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  1. Little_Sam
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    I going to disagree with you here. I agree the Shelley Duvall was perfect for Olive Oyl. However Robin Williams missed for me as Popeye. Robin Williams is best when he can be … well Robin Williams. Robin had to act in certain ways to be believable as Popeye and in my opinion he missed. Bluto was appropriately mean (in a tongue in cheek kind of way) but some of the other minor characters were bad. Wimpy was particularly dreadful. The story was overly long and some of the action just did not fit Popeye. I agree Altman was partially to blame but I still say that overall Robin Williams missed as Popeye.

  2. canadaeh
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    H G Lewis is known for the splatter film ( Blood Feast; 2000 Maniacs; Colour Me Blood Red) and nudie-cuties (Bell, Bare And Beautiful ; Goldilocks And The Three Bares) made a children’s movie The Magic Land Of Mother Goose in 1966.

    1. ParusMajor
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      That’s a good call, canadaeh, I didn’t know that. Dario Argento, known for his Hitchcockian thrillers (or “giallo”, as they say in Italy) and flamboyant, splattery horror films, made one comedy in 1973, The Five Days of Milan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Five_Days It was a flop, so he went back to giallo and released (arguably) his best film “Profondo rosso” in 1975.

  3. Barry Brien
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    Jack by Francis Ford Coppola. Another film starring Robin Williams, who plays a boy with a disease that causes him to age prematurely. It’s awful (the film, not the disease, though I’m sure that’s no joke either.)

  4. Twinkie Bandit
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    Benjimin Button was somewhat uncharacteristic for David Fincher. He usually does more hard-edged films like Se7en, Zodiac and Panic Room.

    Another departure for David Lynch was Straight Story. A Disney family film rated G, and a good one too.


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