Top 10 Ridiculous Music Genres


Music has come a long way since its humble inception many thousands of years ago. With new genres of music constantly being created, recombined, or spliced together, by the time this article is published the ten genres within it could be completely irrelevant! Just in the past decade we have seen an extremely rapid proliferation of music that would have previously been deemed inconceivable. With the development of the Internet, music enthusiasts can share, listen to, and explore genres of music that they would otherwise have no access to. This has led to a ‘golden age’ in the expansion of music. Artists no longer have to achieve grassroots support for their music and ascend the slippery rungs of the musical ladder from the bottom up. Many artists have enjoyed immense success through one hit ‘YouTube’ wonders (just think Soulja Boy, Justin Bieber, and ‘Chocolate Rain’).

The following list is an exploration of some of the more eccentric genres that have cropped up in the perpetually changing climate of music:

10. Screamo

These raven-haired, skinny jean wearing screechers wail out stories of lovesickness and nonconformist rebellion in high pitched unintelligible babble that is usually drowned out by the screech of guitar. Flocks of teenage girls who wear way too much mascara flock to these bands because ‘they understand the struggles of growing up in suburbia with rich parents.’ Shrieking raconteurs of this genre are usually found in stores like Hot Topic, Zumiez or Wet Seal shopping for masochistically tight pants. This genre evolved from ‘post-hardcore’ in San Diego in 1991 and its namesake is derived from the nearly ubiquitous screaming that accompanies the cacophony of other musical accompaniments. Screamo can be divvied up into two waves: first and second. First wave includes bands such as Heroin, Antioch Arrow, and Swing Kids circa ’91. Screamo experienced a second revival in 2001; a much slower, less harsh spinoff at the hands of bands such as Far, Grade, Thursday, and Alexisonfire. Check them out.

9. Cuddlecore

AKA the hipster band with the female vocalist with extremely tight purple jeans and probably-too-low-cut v-neck t-shirts. Always playing in the back of your favorite coffee shop, this is a sub-genre of indie pop that appeals to a very narrow demographic (people who refer to themselves as ‘Cuddlecores’). These under-the-radar bands are usually doomed to a lifetime of performing in underground dive bars and coffee houses for half priced warm beer and expired Venezuelan coffee beans. The lyrics of cuddlecore bands chronicle tales of past loves, heartbreaks, great dates, and mysteries of love. The music they create is as soft as a newborn kitten and equally as feisty. Some of their songs are lighthearted while some are cynical, even cruel. Tiger Trap’s ‘My Broken Heart’ tells one girl’s story of heartbreak that perfectly exemplifies ‘cuddlecore.’ Check out: Tigertrap, Go Sailor, Go Softies. (NOTE: innumerable artists of extremely soft cushy indie music fall under this genre.)

8. Laptop Pop

The Uranium-238 of the music world. It is enriched in basements and hole-in-the-wall apartments all over the world until it is detonated in a mushroom cloud of undulating pulses and tempos. Any person with a laptop and an overpowering urge to spend hours scouring the internet for bizarre sounds and song clips and then engineering them into tracks can be a rogue member of the loosely-defined laptop pop genre.  This inorganic music genre was forged in the trenches of suburban basements where overzealous music-loving kids pointed and clicked on Macs with bloodshot eyes in the wee hours of the morning until synthetic beats and abstract rhythms coalesced into tracks. Laptop pop masters are really just gurus of programs such as Garage Band, Cakewalk, or other music creation software that allows the user to design and rearrange free-standing clips into loop-based music. Laptop Pop’s flagship Ratatat has lyric-less songs such as ‘Loud Pipes’ that conjures up thoughts of what it might feel like to roller blade through cyberspace. At concerts of laptop pop bands, you can expect to see sweaty, long-haired 20-somethings romping around onstage to an accompanying light show while their Mac irradiates the sound of their underground-conceived music. Some bands to check out: Ratatat, Girl Talk, Rex the Dog, Various Production, Oval.

