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  1. TopTenz Master
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    Okay, I'm a huuuuge Journey fan so I couldn't let this tribute bands list pass by without a nod to this excellent Journey tribute band. This guy is a dead ringer for Steve Perry in both voice and appearance.

    (video setting changed to private so unavailable)

    1. R Potter
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  2. sgtspeed
    sgtspeed at |

    The group I follow is called The Musical Box. They don't just cover the Peter Gabriel era Genesis, they completely re-enact the concerts given by Genesis, right down to the stage backdrop, the costumes used, and even the jokes and monologue used by Peter Gabriel between songs. They have actually been sanctioned by Genesis and all the members of the original Genesis have joined them on stage or watched them on their European tours and have said they do that era of Genesis better than Genesis did.

    They are currently touring Europe re-enacting the Trick of the Tail tour as seen from their URL at:

    1. Peter Boucher
      Peter Boucher at |

      Hi sgtspeed : I just saw Musical Box back in Oct. 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona as they performed “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” from the very first note to the last. I was blown away by the accuracy. Even Collins, Rutherford and Banks as well as Peter Gabriel have seen them and are incredibly impressed themselves. If you get the chance, GO SEE THEM !!!

  3. Topher
    Topher at |

    Tanya, I would love to see an all-girls Pixies tribute band. That would so rock! I saw the Pixies open for U2 many years ago.

    This is an incredible list. I love Beatallica and Lez Zeppelin, but the rest I had never heard of before today.

    Unfortunately my absolute two favorite tribute bands (both Metallica) couldn't make your list. So I'm sad panda. 🙁

    Harptallica (website's now gone)


    and my favorite Apocalyptica (done original music & other covers since their Metallica only early days)

  4. Will
    Will at |

    "They have actually been sanctioned by Genesis and all the members of the original Genesis have joined them on stage or watched them on their European tours and have said they do that era of Genesis better than Genesis did."


  5. Tanya Bennett
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    Apocalyptica should be on my honorable mentions – the drummer in my band told me about them and then I forgot…




    1. Wikidkitty
      Wikidkitty at |

      Honestly, not all of Minikiss plays the instrument. In fact, only two former members have actually played. One was a Paul Stanley and the other was the recenlty departed Peter Criss. If you do not believe me, there is an interview with the owner, who also acts as Gene Simmons, on you tube stating no member who knows how to play the instrument accept for the singer. http://youtu.be/XEh_3FaoiT8

      1. lin doak
        lin doak at |

        I was Paul Stanley for 2 years and ace for 2 years in Minikiss. The owner Joey is actually quite talented. He plays guitar ok but can really play the hell out of the drums. I tried for the four years I was with him to convince him to quit being so damned lazy and play the stuff for real. I played guitar and actually sang. He is to lazt. He would rather fake it and rip people off including his own members. I left and created the first real live band featuring me on lead vocals. Its called Little Ozzy.For the 1st time ever there is a little person Ozzy
        Osbourne Tribute in the US! This act actually plays their instruments and is a
        killer Real band. Other midget acts lip
        synch to tracks…NOT LITTLE OZZY! The band has been
        hitting big stages all over and just played to thousands on the Jagermeister
        stage at Bike Week in Daytona Beach Fl. This is a huge draw, people love little people shows and you
        are in for a real treat with this one. Pro level musicians, a lead singer who
        has a BIG presence and voice! Little Ozzy is available to play anywhere in the USA!

        Visit the site: http://www.littleozzy.com <--added by Toptenz Master

  7. Corby
    Corby at |

    Don't forget Mike Rhyner's Petty Theft featuring Mike Rhyner…

  8. Sara
    Sara at |

    I don't get it … The pet shop boys? Do they actually warrant a tribute band? I can only recall one hit song from the eighties and it sucked… there are so many more better bands to pay tribute too… you failed to mention an ozzy tribute… and abba? maybe they are good but who under 40 actually wants to see them…

    here's my bid… A Motley Crue tribute

    1. stevie nicholl
      stevie nicholl at |

      This is one of the most narrow-minded comments (as well as completely ignorant) that I have ever come across! Are you serious Sara? 1 hit from the 80s? Know what you are talking about girl. PSB had 4 number 1's in the 80s not to mention a Christmas number 1 in 1987. The have been together now for 25 years, just won the outstanding achievement to music award, and have had nearly 30 top 20 hits. They have done so much for music from pop through to classical… so much more than your small brain can even comprehend. And who under 40 would want to see them???? LOL you are so funny… I am 33 and love the band… Just seen them for 8th time in London and 1/2 the audience were in their 20s.

