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  1. YeahThatGuy
    YeahThatGuy at |

    No nanobots? That technology already exists and could conceivably cure all disease, heal broken bones and much more. It’s still at an early stage but a lot closer to reality than the ones mentioned in the list. They are all taken from science fiction movies and comics but hey so are a lot of forward thinking ideas so we never know.

  2. Eanor
    Eanor at |

    …and then you die. I have a better Place to Live.

  3. David
    David at |

    WOW so with # 6, we could take Broca’s Area (speech center of the brain right behind our forehead) and implant it into a monkey as it will latch on and begin to regenerate itself, and we’d have a bunch of talking monkeys…

    1. Jmun
      Jmun at |

      No. They might be able to understand and perhaps even say some words, but no they won’y be able to talk due to the position of their “voice box”. It’s the reason why other apes cannot talk

  4. Ronnie
    Ronnie at |

    Why would anyone want to live that long? In 50 years the US will be a third world country.

    1. MLK
      MLK at |

      Maybe so we can see that day ^w^
      no really, that would be very comical xD

  5. Turk
    Turk at |

    Brain-Computer Interface…………… internet porn will never be the same

    1. MLK
      MLK at |

      this statement just blew my mind o.O
      i just hope this tech arrives soon ^o^

  6. ollie
    ollie at |

    fair enough, but :

    number 7 relies on the fact that you can cure the inevitable cancer that would spring up in every cell eventually. each cell will become cancerous after enough divisions so every cell must individually be treated or made immune somehow to cancer. also every cell must be treated with the anti ageing enzyme in adults and there are quite a lot of cells in the body (start counting in the trillions to be near the correct answer)

    number 2 also needs a way of pausing time other than freezing, because freezing causes the water in your cells to expand and burst them all. there isnt really any conceivable way around that fact (dehyrdating and rehydrating is a big ask) and there arent many other ways of pausing a persons body clock.

  7. USA_Vet
    USA_Vet at |

    Anybody who wants to live 1000 years in _this_ world is out of his crazy mind!!!

  8. Harry
    Harry at |

    anti-aging anzymes thats cool but i like to grow up not look 10 while your 40

  9. calvin
    calvin at |

    if only nanomites/nanotech can alter atom & muleculular structure then immotality can be possible… saddly the current one can only alter cells.

    immagine just by touching the ground you can transmute it into part or harden you body structure by altering mulecular structure like from solid to liquid to gas…. and free shapeshifting(id make my self look like sephiroth).


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