flag (Orange for Protestants, Green for Catholics, and White for peace between the two), I thought it to be the most amazing and moving story.
        In my opinion, as an Englishman, the original IRA were revolutionaries and warriors, the later revision of the IRA, generally thugs and terrorists.
        May peace soon prevail.

      • Mark

        The reason why we came to Ireland, was because the Pope at the time, said Henry II had to “Civilize,” Ireland. So, if anyone is to blame, it`s the Vatican. And the way Ireland bang on and on about “England`s tyrannical rule,” it`s a joke. It`s similar to the way Muslims go on about the Crusades and other things in the past. Ireland moan about “England accusing us of having sex with Goats,” (yes really) Richard II, Elizabeth I, and her “Scorched Earth tactics,” plantations, chopping their heads off, etc, Oliver Cromwell, crushing rebellions, making them into slaves, Bloody Sunday. MI6 and their “Dirty Tricks,” which are STILL denied, and all the other things that has happened in Ireland. And at the same period of the Potato Famine, FAR more people were starving to death in India, where an estimated 30, MILLON died. And you should check out some of the things done in India! India don`t moan about that do they? And as for Maggie Thatcher and the IRA, I remember all the “We don`t talk to terrorists,” “We don`t reason with terrorists,” “Terrorism will never win,” and so on on. It now turns out, that despite of all the tough talk, she`s been talking to the IRA through “The Back Door,” from the very beginning, because her mate had been blown up. So much for “The Iron Lady,” and “Never talking to terrorists.” And are Ireland going to say sorry for all the people the IRA murdered and stealing Shergar? No, thought not..

        • Sean

          India has a population of over a billion now and about 15 times more than what ireland had at the time of the famine, the population of Ireland at the time of the famine was around 7/8 million, the population in Ireland NOW 150 years later is estimated to be about 5 million so put that into proportion, and i totally agree with AndyPR but the PIRA in the 70’s through to the 90’s were fighting for Ireland’s unity but they were going about it the wrong way, the IRA in existence now are the cowards the CIRA and the RIRA, they are responsible for the killing of catholic police officers just because they’re working for the police while being a catholic.

    • Heavens_Joke

      The idea that the planes’ hitting The Twin Towers caused the global collapse is hogwash. Those buildings were designed to take SEVERAL impacts from airplanes. You are now going to mention that they were designed for impact by a 707 (the largest airplane at the time the towers were constructed) but were actually hit by 767s. To this I will respond by advising you that a 767 is only 10 ft wider and 6 ft longer. It carries only 980 gallons more fuel than the 707 and has a cruising speed 77 mph slower than the 707. So, basically, the 707 is slightly smaller but also slightly faster than the 767. So if the buildings were over-designed to take not one, but several impacts from a 707, it should stand to reason that one hit from a 767, while devastating to the building, would NOT collapse it. My next point is that you conveniently ignored KostasA’s mention of World Trade Center Building 7 which collapsed at the speed of gravity (just like the towers) WITHOUT having been hit by a plane. This was a steel-framed, 47-story skyscraper that came down in under 7 seconds, supposedly due to “raging fires and damage from falling debris”. The problem with that, is that the fires were anything but “raging”. They were small fires, spread over just a few floors. And keep in mind that buildings 4,5, and 6, were literally rained down upon with falling debris from the Twin Towers but still did not suffer a global collapse, such that building 7 did. There are literally thousands of pictures and videos on the internet that you can look at to confirm this. Also, I will mention the nature of the collapse of both building 2 (The South Tower, the second to be hit by a plane) and building 7. When WTC2 was hit by the plane, it was hit on the corner. At the beginning of the collapse you can see that the top of the building, above the impact zone tips and starts to fall over. However, as soon as this happens, you can see explosions from below the impact point as the building begins to collapse and as such, the top of the building, instead of toppling over like it had begun to do, fell straight down. This is physically impossible, unless the building below the impact zone was removed, pulling the top of the building straight down through the path of least resistance. Now back to WTC7. I really don’t know what to say other than the fact that this was OBVIOUSLY brought down by controlled demolition. Again, there are thousands of videos you can watch that will show this. You will notice that at the beginning of the collapse, the penthouse falls in and the building kinks in the middle and falls completely symmetrically into it’s own footprint, avoiding damage to surrounding buildings. This is exactly how a building brought down intentionally by controlled demolition looks when it’s being imploded. There is NO physically possible way for a building to fall in this manner unless intended to do so. As for your mention of Alex Jones, I don’t understand why everyone thinks that he is somehow the “Leader of the 9/11 Truth Movement”. Most of us, myself included, feel that he does more damage than good for our cause. His shouting “911 was an Inside Job” does nothing to further our cause. If you want to learn more from a more trusted source, try Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Lawyers and Politicians for 9/11 Truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, pretty much any expert title followed by “for 9/11 Truth”. These are all reputable sources that are associated with the 9/11 Truth Movement. These are people who are experts in their given fields and show you WHY the events of 9/11 COULD NOT have happened in the way we were told by the government and mass media, rather than simply saying that the government orchestrated the attacks, which is what Alex Jones does. I do not claim to know who was behind the attacks. I do not know if the attacks were orchestrated by members of our government. What I do know is that the government was aware of a pending attack and did nothing to prevent it and subsequently lied to us about having that knowledge.