  9. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    Sara – if you want to give me the name of a specific Motley Crue band that meets the guidelines the list is following, I'll check them out…

    1. jason fisher
      jason fisher at |

      Checkout motleytoo.com

  10. Brian
    Brian at |

    O.K. it's not a "pure" tribute band, but Dread Zeppelin has to get an honorable mention for having an Elvis impersonator doing reggae styled remakes of Led Zeppelin songs. Don't they?

  11. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    I'm with you on that one, Brian – Dread Zeppelin should be on there: like the rest of the bands on the honorable mentions list, they don't meet the guidelines but they are damn funny. They also deserve recognition for their staying power, they've been around for a long time! I'll put a request in with the site to have them and Apocalyptica added. I'm standing firm on the Pet Shop Boys tribute, though- pop bands can be influential, too.

  12. Who Fan
    Who Fan at |

    You guys forgot about THE WHO! Check these guys out, they're called Bargain The Who Tribute band.


    The guy sounds exactly like Daltrey and their laser show is unbelievable. Best who tribute band I've ever seen!

  13. luke Pepper
    luke Pepper at |

    The Original Achtung Baby were formed in 1993 by Luke Pepper and Dean Bush. The band were the second U2 tribute ever formed and quickly went on to over shadow The Dopplegangers, playing hundreds of sell-out shows all over the world. The original members were, Luke Pepper, Dean Bush, Steve Kean and Gary Kean. After the band were established, the band hired Wayne Taylor and made their way through massive European tours, culminating in a performance at Feyenoord Stadium, along side U2 on the 'Pop' tour. The band were even led into U2's changing room by mistake!

    In 1998, the seond singer was asked back and the band went onto play shows all over Britain, Ireland and even the middle east. At the start of 2000, the band had split and 'son of' Achtung Baby were formed, although never attaining the earlier success of the original band.

    After eight years, the original band are back, complete with the world's finest Bono 'soun-a-like' – B.B.Mitchell and they are ready to take back their position of finest and nearest thing to 'official U2 tribute' ever.

    Don't accept pale imitators – The original Achtung Baby are the originals!

    B.B.Mitchell – vocals, harmonica, guitar

    Luke Pepper – guitars, keyboards, vocals, programming

    Steve Kean – Bass, Taurus Moog pedals

    Dean Bush – Drums, backing vocals

  14. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    Hey, Who Fan- I checked out their website and they do look pretty cool. They meet all of my guidelines for the list, too, but they're missing that extra something necessary to bump anyone off my list of top ten. If their name was funny I might consider it…

    I am a Who fan as well, actually a pretty gigantic John Entwistle fan, so I'm glad to know about them, thank you for spreading the word!

  15. mishele`
    mishele` at |

    What about Dread Zeppelin? They do raggae versions of Led Zeppelin songs, only their lead singer is an Elvis impersonator. Think about it. They sound great! They have at least 2 CD's out.

  16. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    Dread Zeppelin is in the 'Honorable Mentions' list at the end of the article – they aren't eligible for the top ten list because they don't meet the guidelines.

  17. Erin
    Erin at |

    I have seen Kiss Army and they were so much like the real deal, it was scary. I have seen Dread Zepplin also.

  18. 8rustystaples
    8rustystaples at |

    Iron Horse does kickass bluegrass covers of Metallica and Ozzy. One word: awesome.

  19. Beth
    Beth at |

    I'm so critical of my cover bands, so many standards. I've got to say though, nobody has really caught my attention lately like Tragedy, a Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees. They are absolutely AMAZING. I swoon over their version of "Tragedy" and "How Deep Is Your Love" is just sweet. Check them out, I think they're more than worthy of a spot on your top ten (though I'm not sure who to knock off..)

