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  • ParusMajor

    Great list. An addition: two Estonian guys Raivo Roosna (aka Daniel Ladion) and Aleks Lepajõe robbed a jewellery store in Helsinki, Finland in 1984. They were caught, but the jewels and diamonds were never found. They served 8 years in prison and came back as wealthy men with the loot that the police never found. Both men have since become media celebrities and businessmen in Estonia, Sweden and Finland.

  • merl

    When I worked retail, I always kept an eye on the well dressed people.

  • PragmaticStatistic

    Dear Shell,

    Thanks for backing up your first article with the examples in this article. As a marketing communications professional I always had to back up any claim I made, so when I saw that the original claim about shoplifting rich people without any of the usual Top-Ten examples I had to call it out. Sorry, but when you set such a high standard for backing your usual articles you have done, you have to do it each and every time.

    Thanks again.

  • Borten

    Not quite the same but there have been a few cases here in England where recent lottery winners continue to claim tens of thousands of pounds in benefits they are obviously no longer entitled to.

    These people are clearly suffering from forms of kleptomania, it’s a horrible situation where a mental illness leads to criminal behaviour. Obviously we can’t allow them to indulge in their crimes, but they aren’t in concious control of their actions. It’s a lose lose situation.