7. Blackened Death Metal

As if death metal needed to become any more moribund than it already is! Take death metal and dip it in a flaming barrel of napalm & animosity and you have: Blackened Death Metal. The vocals for blackened death metal bands consist of snarling, shrieking and growling that sounds like a German Panzer knocking over a tree. Behemoth’s ‘Conquer All’ perfectly exemplifies the unintelligible but satanic lyrics/death curses that are a staple of this genre. The vocals are accompanied by highly distorted guitars and other instrumentation. Double bass is a must-have and sounds more like machine gun fire rather than a sound that any humane person would want to create. Forget about conventional song structure- this type of music is an all out war and it is common for blackened death metal songs to lack fundamental structures such as a chorus and guitar solo. Band members are required to have greasy black-dyed hair at least 14 inches long that smells like a wet dog. You can count on all members of the Church of Satan, anarchists and nihilists to be at a blackened death metal show. Bands to check out: Behemoth, Zyklon, Sacramentum, Azarath, Marduk.

6. Comedy Rap

Rap ain’t funny. It’s about the streets; growing up with nothing, a vocal how-to guide of surviving in the slums. But some bands have taken rap’s pitiable message of alcoholism, objectification of women, and materialism and made it into an illustrious festivity lampooning the ridiculousness and superficiality of the “thug life.” Comedy rap pioneers Flight of the Conchords and Lonely Island fill the airtight niche that is comedy rap. It has gained a modest following in teenagers and adolescents that have grown up listening to Biggie Smalls and Snoop Dogg and enjoy hearing their sounds of childhood mocked and spoofed. Flight of the Conchords has a TV show on HBO (of the same name) and Lonely Island has produced two ubiquitous internet megahits in the extremely catchy “I’m On A Boat” and “Jizz In My Pants.” Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg lends some of his vocal talent alongside rapper T-Pain in “I’m On A Boat” in a hilarious lampoon of the superficiality and simplicity of rap music. Here are some sample lyrics:

I’m riding on a dolphin, doing flips and shit,

The dolphin’s splashing, getting everybody all wet,
But this ain’t SeaWorld, this is real as it gets!

5. Naturalism

Extremely long ‘songs’ (if you can call them that) made up of completely naturally occurring sounds of nature such as whale noises, rustling leaves, dog barks, etc. My mother used to play a tape of whale noises before I went to bed every night. I didn’t realize just how weird that was until now. Also known as “sounds of nature,” this genre attracts middle-aged women trying to get in touch with their inner peace, and practitioners of advanced level yoga. To listeners of conventional music this genre can best be described as: boring. The sounds of rustling leaves, lapping ocean waves, and bird’s songs are for those who have the patience and inclination to feel like they are outside while they are inside. Although I do not know of any specific ‘artists’ of this genre- Who knows? There could be someone out there calling himself the Mystical Garden Sprite of Environmentally Induced Rejuvenation, I don’t know- but many CD stores and large retailers compile ‘Sounds of Nature’ CDs with organic names such as “Inspiring Thunderstorms” or “Summer Rain On The Porch.” If you have ever been to a yoga studio, Buddhist store, or crazed left-wing environmentalist’s house, you may have heard this type of music before.

4. Neo-Psychedelia

With the explosive proliferation of psychedelic drugs in the 60s and 70s, this cultural paradigm brought with it mescaline and magic mushroom inspired lyrics that can sound as smooth and chilled out as a polar bear relaxing on a beach wearing sunglasses and drinking a pina colada. Or, like someone with tourette’s learning to play the piano while riding a carousel during a tornado. While this genre is rooted in the psychedelic bands of the 60s, (The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix), it has experienced a consciousness-expanding resurgence in bands such as MGMT, Yeasayer, Empire of the Sun and Tame Impala. If you have no idea what psychedelic music is or what it is composed of, I encourage you to watch the music video to MGMT’s “Time to Pretend.” That should clear up any unclear thoughts you might have as to what Neo-Psych is. In Empire of the Sun’s “Walking On A Dream” the singer regales us with the hauntingly catchy chorus:

Is it real now, when two people become one

I can feel it, when two people become one.

The meanings of songs by psychedelic bands are as disparate and far-flung as possible for any string of words in the English language. Some bands employ poetic stream-of-consciousness recordings while other’s lyrics dance around a polychromatic bonfire of reckless abandon. To listen to psychedelic music, check out any one of the aforementioned bands. To understand psychedelic music, drop a few blotter tabs of acid and then listen. (Just kidding. Don’t actually do that.)