    (and of course they are also on Myspace)

  20. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    @ Beth – I checked out Tragedy and have to admit they are great and they would be on this list, had I known about them when I made it. They meet all of the guidelines and their awesome website and funny merch gives them that extra something. Now that I've lived with this list for a while, I think I would have to say that I'd probably put the West End Girls in my honorable mentions or at #11 and then add this band- not sure in what position…

  21. Bruno Casavegas
    Bruno Casavegas at |

    You forgot "Wild Child." They are an L.A. based Doors cover band. Look and sound like the real thing. Use same instruments, though not the exact same vintage. My wife and I saw them two days before we went to Paris France, where we then visited Morrison's grave.

  22. Ferd Berful
    Ferd Berful at |

    There are sooo many good tribute bands out there!!

    I know that many have come to the fore front since this list was made. We just seen an incredible "The Cure" tribute band in Hollywood called The Cured. The guy looked and sounded JUST like Robert Smith.

    There is a booking agency http://www.musiczirconia.com in California that has some of the best Tribute Bands in the USA today. The name is funny, Music Zirconia Like "Cubic Zirconia"…..Just like the real thing but cheaper!! HA!!

  23. XUSNLT
    XUSNLT at |

    This was a fun list. Dread Zeppelin is awesome, but I understand why they didn't exactly meet the criteria. Plus, they've been off the radar for quite some time. I enjoyed the fact that your tribute bands weren't all clones and that some of them had twists on the originals. Nicely done. (Plus, I got some good info on tributes to bands that I like!) BTW Are there any decent Kinks cover bands? Do you recall the fictitious Doors cover band Crystal Sh*t who were mentioned in "Bitchin' Camaro" by The Dead Milkmen. I'd give them an honorable mention on the basis of being an obscure, but funny, reference!

  24. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    @XUSNLT – I never came across a Kinks tribute band when I was making the list but so many of their song titles would make great band names, if anyone out there wants to start one! How about: The X-Rays (double meaning there), A Rock N Roll Fantasy, Nothing Lasts Forever, Labour of Love, the Hot Potatoes, or the Dedicated Followers of Fashion. Of course there are variations like The Kink-ies (sexy version), The Stinx… and PS I love the Dead Milkmen!

  25. Maria
    Maria at |

    My favorite Motley Crue tribute band is Girls Girls Girls from NYC. They're all girls (obviously). I've seen 'em a few times and they kick ass. http://www.myspace.com/girlsgirlsgirlsnyc.

    There are a ton of Crue tributes. Here's a link to them all. Carnival of Sin does a pretty good job, but I've never seen them live. I've seen Theater of Pain too. They're all right, if a little cheesy.

  26. Chasen
    Chasen at |

    Funny you say Iron Maidens were dq'd … I saw them late last year (2008) and they were kicking off a tour…

  27. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    Sorry, Chasen, when I wrote the list I couldn't find any evidence that the Iron Maidens were still together – right now their website says they are auditioning for a new frontwoman: http://www.theironmaidens.com/ I'm jealous that you got to see them, they look amazing!

  28. Michael in WI
    Michael in WI at |

    I've seen American English three times, and they are FAB!

    The live show is amazing. Eric (Paul) learned how to play the bass left-handed just so the experience was more authentic. Tom sounds exactly like Ringo.

    See these guys live if you get a chance. While the recordings on their website are good, again, it's the live shows that put them at the top of my list.

    Authentic, dedicated, amazing, like a wonderful time machine that you never want to stop.



  29. Jodi
    Jodi at |

    Keep The Faith is the Quintessential Bon Jovi tribute Band ( it says so on their website) Having been to almost everyone of their shows ( and consider I am not in the band I think that rocks)They put on a show that is as good as Bon Jovi. They sound just like a LIVE Bon Jovi concert and the lead sing looks JUST LIKE JON!!!!. Check them out they needed to be #1 on this list 🙂

  30. gavin
    gavin at |

    i used to be in a tribute act

    but check these guys out there called green date

    are amazing, if ulike that sort of thing


  31. Magog
    Magog at |

    I'm sure most of these bands have fine followings. However, The Musical Box has been recreating early Genesis shows since 1993. Usually 20-25 shows per tour, 2 tours per year, in the US and Europe, selling out 2,000-3,000 seat venues at $30 a pop in the US and Canada and up to 5,000 seat venues in Europe at 30-40 Euros a ticket. I, and many others like me, have traveled hundreds of miles multiple times to see this incredible, note-perfect trip back in time. I saw Lez Zeppelin here in Detroit at a bar for $15 with about 300 other people. They were good. When they start pulling in almost a $100,000 a night in gate receipts like The Musical Box does let me know. You want fanatical, see The Musical Box and count the number of different state (and province) license plates in the parking lot. We're fanatical, bordering on nuts.

