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  • bluewitch

    How about the recently boxing game between Oscar dela Hoya and Manny Pacquiao? It was said that the Golden Boy had the 'upper hand' against the underdog Pacman…

  • Lance Daugherty

    Billy Mills winning the 10,000 meters in the 1964 Olympic games should be in the top ten. He ran the race 50 seconds faster than he had ever run the 10K.

  • Juan Navarro

    You are forgetting the "Maracanazo". In the 1950 Soccer World Cup Final in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil just needed to tie with Uruguay, and in fact they were winning 1-0. 11 minutes before the end of the game, Uruguay scored the 2-1 upsetting a whole country. They were even suicides reported after the game, and the Uruguayan champions received the cup on the run because of the upset fans.


    Bears defeat Yankees. When Coach Buttermaker turns his team of ragtag retards, delinquents and illegal immigrants into winners, is there any doubt that – yes – there is a God?

    Balboa defeats Drago. Sure, he'd already beaten Creed, Lang, and Thunderlips, but could he defeat the Commie machine who had literally killed Creed? Not only did Balboa win the bout, he also stole Drago's wife for a while afterward. Considering her sting on Flava Flav's show, she may not have been such a great catch!

  • david

    Greece winning the euro championships b4 never winning a game in the tournament odds over 500 – 1

  • Alex T.

    what about the new york giants defeating the previously undefeated new england patriots in superbowl XLII???

  • Don King made YT take down the #4 vid.

  • phil

    your forgetting that there is a world outside the united states

    quite frankly you're the only country that gives a toss about nhl nfl or nba so hardly doubt they should be on a list which, by default, includes the entire planet.

    • Phil – Most of the site authors are from the US and write what they know, which is usually based on U.S. knowledge, especially in sports. I'm sure sites in the UK, like this site are ,UK biased and so on. I welcome lists from non-US residents, so please submit one if you like. You will find many lists that to span the world here, but it is hard to go outside the US on all of our top 10 lists.

      • Andy Hughes

        Then rename the page 'Top 10 Greatest upsets in American Sports History'. As of right now, you're talking about the world, and the world doesn't revolve around America.

        • Kyle

          HA! Where the hell are you from?

    • Zach Gillette

      Those three sports you mentioned have more money than most countries. Shut up.

  • Brandon Yu

    What about the Pistons upsetting the Lakers in 2004? The Lakers had four future hall of famers – Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton, and Phil Jackson, who was on the verge of surpassing Red Auerbach (which he did recently) for most championships won, yet they still lost in a relatively few number of games.

  • Kenneth Fink

    Good list, though I think the Sonics-Nuggets series should be higher on the list, it really was a defining moment in the NBA's history, and one I got to watch every minute of. Great job.

  • ABS

    #1 should definetly be Giants vs. Patriots superbowl 42 (17-14)

    18 and NO!

    • gimp


  • Nicholas Lim

    this list is focusing too much on the USA.if it is top 10 upsets in us sports history then i can understand.

  • Good List but I also agree that the list is somewhat NFL, NBA heavy. Two outstanding upsets which should be in any top 10 list are the 1950 World cup match defeat of the US vs. England 1-0. So unexpected was this defeat of the Brits that the papers believed the score was a misprint and reported the score as 10-0 UK! The other upset that comes to mind is where 20-year-old Francis Ouimet defeated his idol, 1900 US Open champion, Englishman, Harry Vardon in the 1913 US Open. A very moving movie was made of this event in 2005.

    • Andy Hughes

      The Brits? The UK? No, it was solely about England.

  • Ted

    For tennis, there's Andre Agassi's defeat by Thailand's Paradorn Srichaphan at the 2002 Wimbledon tournament. Agassi was 3rd seed while Paradorn was unseeded and almost completely unknown at the time. The match was expected to be so off-balanced that bookies had the odds at 800-1 against Paradorn.