  • jawathehutt

    You, like most people forget about the anarachist terror wave of the late 19th century and early 20th century. There were actually thousands more casulties from anarchist attacks than modern terrorist attacks, but due to other events like the World Wars, the history of anarchist terrorists have pretty much been forgotten except in a few academic circles.

    • Ragboy_77

      TopTenz Master, do you think a list of top 100 acts of terror would satisfy these people? I would gladly bet that won’t be the case either.

      • I really wish this list didn’t have enough entries to be a top 10 list, much less a top 100.

    • jayo

      *omg* headbutt…

  • Top 10 Lists

    Absolutely 9/11 Attack is the First one

  • FMH

    There are some very strange picks in this list. Most (not all) of the attacks are neither the most deadly nor the most famous ones. It rather looks as if someone wrote down what he can recall.

  • glen

    theirs been worse terrorist attacks to other countries too, nice to know Americans still think they are more important than anyone else. for example London bombings that’s definitely worse than the first 4 on the list for sure also countless decades of IRA bombings in England and northern Ireland also in Japan their was a huge nerve gas attack in a subway do I need go on the list is endless, though I will agree that 9/11 is by far the worst ever.

  • usman

    these are not top 10.look in pakistan,india or sri lanka.

  • Andy

    What defines terror actions? If simply defined by the slaughter of civilians, then at the top of the list someone might want to include:

    Hiroshima: 90,000-160,000 killed by nuclear bombing of civilian targets

    • jayo

      Do you really think they would include Hiroshima here?
      First, this is a US-centric site. Since Hiroshima is not in the USA, they don’t think it could be important.
      Second, they’d have to admit that the USofA is a terrorist state…
      So, no, they will not include that.

  • jon

    How about the anarchist/terrorist that assassinated Franz Ferdinand, creating a chain of events that lead to ww1? I would say that was a pretty consequential act

  • Jose Lopez

    US says Oscar López Rivera is a terrorist
    Is that right?
    A United States (US) Army manual defined terrorism as “the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature …through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear.” Isn’t that the way the United States obtained Puerto Rico 117 years ago? And isn’t that how the US government has maintained Puerto Rico a colony ever since? Nelson A. Denis goes into the details on how the US government has done that in his book, WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS.
    Most new media make us believe that terror is a weapon of the weak. But, if you look beyond this manipulated interpretation, you will discover that terror is primarily a weapon of the powerful.
    Why has the US government incarcerated Oscar López Rivera for 34 years? The only reason is, because of his struggle to free Puerto Rico from US colonialism. Is that terrorism or resistance?
    International law gives people the right to use whatever means necessary to decolonize themselves. Therefore, the US government’s incarceration of Oscar is has no justification under international law. In fact, the justification is to find the US government guilty of the crime of maintaining Puerto Rico a colony, despite 34 United Nations’ resolutions asking it to decolonize her immediately! But since the US has the strongest military in the world, its attitude has always been, “And, who’s going to make me?”
    How could we make the bully decolonize Puerto Rico? Certainly not through any process that it could control. Permanent and peaceful protest is the best way in which the US government has the least control.
    The US government is motivated by getting the biggest profits for its corporations, and not protecting our liberties, human rights and justice for all. That means that we will have to tirelessly protest to demand that our inalienable right to self-determination and independence be respected.
    And that is not being a terrorist. That is resisting the bully who has taken what is rightfully ours!
    Click on the above link to read about the real terrorist.

  • VikkiB

    This is poorly researched and extremely biased toward attacks on the USA! What about all the IRA terrorists actions that occurred for nearly three decades, including murdering Louis Mountbatten, a member of the British Monarchy, and his family while they were on vacation. And the acts of terrorism at the 1972 Munich Olympics HAS to be one of the worst acts of terrorism recorded. All the horrendous activities of the Bader Meinhof, ETA Basque Separatists etc seem to have been completed overlooked. And as for, ‘Additionally, falling debris from the explosion struck homes in Lockerbee and caused injuries to a number of residents’ – 11 people on the ground died, including school children! That’s a little more severe than ‘injuries’!

  • Brad Erickson

    Ku Klux Klan attack on black community in Tulsa in 1921 killed 39-300 people and left 10,000 homeless. White supremacists dropped dynamite from planes on the black community. Four truckloads of bodies were shoveled into mass graves along the Arkansas river.
    4,000 black men, women, and children were arrested and placed in concentration camps, where they were required to carry ‘passes’.
    The city quickly re-zoned the neighborhood so that the railroad can be run
    through, thus completing the destruction of that neighborhood.

  • Brad Erickson

    Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims, thus US invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Haiti, Panama, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Cuba, North Korea, much of Asia in 1945, Italy, Germany, North Africa, Philippines and Puerto Rico should all count, and if we’re honest, US military aid to Israel, El Salvador, and other counter revolutionary forces throughout the world, particularly Latin America constitute a massive use of terrorism.