  32. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    @Magog: Actually, the 'fanatical' in the title refers to the band members not the fans. Had I seen the quote that Phil Collins watched The Musical Box perform and then told reporters afterwards that "they played it better than we did" I may have included them on the list (thanks sgtspeed for the info in comment above – quote found on Wikipedia).

    This list is not based on how much money the bands earn but on the guidelines listed at the top, plus that extra 'something' that made the band stand out to me. Like Lez Zeppelin, for example – that name rocks!

    Thanks for the info about the Musical Box and here is their website: http://themusicalbox.net/

  33. Magog
    Magog at |

    @Tanya: Then by your standards I must nominate The Musical Box yet again. Their instruments are vintage duplicates. The light show and background curtains are spot-on perfect. They were given use (approved by Genesis) of the 1000+ actual background slides used for the 1974 “Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” tour recreation. Every costume used by Peter Gabriel from 1972-1975 has been painstakingly copied using the actual props as models (again with Peter Gabriel’s permission). Every nuance of the shows are an exact recreation down to the smallest detail. If they are doing the 1973 “Black” show they play only the songs Genesis did in the order Genesis did for that segment of the tour. The same for the 1973 “White” show or the 1974 “Lamb” show. No variation is allowed. Don’t get me started on the music for it is absolutely perfect everytime. I am fortunate to have seen Genesis do these shows 36 years ago, trust me when I say seeing The Musical Box is like walking through a time tunnel and coming out back in 1973 on the other side.

  34. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    @Magog – You’ve convinced me, they do belong on this list… I spent a lot of time researching tribute bands to make this list so I’m disappointed that I didn’t come across them. Just like Tragedy, the BeeGees metal band (thanks Beth)- should be on the list but discovered after the fact. I said I’d knock out the Westend Girls for Tragedy; who should we vote off for The Musical Box? Fan Halen maybe…

  35. Australian GNR Show
    Australian GNR Show at |

    Great list!

    I saw these guys play in Australia and though they needed a mention, I'm A massive Gunners Fan and it was like watching the real thing!

  36. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    I love Slash, I can't help myself – thanks for the tip! Check out this band at http://www.australiangnrshow.com/

  37. Theresa
    Theresa at |

    I would agree with Bjorn and Fan Halen being on the list. Following with Led Zepplica coming in strong and Back in Black, Kiss Army and American English (Beatles Tribute. Another band notlisted I would say deserves a lot of attention is Arrival. Only 1 1/2 yrs new, they are coming in strong performing in places Journey themselves have performed. Kudos from Steve Augeri as well. I've personal seen and heard the Ca. Journey Tributes as well as a few in other states. There is no comparison accept Journey themselves.

  38. Geoff Searles
    Geoff Searles at |

    Just saw these guys out in Oxnard a couple of weeks ago. They're not like most of the tribute bands I've seen before. They're more interesting because they do a bunch of different tributes in the same show


    Best Eddie Van Halen impersonation I've ever seen too!

  39. Kristin
    Kristin at |

    I think Aussie Floyd is a better tribute band than Pink Fraud… >.>

  40. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    @ Geoff Searles – Platinum Rockstars sounds like a great show, but they don't meet the guidelines for this list…

    @Kristin – Yes, but their name isn't as good!

  41. John Stove
    John Stove at |

    If you wanna hear a dead on tribute to Steely Dan…. check out Pretzel Logic out of Los Angeles!!

    They sound better than Steely Dan!!! These guys pay particular attention to detail and are all fine musicians. Seen them many many times… dont want to see Steely Dan anymore.

  42. Rage on Stage
    Rage on Stage at |

    Check out this Dutch tribute to Rage against the Machine if you like.


