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  • Amrendra

    USA the land of free. Y U fight so many wars and kill so many people???

    • In defense of freedom and democracy…and sometimes oil.

      • Amrendra

        Ahhh…finally one honest American. Kudos!!!

  • BorisV

    Canada vs Croatia war???? Batlle??? Never happened. Believe me or not, it’s your choice. I am from Croatia, and I was there.

    • That just shows how complete and effective the cover up was in Croatia. There’s vast amount of resources from the UN and Canadian, French units based there. There’s even video footage! You can’t deny it.

      • BorisV

        Think again, please. The war was between Croatia and Serbia.
        Croatians never attacked UNPROFOR ( United Nations PROtection FORces ). UNPROFOR was established on February 21th 1992. by UN. The main purpose was to protect Croatian cities from Yugoslavian army ( led by communists ).

        So, why we would fought against them? And if we were, don’t you think, everybody would knew that?
        But it’s always good to write and publish book and make some money.

        • Operation Medak Pocket which was when the Croatian troops attacked the Canadians (and got their Croat bottoms handed to them) it took place in 1993. The Croats were seeking to ethnically cleanse the Medak region of Serbian civilians.

          Which is more plausible:

          That the Canadians have gone back in time and faked the video footage of the Croatian attack and Canadian attempts to stop the ethnic cleansing of Serb civilians


          The attack actually happened and the Croats covered it up, along with the Canadian government (A despicable act)

          • damir_

            “Retired Royal Danish Army colonel Vagn Ove Moebjerg Nielsen, UNPROFOR commanding officer in the area at the time, testifying at the Ademi–Norac trial, denied that there was any armed conflict between the Canadian and Croatian troops except for a single incident when the Canadians deployed in front of Serb-held positions. Croatian Army fired shots, but the Canadians did not return fire. He added that the firing stopped when Croats realized that they are engaging the UN force” (

  • Wombat

    Fascinating list, great work! Just a little Footnote, the Australian battalions, 2nd/3 and 2nd/5 AIF, that took part in the Syrian campaign, were the only Allied unit to fight against against all the major axis powers i.e. the Italians in North Africa, the Germans in North Africa, Greece and Crete, the Vicht French in Syria and the Japanese in Papua New Guinea.

  • chris a.

    Are we still waiting to find out about the war in Central America during the 1980’s?

    • Likely Guy

      Which one did we forget?

  • Crash

    The Battle of the Hurtgen Forest was covered in the HBO movie, When Trumpets Fade. It’s an excellent movie starring Ron Eldard. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

  • Likely Guy

    Re: #9 Roosevelt’s Secret War

    “1941 saw Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the United Kingdom fighting the Nazis alone.”

    ‘Winston Churchill and the United Kingdom’?

    Maybe perhaps the British Commonwealth and a lot of other countries.

  • Paul. A

    Canada beat the USA’s rear end in the war of 1812.

    It could probably do it again. It takes 10 USA soldiers to match 1 Canadian soldier.

    • Gureeayl

      I’ll entertain your idiotic statement, try to remain objective and assume that you have at least a slight idea as to what it is you’re talking about… speaking as a seasoned Combat Veteran who has spent an accumulative 22 months in both Iraq and Afghanistan (I’ve served along side Canadian Infantry/Spec Ops as well as that of a myriad of other countries). Unless the Canadians are trained in the art of dodging bullets, it doesn’t matter how much better trained a Canadian Soldier is than an American Soldier. Head to head, an individual Soldiers skill has little to do with defeating his opponent on a modern battlefield. Bullets don’t discriminate between a cherry and a seasoned Operator.

      • Paul. A

        It’s a joke. I meant it as a joke.

        God Bless you.

        I love Americans.

        Have a nice week end.

      • fragge

        Touchy! We’d hate to belittle your 22 months of hardened combat experience. You’ve SEEN things man.

  • Ken

    This list is missing a war that I have found shockingly few historians know about considering the foes: the US, Canada, Britain, France, and Japan versus the USSR on Russian soil! Here’s a couple links about it – &

  • Howard

    The mormons knew very well that the wagon train people they attacked were not “agents” of any kind. The large number of women (whom they killed) and children (kidnapped) would have tipped them off to that.

  • Konan

    I am from the Soviet Union, and nothing was covered up about the conflict with Japanese you mentioned (Battle of Lake Khasan). It was taught everywhere and bunch of books and memoirs were published about this well before the fall of USSR