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  1. fdx
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    Cool list, thanks for this.
    I agree with you on Battlefields, it’s a pretty interesting concept, but, if i’m not mistaken, Ennis recently wrote new stories that do not take place during WWII

  2. The Mutt
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    The Haunted Tank. Enemy Ace. The War Time Forgot.

    These are the comics that made me a life-long fan.

  3. fdx
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    Since you put GI Joe in your list, i think we could mention a pretty underappreciated mini-seriesalso written by Larry Hama, “NTH Man”, it’s both scifi and war (well imaginary war :-)) and it was really good.
    Another interesting that comes to mind is Northlanders, also not a war comic-book per se but close.

    Again, congrats on the list 😉

  4. Stuart
    Stuart at |

    Great list. Battle Picture Weekly was amazing. As well as Charlie’s War, there was Johnny Red, Rat Pack and the Bootneck Boy. later they teamed up with GI Joe (but we called it action force over here) and that made it even better. Boys Own Stuff. I got a collected edition last year and I was delighted to find out they’re still great.

    I still buy my Dad the collected issues of Commando. He used to read them when he was a kid. He gets one every Xmas. Gets really moody if he doesn’t get one as well.

    Loved The Nam too. The first few issues especially. The art by Michael Golden was fabulous.

  5. Norm
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    Where is GI Combat from DC, with the Haunted Tank crew?! And where is Sgt Rock and Easy Company, also from DC? Stand down


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