  43. Trace
    Trace at |

    Another one, worthy of this list is a great Midlands based (but will travel) Who tribute band. They are called My Generation, they don't go for trying to look like and completely sound like carbon copies of The Who, but I have been to a few of their gigs now, no matter how many people are there, they deliver each time. They are all professional musicians who have been on the circuit for a number of years now.. Too boot they are all genuinely big fans of The Who, which is evident when you see them playing.. They're all great at what they do, and genuinely honestly, Steve White the bass player is one of the best I've seen.. A band that does it for the love of the music rather than just the money.

    Should you want to check them out, their website is http://www.my-generation.biz

    Check out their Youtube channel too.

    Hope at least one person checks them out, and decides they like them.. 🙂

  44. Trace
    Trace at |

    How about this band?

    A Who Tribute band called My Generation. They are all professional musicians. Also to boot they are all big Who fans. This band play for the love of the music, and do their best to give the audience a great musical experience. They don't pretend to be look a likes or soundalikes. They are more the Who of modern days.. It's well worth checking them out.. Their website is


  45. The Wholigans
    The Wholigans at |

    I might as well jump into the fray and toot my own horn.

    The Wholigans the worlds first tribute to THE WHO since 1982.

    See our 97 + video's and judge for yourself.

    On tour worldwide constantly.

    1. The Wholigans
      The Wholigans at |

      oops I forgot
      The Wholigans you tube channel

      Play All 97 videoâ??s…4 hours+ back to back

      Latest news

  46. Neville Cawas Cyrus
    Neville Cawas Cyrus at |

    Mercuryrocks.com – The worlds No1 Queen Tribute and

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      The site link you listed shows a parked site, not the band's site, so I removed it. It appears that the site is no longer owned by the Queen Tribute Band. Here is a link to another tribute band for Queen you may like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSuk6R34Usw

  47. Jerry C.
    Jerry C. at |

    Chicago's Too White Crew is easily the most unique, one-of-a-kind tribute band out there. Completely live covers of hip hop classics — authentic as hell and wildly entertaining. They're playing stuff that was never even played live by the artists who wrote the music Too White Crew covers!

  48. Lennie
    Lennie at |

    Is GABBA still on stage? I heard they didn't recorded anything since 2005. Their website wasn't uptodate since 2007.

  49. Maximum1
    Maximum1 at |

    This guy from this Hendrix Tribute actually did a record under the name "Tendure's Dream" with real members of the Hendrix Experience. Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock band members Mitch Mitchell on drums and Billy Cox on Bass.


  50. Maximum1
    Maximum1 at |

    Some Notable Tribuite Bands from the South East US are AC/DC Tribute HIGHWAY TO HELL.
    One of the only bands to share the stage with real AC/DC members –


    Here is a killer ELTON JOHN tribute “Rocket Man” –

    One of the very few US based QUEEN tributes to –

  51. Rich Howell
    Rich Howell at |

    Hi I reckon these guys should be on the list they were in the all time top 5 tribute bands list by The London Times!

    They are all great musicians & singers they do a 2 hour show and are endorsed by Mick Fleetwood Peter Green & The Nix Flix website!

    I've seen them about 8 times now!!


    1. Tony Sargeant
      Tony Sargeant at |

      Absolutely agree with Rich they are the best Mac tribute I've seen They really have the Rumours era Mac sorted! Even the Stevie & Lyndsey mannerisms! I think there John Mc Vie must be the real Johns long lost twin brother!

  52. Rod
    Rod at |

    As to the " chump's " opinion that the " Pet Shop Boys " " don't deserve a tribute band, i heard

    one song and it sucked..??

    Wow, what an ingnorant statement, if you were alive in the 80's and could draw on

    the fact that several songs, were expertly composed and performed by Lowe and Tenant

    who should go down in music history like George and Ira Gerswin have.. Ever heard of


    Yeah, Listen to " Opportinities, rent, it's a sin, You only tell me you love me when your drunk…

