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  • Novacaine

    This is great. I love time management games. Thanks for giving me 8 new ones to play =]

  • Novacaine

    Oh, and I also think you should add links to all the games, because I can't find Bar Star =[

  • Tom

    These games all look pretty lame. I can't see myself wasting time on these time management games. I think the graphics in the airplane one are kind of childish because that game was designed for kids.

  • jojo

    i found bar star (search for "BarStar", i think it's one word)

  • nocturnesthesia

    Does anyone remember Root Beer Tapper? That was the original time management game… I must have spent a hundred dollars' worth of quarters on that game.

  • Mana

    i’m not surprised diner dash made it to no.1. it’s definitely addictive! plus, it’s food, so the idea appeals to many people, gluttons like me. i might try the other games that you mentioned.

  • nosferatu
  • Guruprasad

    I guess you people need check out “Prison Mayhem”. Its an awesome game I played. Available on App store. Its not on PC. Mac & iOS.

  • Chirpy
  • kachru

    Thanks a lot good list but you missed lot best time management games, like farm mania, farm frenzy, farmer jane, youda farmer, one more best you missed is build a lot.

  • Dipesh

    I think Airport Mania should be on number 1 positioned. I have played atleast 7 games on your list. Airport Mania has got very good animations and it is addictive.

    Nice Post!

  • Mary

    Thanks! Your comments were very helpful and I totally agree with you (especially about Diner Dash lol)

  • chani

    Hey, thanks for the suggestion you have pretty good games over there had try 8/10 wright now i am gonna check super market mania thanks. people who liked this kind of game the might like also wedding dash, passport to perfume and Jane’s hotel.

  • sarang semut

    How about the sim???

  • George Spelvin

    I can’t believe that Game Dev Story was not mentioned

  • victoria Lord

    Though this list is 2 years old, I find it hard to believe that Delicious Emily wasn’t mentioned! Who made this list?? Airport Mania is cute but no Emily??? hmmmmmmmm……….

  • Milda Solihah

    Does anyone know Delicious Emily Series? that’s one of my favorite time management game.
    The story is about a girl named Emily who obsessed to have her own restaurant. it is interesting because the game not only focus on management activity, but also exposes Emily’s life (including her childhood memories and her wedding)

    • Sally

      Her new one is great. I’m playing it atm. Emily’s wedding

  • Sally

    I agree that Emily is awesome! Good list, thank you.