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  • Yes! Us Brits gave the world the Beatles, Monty Python and more castles and stately homes than we know what to do with!!

  • The Giant's Causeway looks fascinating. I would love to read more details about its creation. I had a great time finding photos. Thanks goes out to all the great Flickr people!

    Please forgive me if I have chosen an incorrect photo and point me to a better one if you catch a mistake.

  • Great list – thanks for using and crediting my Belfast pic!

  • Pity you didn't mention Berwick upon Tweed, where I live in the Northumberland section. It's a beautiful town with intact Elizabethan walls situated on the Tweed Estuary.

    • You've made me feel guilty now. I know Berwick well. I hope you'll attend the Film Festival in September?

  • Anne – I'll be a volunteer steward at the Berwick upon Tweed Film Festival 18 – 20 September. Thre will be films screened at the Maltings as well as the Prison Cells and an Icehouse. Are you planning on coming?

  • Glasgow is a city worth visiting. I find it a great place to visit for a long weekend. I have been many times and will be back again…..

  • Brown

    Great locations, I would love to visit the UK.

  • liam brady

    Trust me, im from England. Live in Leeds, Yorkshire, which is a gorgeous county, but as for Bradford, you aint missin anything there. Best going for Leeds, or North Yorkshire

    • Hi Liam

      I'm from Leeds too! See what you mean but I was trying to look at the places Americans won't think to go to.

  • Site Explorer

    Wow, some of those pictures appear to be done in HDR which is stunning. I’m considering visiting glasgow – some of those look almost surreal and I’d love to try to see those places first hand.

    Thank you for putting this top 10 list together! I’m wondering if you have done any updates to this as I’d like to see some more places (aka Top 20) 🙂

    All the best.