    Jealousy, to name a few…then you open your mouth and make a stupid statement…

    Anyway… or so it seems to me…

    Rod Severson Seattle, Wa

  53. JP
    JP at |

    Being a fan of kiss since 1975, I am stunned to find that in your list of Top 10 Fanatical Tribute Bands, you don't have the TRUE, TOP # 1 –> MRSPEED ! Where have you been hiding? under a rock ? I have been to numerous live KISS concerts and have seen several KISS tribute bands play and in my books, there's NO ONE that can top MRSPEED! Last time I saw them play was on Friday, June11, 2010, and I was completely blown away AGAIN !!! They got everything down. Nothing is left to chance, and they always perform 125% !!!! Do yourself a huge favor, go to their website and see for yourself and check their tour dates and go see them LIVE. I guarantee you that once you see them, and even meet them after the show, they're very approachable, professionals and friendly, you will put "MRSPEED" as your # 1 TOP Fanatical Tribute Band !!!!

  54. JP
    JP at |

    In my post, I mistakenly put MRSPEED's website in the wrong location. MRSPEED is not associated with me and I do not represent MRSPEED in any way, shape, or form. I'm simply a true fan of MRSPEED, posting these comments as my own personal opinion, and I personally believe that they deserve to be on your # 1 TOP spot. Here's a link to their website: http://www.mrspeedonline.com

    Thank you!


  55. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    LOL The real obsessives are THE CUREHEADS they've been going for 20 years. based in the UK and have toured the world as a search through Youtube will tell you. They all have their own hair and even have Robert Smith's own guitar tech on lead guitar.

  56. Marc Jenson
    Marc Jenson at |

    You left out one tribute band that hail from Nashville, TN. They are called Take the Power Back, and they are a Rage Against the Machine tribute band. Get this: they are all-female, and they are amazing musicians.


  57. joe
    joe at |

    Anyone ever catch Breakdown Tribute to Tom Petty? They have been at it for quite a while. Caught them when I was down in Tucson. They Rocked, petty to a T and some of the nicest guys.

  58. johnny rotton
    johnny rotton at |


  59. B. S.
    B. S. at |

    Just thought the Journey fans might want to check this one out, Tribute to Journey – Odyssey Road. The first in the Nation to release a 17 song CD of the Journey catalog. http://www.odysseyroadband.com

  60. Lennie
    Lennie at |

    There are two other Bands I could mention, the argentine Queen-Tribute “God Save The Queen” (www.dsr.com.ar) and the Beatles-Tribute “Fab Four” from California (http://www.thefabfour.com)

  61. VENICE
    VENICE at |

    Hi there,

    We are a French tribute band to the DOORS.
    Our band’s name is VENICE. It comes from Venice beach California , the beach where it all started.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us for a live psychedelic show !

  62. VENICE
    VENICE at |

    Here is our web site : ( The Doors tribute band)


  63. Viktor
    Viktor at |

    There’s a Steely Dan tribute band called The Steely Damned.

  64. Jorgen Ingmar
    Jorgen Ingmar at |

    Hello everyone,

    We are L.A.vation – The World’s Greatest Tribute to U2.
    L.A.vation travels worldwide to bring the music of U2 to your next club, corporate event, concert in the park, fundraiser, private party, you name it, we do it!
    Check us out at http://www.u2lavation.com

    Thank you!

  65. Jim Sprool
    Jim Sprool at |

    L.A.vation is pretty damn good. I mean they are every bit as good as their videos.

  66. Gary Washburn
    Gary Washburn at |

    Hey if you want to see and hear a tribute band that sounds just like Motley Crue you have to check out Decade of Decadence! The vocals are the absolute closest you will hear to Vince Neil without Vince himself singing! YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS BAND OUT YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!
    \m/ \m/

  67. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    I did see a tribute band called “The Musical Box” and we’re a tribute band to GENESIS when they had Peter Gabriel as the lead frontman. They performed the entire album “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” and a few other tunes like “The Knife” and “Watcher’s Of The Sky”. It was very convincing and a wonderful concert to watch

  68. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    I would also like to add about a tribute band from England who does a Queen tribute. Go on to YOU TUBE and type in Gary Mullin. He is considered to be the greatest impersonator of Freddie Mercury in the world. I have seen him on YOU TUBE and everything is dead accurate. The Clothing, the Voice, the Stage Antics, even his face with the mustache and of course the flair for the dramatics. Its quite amazing