3. Country Truck Driving Music

This country-esque honky-tonk hillbilly inspired genre tells the tales of life, love, and- of course- truckin’. These whiskey fueled rants are popular in the ranks of beer-bellied and chaw chompin country bumpkins. Yarn spinners of this genre bellow slow stringy ditties about life on the open road and what it’s like to live on a steady diet of 3-day old refrigerated gas station burritos. Country truck driving music aims to assimilate all the affairs associated with truck driving into a four minute track. Some of these stories include: shifting into fifth while crossing the state line, truck stop and diner cuties, and according to Rhett Atkins “driving my life away looking for a sunny day.” Also check out the classic “Mama Hated Diesels” by Commander Cody.  Del Reeves may have said it best when he said being is a trucker means being a double clutchin’ scale jumpin’ mile makin’ tail gatin’ dollar dodgin’ line crossin’ coffee drinkin’ pin ballin’ jack knifin’ fog timin’ wind jammin’ lake runnin’ gear bustin’ sort of a feller.  Also check out truck driving songs by: Red Sovine, Junior Brown and C.W. McCall.

2. Nintendocore

Mario-esque tones accompanied by guitar riffs, screaming and throngs of screaming Donkey Kong fans that have left their posts in front of the SNES to get their ears boiled by the raucous thunder of electric guitar and 8-bit tones. These bands are a spin-off of hardcore and grindcore and incorporates its namesake 8-bit tones inter-spliced in scratchy throated screamed vocals that will leave you feeling like you need a 1-Up mushroom. The trademark Nintendo beeps and bops that you heard while playing games such as Mario, Donkey Kong, and Tetris back in the day provide the background fabric of this type of music. An excellent example of Nintendocore is “Tetris” by Powerglove. It starts out with an unassuming string of tones that conjure up phantasmagoric memories of playing Nintendo into the wee hours of the morning. Then it swerves into a discordant jam of electric guitars, shattering the fragile recollections with its respectable blend of electro-pop and good old-fashioned axe shredding. Bands to check out: Band Called Horse, Sky Eats Airplane, Powerglove.

1. Horrorcore

Horrorcore is music that will keep you up at night wondering if there is a god. Serial killers of this genre spew forth repulsive and offensive lyrics and were born in graveyards and do not have mothers. The lyrics of horrorcore bands describe dark and despicable themes such as murder, rape, sadism, and suicide. I would love to give a sample of the lyrics they use but a single cipher contains enough atrocities to implode the eardrums of the weak-minded. If you wish to dunk your head into the black swamp of horrorcore music, then check out “American Psycho” by Eminen. Be forewarned, it will prematurely extinguish any feeling of joy you might experience in the 24 hours after listening to it.  In 2009, four Virginians, including a Presbyterian minister, were brutally bludgeoned to death after a horrocore concert. Later, the prime suspect was apprehended; a wild-minded horrocore enthusiast who called himself ‘Syko Sam.’ As you might imagine, bands of this genre are largely unpopular; however some terror titans have fared well: Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, D12, Tech N9ne, Geto Boys and Necro have enjoyed success at the expense of auctioning off their souls to Satan. (ICP video not included due to explicit language – Editor.)

by Jacob B. McHugh

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  1. This is pretty funny. My only problem with this list is that you chose Behemoth to represent “blackened death metal”. They’re possibly one of the most boring and generic sounding bands on the planet, and there are many much better bands in the genre out there.

  2. So it is sounding like we should all like the author’s acceptable genres or else be labled musically impaired. However, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it makes no sense, and just because you don’t like something it doesn’t mean it’s no good! Thank Christ for diversity!

  3. This list must be a joke, most of these songs/genres have much more talent and intelligence, not to speak about being unique, compared to the commercial crap that is played on the radio all the time..

  4. Your comments about ‘blackened death metal’ are childish and show that you clearly have no understanding of it.. It is name because it has elements of both black and death metal. Also, Behemoth are far more popular and successful than you ever will be. I don’t actually listen to them by the way, but I can appreciate when a musician is good, no matter what the genre.

  5. who comes up with the names of some of these sub genres? you either like a song or you don’t. simple as that. calling something rock or rap etc is easy enough. enough with the non innovative genre names. what a waste of my time to read this article let alone ress it.

  6. Oval is IDM dude, what a misinformed sensationalist article. Can’t be bothered to waste time reading the rest of it but I’m sure it is just as blockheaded.

