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  • Lymbe

    Missed the pilot but I sure as hell going to watch it now, great review. Also totally in par with your description of Kings “bizarre choices of plot”, as any fan who has read “Dreamcatcher” will confess.

    I am however a little disappointed that they chose “Under the Dome” to make a series from, was that the best choice out of everything King ever put out there? An we know he’s put out a lot (lol).
    Out of my head I would suggest:
    1) The dark tower
    2) The dark half
    3) 11/22/63 (I’m reading it now, has some great visual scenes plus TIME TRAVEL!)

    Sorry for the grammar, non English and stuff

    • Jeff Kelly

      Man, I’d kill to see Dark Tower, but it’s one of those doomed series. Ron Howard was supposed to develop it into a combination of a trilogy of movies and a TV series that would air on and off (series, followed by the first movie, followed by the series, then another movie, etc) but that fell through. Javier Bardem was even on board to play Roland, that’s how far along things got before they fell apart.

      Glad you liked this!

      • Lymbe

        Yeah I heard about Howard (?!) and Bardem, did you hear that they were also seriously considering Russel Crow as Roland of Gilead at some point?
        Almost makes me happy they are not doing it.

        Check out this fan-made trailer of a Dark Tower movie, gives me goosebumbs everytime.


        • Jeff

          I had heard that. Maybe I was just too obsessed with LOTR and watched Hidalgo at the time when I started the Dark Tower series, but I always thought that Viggo Mortensen was the most perfect Roland ever.

  • I am a fan of the Simpsons and Stephen King so this series has some play for me. But throwing in Brian K. Vaughan and this is must-watch TV. Okay the Simpsons don’t really add value here, but I am stil interested because of Mr. Vaughan. Y: The Last Man was one of the best comics I have ever read. I think I read all the trades in one weekend. Excellent.

  • Richard

    You forgot the most important aspect of all. The show was filmed in Wilmington, NC which is the movie capital of the US East Coast.