  69. Johnny
    Johnny at |

    The Roadhouse Doors
    I`ve seen this Irish Doors tribute band several times and of all The Doors tributes I`ve seen from around the world these guys are by far the best.
    The whole band doesn`t resemble the Doors but obviously the Jim Morrison is a bit of a doopleganger but they actually play the Doors songs spot on as the real Doors write the tunes and use similar if not the same equipment.its a total tribute which really does Jim Morrison and co proud,by far the most exciting Doors tribute I`ve seen`.I would even go as far to say maybe even better than The Doors of the last fourty odd years without their singer…. makes the Doors legacy live on.Friends of mine bought the Doors cds after seeing them live

  70. kevin
    kevin at |

    Check out this ZZ Top tribute band, I just happened to come across it today, these guys sound like the real deal! I would love to catch them live, has anyone ever seen these guys in person? Here’s the video…


  71. Brooke
    Brooke at |

    Hey, there,
    Hope you don’t mind me submitting our Tribute band to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac! The website is at http://www.nightbirdtribute.com – Check out the videos on the link and the photos – also on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/stevienickstributeband – we are based in Houston, Texas – Thanks!

  72. jamie
    jamie at |

    This band does Crosby Stills Nash & Young – I have been to see the real thing live many times & this band Woodstock Mud keeps sounding like CSN did in the friggin 60’s. Today, CSN lags seriously, but I’ve been listening to the Woodstock Mud band for a few years now & they still sound clean & miraculous harmonies sound effortless. Love love love.

  73. jamie
    jamie at |

    Oh yeah their site is http://www.woodstockmud.com if you wanna hear them 😉

  74. peter8172
    peter8172 at |

    Back in the 1990’s, I was living in the New England area and just down the road from me was a nightclub that would have live entertainment. There was an advertisement for a tribute rock band called Destroyer (a KISS tribute band). It was as close to a live KISS performance as one could get. (I have seen KISS on 5 different occasions). I had the chance to chat with them and it finally ended up with me backstage having a couple of drinks with them and them giving me the “tour” of their backstage preparations, right down to the fire breathing and stage blood antics of Gene Simmons and lets not forget the pyrotechnics that they used. They were really good guys to me and their show was a complete and pleasant surprise.

  75. Paul Cadinha
    Paul Cadinha at |

    Hi there. Thought you should know about Mojo Child: A Tribute to The Doors. We recreate the studio sound of The Doors in a live concert recreation, and perform with a psychedelic 60’s style lightshow Circa Fillmore West 1969. Mojo Child is a 5 piece band using a bass player as the Doors did “in the studio” for most of the post first album………Thanks!

  76. Spencer C.
    Spencer C. at |

    I like The Folsom Prison Gang (www.TheFolsomPrisonGang.com). They don’t claim to be an impersonation act but they do a pretty good tribtue to the Man in Black.

  77. Marc C.
    Marc C. at |

    Dark Star Orchestra? How are they non-existent where this list is concerned?

  78. Barbara
    Barbara at |

    We are an up and coming Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks Tribute band, White Winged Dove…really enjoyed your post and list, and everyone’s comments and band suggestions! Cool!

  79. DC/AC Tribute
    DC/AC Tribute at |

    I would not say we are fanatical, but…close to that. 🙂 Creating a good Tribute is a really hard work and great lesson. One should of course try to create their own original repertoire, but Tribute is a good way to get skills and inspiration. Salutes to all AC/DC Tributes!!! 🙂

  80. Garcia Project
    Garcia Project at |

    Check out The Garcia Project – recreating the Jerry Garcia band Experience


  81. Rich
    Rich at |

    Florida used to have maybe 3 tribute bands based there in 2005 but since then over 40 have emerged led by Highway to Hell the amazing AC/DC Tribute show. They are the only AC/DC Tribute to share the stage with real members and were listed on the real AC/DC site last year.

    Check out the growing list of tributes in the south east at maximumbands.com/tribute

  82. Ricky M'coy
    Ricky M'coy at |

    Re: Van Halen tributes, this is not even close. UNCHAINED ” The mighty Van Halen tribute” Is by far the best. compare any other V.H. tribute to UNCHAINED & IT’s a race for 2 nd Place. Ricky M’coy. ” the singer, has some it all in this buissness. see for yourself, www, unchainedvhtribute.com


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