  7. Den navnløse on

    Reading this list and through the comments has made me somewhat lose faith in humanity. “If you don’t listen to NORMAL (boring) music like US, then YOU are ridiculous!!”. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it ridiculous. This list is terribly written article and you have no business doing this as biased as you are. We’re sorry that everyone does not listen to your garbage mainstream and actually enjoys talent in their favorite musicians (Did you really just bash Behemoth? BEHEMOTH?) These groups you listed show more talent and creativity than all the artists on Fuse’s Top 100 combined. This comment on behalf of ANYONE who enjoys independent music styles over the garbage that the mainstream music scene feeds to the masses.

  8. Black metal itself is MUCH more ridiculous than anything on this list. The story of its prototype band (for its infamous second wave hellvette scene in norway) MayheM is wierd enough as it is, the second wave as a whole is… Indescribable. COmbine often beautiful chords with a brain dead metalhead shredding his vocal chords is unique to say the least.

  9. I don’t know who this author is, but he’s bashing some pretty big names by labeling them ridiculous. These videos have so many views by fans who like that style… I know I might be taking this article too seriously but this is an insanely close minded way to categorize music with tacky descriptions.

  10. thanks for this article, whoever u r, though u say it’s ridiculous, i got a good chance to taste some good music unknown to me..whoo hoo!
    Gonna try , MGMT,Nintendocore, ratatat.
    And u,”the article writer” u got a chance to learn a new thing today, there are whole lot of people who like different types of music, they are passionate and they enjoy it much better, if u don’t listen to it or if most people don’t follow doesn’t give u right to label it ridiculous, it simply proves u r dumb and just like “another sheep in the flock”” baa baaa!
    And other friends , keep enjoying the difference, the taste , the music and never stop to Rock!!

  11. There’s nothing “ridiculous” about neo-Psychedelia. In fact, MGMT and Tame Impala are two of the most straightforward, melodic sounding bands making music currently. I wish there were more bands as good as these two!

  12. solaceinrage on

    I would have suggested Folk Metal. It has grown in popularity over the past decade and spans a good range of style. Check out “Vodka” by Korpiklaani, and “Inis Mona” by Eluveitie to get an idea of the genre.

  13. Wow, you really don’t know what you’re talking about for the majority of this list. Never do this again.

  14. SlytherinAngel on

    Someone posted that Wizard Rock (or WRock) should be on here and I totally disagree with that. WRock is pretty much better than most music out there these days. Most of the singers can actually sing, they have great beats and it’s just fun to sing their songs.

  15. The person who wrote this bust be a strong believer in mainstream music with a mindset of putting down all independent music scenes. Why does the public need music like horrorcore or nintendocore? because not everyone shares your library of Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne or NOW that’s music garbage. some of the genres listed i don’t listen to but i don’t put down their creative freedom to make music. people deserve to listen to whatever they want to in whatever genre that may be. At least most of the genres mention above WRITE THEIR OWN MUSIC AND LYRICS! and are not put on by a bunch of gray suits telling them what they can and can’t play. it may be ridiculous but its original and new.

  16. What, c’mon now these are ridulcous genres? And what would NOT be ridulcous may I ask? Behemoth and The Lonely Island are awesome. I guess I should apologize that I don’t like most of the garbage they call “good music” these days but I prefer artists with talent. 😀

  17. Missing from that list are Splittercore and Extratone. They subgenres of hardcores but at higher BPMs, even faster than speedcore which is often 300bpm

    Splittercore is around 700-1000bpm and Extratone never drops below 1000bpm.

  18. Truckdrivinmaniac on

    Hahaha i love this article ! The only thing wrong is the title. I love how all the comments are people defending their genre! If you want some good truckin music listen to Dale Watson, The Truckin Sessions

  19. Pissedoff Punkrocker on

    Why screamo? It’s a real genre, people, not just a bunch of emo kids crying. Actually, this whole list is stupid. If you don’t like it that doesn’t make it bad.

  20. Neo-Psychedelic is amazing. Neutral Milk Hotel, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Dream Syndicate, The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev. All amazing bands that draw heavily from psychedelic. It is the resurgence of a beautiful and expressive style of music.

  21. Ratatat, while mostly considered a “rock-tronica” band, should not really be considered a “laptop pop” band I don’t think. While there are many electronic artists who use only a laptop to create their music (e.g. Girl Talk, Justice, etc.), Ratatat uses many real instruments in their recordings as well as their live performances. I’ve heard some of their recordings are layered with over 20 guitar tracks. Mike Stroud is actually a phenomenal guitarist and Evan Mast is a very good bassist and producer. While they do have some loops and artificially produced sounds, they also use keyboards and drums as well as many other more obscure instruments in recordings. Check out a live video of them on youtube; they are incredible live.

    • CORRECTION Tech N9ne WAS amazing. Now hes just another mainstream rapper that’s put on. he solidified that with his collaboration with Lil Wayne. i hope he loses a significant amount of fans who appreciated that he was underground because of it.

  22. Norweigan Black Metal would’ve been a much more extreme choice what with the church burnings and all the band murders.

  23. Mr. Skungeous on

    Most of these examples were actually interesting and showed some talent and creativity. I posit that it is actually your article which is ridiculous.

    • i agree. these genres of music are good. this list is just in comparison to horrible mainstream sludge which is so popular these days.

  24. i listen to these types of music because i don’t conform with all the other conformists, i’m an individual like all my cuddlecore buddies and we wear skinny jeans and oversized glasses because we set our own fashion tastes, just like the bands we listen to…

    • I hope you’re being sarcastic. You are conforming by wearing the same things the bands and your freinds wear. There’s the mainstream crowd and the anti-mainstream crowd and you’re following the anti-mainstream crowd thus making you a conformists.

      • Unless he’s he’s being an anti-anti-conformist thus appearing to be mainstream…… but he actually isn’t.

        • Pissedoff Punkrocker on

          Oh my God. If that conversation continues I think the universe will explode :). But really, I agree. True nonconformists don’t conform to the styles of the other ‘non-conformists’. Thus my jeans are not skinny, my fingerless glove is not white and black, and my hair is not mohawked and DEFINITELY not pink.

        • wow, you guys really don’t get sarcasm. You also pigeon-hole too much. I like a variety of different music genres and wear a variety of different clothing styles. Not everything needs to be so defined

  25. The Owen Sanders Experience on

    Look up Wizard rock, its harry potter based music with band names like “harry and the potters”, “the whomping willows”, and “draco and the mothoys” also, crunkcore, its like bad rap mixed with bad screamo, preferably brokencyde to really grasp how terrible it is.

      • There are a lot of different types of death metal, and being “blackened” death metal basically just means that you’re using black metal vocals instead of the traditional Cookie Monster vocals. But death metal as a genre can’t be put in such a box as it’s all distorted guitars and double-bass and everyone that goes to a show is a Satanist. I’m hoping this was written tongue-in-cheek.

        • Lance Monceret on

          Black metal IS death metal with cleaner, thrash style vocals. And the stigmatism yo have added is what we have worked so hard against. All metal has structured songs. With verses and choruses. Tool and psychadelic rock like that is the music that does whatever they feel sounds right structurally. Look up math core. Death metal by mathmetical equation.

      • TopTenzMaster, how can I set you know who to “ignore”?

        I’m interested, but not interested enough to put up with his posts.

        I’ve been away for some time, hoping he would leave, but now he is still here.

        Isn’t it amazing how much ppl who don’t know the Lord think they know?

  26. kind of sad that i would much rather listen to these 10 genres then our modern day rap/pop/R&B which is so popular

    • I think most people who are brave enough to have their own taste in music rather than liking what is being sold to the masses would prefer the genres on this list.

      I also just wanted to mention that I selected ‘cuddlecore’ band Cub as the thumbnail for this list (see home page) because I love them, not because I think they are ridiculous.

      Interesting list – I had never heard of laptop pop or screamo before.

  27. I believe for Nintendo-Core you are referring to Horse the Band, not the ambient folk rock that Band Called Horse plays.

  28. Rap is not just to tell stories about how hard it is to grow up in the ghetto.. you’re listening to the wrong people if that’s all you hear about – must be depressing.

    • The article is misguided from the beginning. Justin Bieber was financed by DISNEY although quietly and not discovered from the internet. As a president of a Universal label, the internet is driven by numbers, them more fans you have the more search engine optimization, the more you acquire recognition. The major labels buy views and listens. Its called capitalism, those that start out with capital control the stage.