  • Unanimous

    1914 World Series?

  • what about the ginebra and shell from a 3-1 deficit in pba?

    • Zach Gillette

      I didn’t understand any part of that question.

  • Alex

    I'm surprised the the 1950 FIFA World Cup final is not on this list. After all the game was being played between Brazil and Uruguay in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil was the heavy favourite. However with 11 minutes left in the game, Uruguay scored the game winning goal and won the world cup. You should really do more research before coming up with these lists.

  • Will

    Wow! What about 2004 MLB Playoffs? Yankess vs Red Sox, Yankees were up 3 games to 0. Boston comes back and wins in 7 games! Thats has upset all over it. Not to mention, thats the biggest rivalry in All Of Sports!

    • Peter Boucher

      Thank You for mentioning the 2004 ALCS championship with the Red Sox over the Yankees. That would have been my pick

    • 100% agree with you!
      Boston beating the Yanks like that was just impossible!

  • VJS

    Super XLII has to be on the list (Giants vs Patriots) and maybe #1

  • joe

    god appalachian state pissed me off die hard u-m fan



    • Brad

      Excellent team from SA, to be fair though it was not an entirely healthy team that played from Nz. 27 members of the 35 man squad came down with food poisoning in the lead up to the game. Have to give the Boks credit where credit is due though.

  • andy

    ireland beating aussie in one day cricket

  • TJ

    How does James J Braddock not make this list? His was the FIRST upset in boxing history, the first REAL "Rocky" story!! Gotta give Cinderella Man his due!!

  • Jorge

    How can you not include the 1960 World Series?

  • Lui$

    And what about that champions leage final AC Milan beating Liverpool 3 -0 by the end of the first half, and yes the unexpected, Liverpool equalizes 3-3 and in penalties snatches the champioship in the blink of an eye from AC Milan. Not a fan of either teams, but that’s history in the making.

  • MIke

    The first three kinda lost me. I don’t consider golf a sport so that one is out. The Nuggets-Sonics series wasn’t a championship final so that one puzzles me. I don’t know anything about Olympic wrestling. After that, not a bad list.

  • Paul

    This should really be called, “Top 10 Greatest Upsets in AMERICAN Sports History.” I could go on, but what’s the point.

  • ed

    Giants over Patriots in SB XVII?

  • sal

    what about the champions league final in 1999? manchester united was losing 1-0 but then they comeback with two goals in 3 minutes extra time to win the cup 2-1

  • Brian

    I still believe that the Texas Western Victory over Kentucky in the 1966 NCAA tournement to be one of the greatest upsets in History…

  • jamesy

    Once again naive Americans refer to just themselves when talking about “the world”….most amusing. The biggest upset ever is Greece beating Portugal with the last kick off the ball to win the Euro 2004 championship. Truly epic.

  • Golddigger

    Are you kidding ??!!!! Chaminade Basketball defeating Virginia in 1982 . They also beat SMU twice and Louisville; bothnationally ranked teams. That definitley beats Appalachian State and half of the others listed. This list needs to be redone. What a shame.

  • Peter Boucher

    How about the famous “lateral” ending to the college football game between Stanford And Cal. State. Cal down by a touchdown hikes the ball with no time left and begins to lateral the football into the end zone, plowing into the opposing college band members. Ask John Elway about it. He played in that game.

  • hp


  • stevo77

    How about the 1954 world cup final Hungary-Germany alittle short sighted in sports if you dont know this one…

  • Turk

    Last years NHL eastern confrence final. Flyers are up 3-0 in the seiries and winning 3-0 in game 4 go on to lose the game and eventually the serires

  • brendankiwi

    Leicester football– may well eclipse all– they are on the verge of claiming the premiership for the top football league in the world (in money terms) . a couple years ago they were mocked and laughed at in the third division (about 85th) . I put 15 pence on them to win last season and at odds of 1/5000 which win nearly a $1,000 IF they manage not to stuff up the last few games