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  • Vjaf

    I have never heard as testicles being called “johnny” before…..interesting list though

  • ParusMajor

    Oh dear. I must be a terrible person, but I haven’t laughed this much since my mother-in-law fell into a septic tank! 😀 This list is like “Mr. Bean Goes To Harvard Medical School”, if they had ever made such a movie. All of these stories are horrible for the patients that these things happened to, but I cannot help but laugh… I’m so sorry…

    • Mohammed “the author” Shariff


  • Nathan

    Don’t be worried if a doctor or nurse writes something like, “This One!!!” on part of your body. It’s an important step that can save your eye/kidney/arm/leg/hand/foot/etc.

  • auto devis

    It does makes us a little paranoid with the choice of our surgeon

  • David

    Good lawd this makes me never want to have to go into a hospital. I’m in med school right now and eventually will be a Nurse Anesthetist. My job will be to mark what anatomical part to operate on and make sure the patient is fully asleep…..*gulp*

    • Just be sure you know your right from your left, no your other left.

  • FMH

    Left/right mixups happen very often, that’s why checklists were introduced. Losing both testicles might be sad, but imagine losing the wrong lung, when the other one is cancerous.

  • Louis-Alexandre Simard

    As for number one. The victim is not the one who decided the amount he wishes to sue. This is decided by a judge and takes under consideration many factors such as psychological, physical and reproductive in this case. Before determining an amount the victim will have to undergo psychiatric evaluation to get a image of how affected he was. Second they will take into account that the loss of both testes doesn’t cause loss of mobility or general life enjoyment and third because as you said he was a air force veteran (55 years old or more) the chances of him wanting to reproduce in the future are slim. Taking all of this into account 200 000$ is an adequate sum. When I hit 60 years old I would gladly sell mine for that amount.

    • Simon

      I plan to have sex well past that age…. He was in his 40s anyway, and I know people who have kids in the 50+ mark, and don’t rule out that it could be with younger women either. 200k isn’t enough for my boys

      • Louis Alexandre Simard

        Loosing your testes doesn’t prevent you from having sex. As a matter of fact you can still achieve a regular erection and when climax is reached ejaculation will happen as 99.9 % of ejaculate doesn’t come from the testes who only produce the sperm not the seminal liquid. Testes are in no shape or form connected to that ability to have and maintain an erection. I ignore where you got your facts but that source should be thrown away.

  • Simon

    Good list, really liked the writing style 😀

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    Of course people do have kids in their fifty’s. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, one of Canada’s former Prime-Minister had a kid at 72. This is why I said the chances of reproduction were slim. I didn’t say they were non existent. Anyways it is a personnel issue and what I meant was that as organs they don’t serve any purpose outside reproduction and hormone production going into adulthood. For a man in his 40’s to loose them seems less tragic than loosing an arm or a leg. He can still have erection and ejaculate like a normal person. Part of his settlement probably included plastic surgery in the form of two aesthetically accurate testes.

  • Lex

    Just randomly reading lists and found this one. Very interesting and I like how you write. Thank you.

    It’s quite horrible to read about these malpractices though. But otherwise, it’s a good lesson to look back to when you’re a doctor and making orders on a patient’s chart: Never make mistakes.

  • Chris

    Dr. Letitia P. Libman is currently listed as practicing as a Clinical Neuropsychologist in Iowa City: